Chapter 1: The Story So Far

Harry James Potter; the boy who lived. After surviving an encounter with Lord Voldemort, he was rescued by Albus Dumbledore, one of the world's greatest and most powerful wizards, who took him to the town of Little Whinging in Surrey, and placed him under the care of his Uncle Vernon, his Aunt Petunia and his cousin Dudley, his hateful muggle relatives. They kept it a secret that he was a wizard as they felt the need to keep him under control; for they wanted nothing to do with our world. Eventually, in the Summer of 1991, they were bombarded with letters from Hogwarts; the finest school of witchcraft and wizardry in the world, saying that Harry had been admitted into the school. Despite their efforts to keep Harry from finding out about his past, he was eventually rescued by Hogwarts' groundskeeper; Rubeus Hagrid, and so began his education in the magical arts.

He survived an encounter with Voldemort, who had reincarnated himself on the back of Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor Quirinus Quirrell, and tried to take the legendary Philosopher's Stone. Voldemort tried to return again the following year when he re-opened the Chamber of Secrets and took Ginny Weasley down into the Chamber. Harry managed to slay the basilisk and destroy Tom Riddle's diary, forcing Voldemort to search for a new source of life. Harry also manage to save Hagrid from imprisonment in Azkaban, as he had been accused of opening the Chamber by Tom Riddle. Harry had now become the saviour of Hogwarts, and more importantly, the saviour of Wizarding Britain.

I, Rapunzel had escaped from the clutches of my Mother Gothel and married a former thief, Eugene Fitzherbert. We were now living a happy life together. When we arrived at Hogwarts in 1984, we were both sorted into Ravenclaw and graduated from Hogwarts a few months prior to Harry Potter's arrival. We were both immensely proud of Harry Potter and hoped to meet the boy who lived. As it happened, we had both become employed by the Ministry of Magic as Aurors. I even applied as a candidate for the next Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor for the 1993/94 school year. The legendary Albus Dumbledore, who had been the Headmaster since 1956 wanted a Ravenclaw in that position again, after the fiasco of a teacher that was Professor Quirrell; for I had no affiliation whatsoever with the Death Eaters movement.

However, after the Chamber of Secrets was closed again and Voldemort sent back into Limbo, we started to become fearful that Voldemort could return to power when we heard that Sirius Black, Harry's godfather had escaped from Azkaban. He had allegedly been framed for the deaths of Lily and James Potter, when in reality, it was Peter Pettigrew who allowed Voldemort to kill them, and whilst we had been told this by Professor Remus Lupin, a candidate for the next DADA teacher, he told us to keep it a secret from Harry and to let him tell the truth. Unsurprisingly, my chances of becoming the next DADA professor were pushed back slightly, but I was still a front-runner. It was not until the Summer of 1993 that Dumbledore finally called us in to assist Harry. Voldemort may have gone into hiding, but a dark, uncomfortable shadow was now creeping over the Wizarding World...