I smiled at him as he leaned back from our kiss and put his forehead against mine. I had a pang of guilt because Brandt had the hope of us reconciling. My smile faltered but I clung to the joy I had at the moment. Brandt and I were over, there was no coming back from him leaving me for so long. I pulled away from Ethan and got a hold of my composure.

"Ah ha! So that's what Benji and Sloan were hinting at." I told him as I walked around the spacious room. Ethan watched me closely his eyes flying between me and the door. He looked almost unsure of himself in that moment. Then he threw away his composure and strode up to me.

"Kensi, listen. I haven't done this in a very long time but..." He paused I tried to hide my smile knowing what was coming next.

"I know it's relatively soon after Brandt and yours break up but I want to be proper and I don't want to rush you on a decision. So I apologize if this is too forward. But I've been wanting to ask you out for a very long time. I don't know if you remember what I told you on our previous mission but I'd marry you tomorrow if it'd make you happy. So Kensi O'Connell, would you like to go on a date with me?" He rushed his words but I heard them all very clearly.

"Mr. Smith, surely, you don't have to ask your wife to go out with you?" I smiled at him pausing briefly I watched the nervousness fall from him like a cloak being whisked to the ground by the wind.

"Ethan Hunt, I would be honored." I curtsied, he smiled and rolled his eyes at me. It had been a while since I'd felt that thrill, that rush of being the one that someone wanted. Even though there was just an assignation I knew we'd be fine. This was our specialty, our element.

"Alright then Mrs. Smith. Are you ready to be pampered?" He asked me as we walked outside the room. I smiled at him, hair falling into my face. I guess he simply couldn't resist it, barely out of the room I was pushed up against a wall and kissed as he brushed the hair out of my face then tangled his hand in it. Happily, I kissed him back my leg wrapping around his torso as he picked me up slowly pushing me further into the wall. His hand snuck under my skirt and planted itself on my hip. I pulled him closer, then pushed him away from me. I dropped down from the wall as he stepped away dragging me away by my hand smiling like an idiot I gave into my guilty pleasure. Ethan put his hands over my eyes as we got outside.

"What're you doing?" I asked him skeptically.

"Well this was a strategically planned mission for me. I don't want to ruin it." I could just hear the smirk on his face as he said it. He was so proud of himself.

"Ethan…" I whined at him.

"Okay, okay I'll wait." He removed his hands from my face. I watched him hail a cab for us. He looked at the man who was driving and nodded at him. From that moment I knew this was actually planned out by him. I put my head on his shoulder breathing in his scent.

"Kens, we're here." I heard him whisper after a pretty lengthy drive. I got out of my comfortable position and sat up straight with my eyes closed as he got out of the cab and came around to my side to come get me out. I got out and was immediately met with the damp smell of trees and nature. He walked me up an incline, when my feet hit concrete I knew we had arrived.

"Put your hands out." He told me. I did as I was told I felt the breeze against my face.

"Open." He told me, I opened my eyes to see the beautiful city of Bogotá, a panoramic view one that I didn't think I would ever see in my life.

"Wow." I breathed out. As I moved my eyes behind me to see a quaint little church. It was lovely.

"Ethan. This is amazing." He pulled me in for a side hug, just looking out at the city.

"I found this spot the first day I was here. Full disclosure, it was recommended to me through the IMF." I smirked knowing that Benji must've given him the suggestion.

"Now, serious question: did you assassinate the Barracuda?" I asked him.

"I think you know the answer to that Kens." He told me as I maneuvered to face him. He dodged the question not wanting to talk about work.

"I brought you up here to remind you that I care about you, that I'm here for you, that you're not alone, remember that I loved you from the very first day I met you." He told me. I smiled and pulled him close to me in a hug as a tear threatened to fall from my eye. I quickly wiped it off on his shirt skillfully.

"Ethan, I don't know what to say. I have no words." I smiled at him as I pulled away from him.

"That seems like a first." Ethan smiled then led me to a tree not far from the church. Where there was set up a picnic blanket and basket with rose petals littered among the blanket. He sat down on the blanket patting the seat next to him where he wanted me to sit, I sat. He reached into the basket he had out and pulled out a wine bottle.

"Quinta de S. Sebastião Reserva 2011. Portuguese red wine, best on the market so I'm told, I also brought some cheese to pair with it, along with some beef which I'm told is the most delicious in the world." I smiled as he told me what was on the menu for tonight. Adoring his lovely jaw line and dark hair surrounding those green eyes I knew and loved as he talked about what we would be having.

"You did all of this in a day? I'm impressed. Ethan Hunt, you are without a doubt an enigma." I smiled at him as he poured a glass of wine for me. He smirked at me handing me the glass.

"Thank you so much." I told him as he started one for himself. I let the wine breathe as I looked out at the sun setting over the city.

"You are most welcome Kens. Enjoy." He told me as he brought out the food to pair with the wine.

"This is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing this with me." I took a sip of wine and the flavor of fruit and spices hit my tongue in a lovely mixture. I sighed, loving the feel of the sun on my skin. Ethan moved behind me so I could lean against his chest, happily we sipped and talked until the sun went down and the stars came out. It was a blissful evening, something I would never had imagined happened in a foreign city with my co-worker which my agency set up for us. It couldn't get any better than this, could it?