One of my best fanfic friends, Redbat132, who was inspired by myself and Steelcode. Along with DeviantArt users whom have written RotG stories, LegendofFullmetal, neo-chan7, and iDreaminColor14. These three made incredible RotG stories inspired by dear friend. and thought they deserve to be a part of this credit.

'Rise of the Guardians' belongs to William Joyce. This was inspired by not only the movie, but also the book series, 'The Guardians of Childhood', whom were also written plus created by William Joyce.

The only OC character that belongs to Redbat132 is Lea Carolina Thompson.

I truly hope everyone enjoys this. No flames please :)

Chapter 1: A Friendly Wind and Guardians of the World

It was a beautiful night at New York City. Winter had finally arrived and the first snowfall was spectacular. On that magical evening, a young teen girl was enjoying every second of it.

Her name is Lea Carolina Thompson. A fifteen-year-old with a child-like spirit who wishes nothing more than something exciting to happen in her life.

Her autumn brown eyes were focused on her surroundings, gazing into the snowy areas she kept passing. She blew on one of her beautiful, golden curls that were slightly on the right side of her face to see better. The rest of Lea's curls were held back by a pink scrunchie as a high ponytail. Her skin was slightly tanned healthy, at first glance. She was wearing winter earmuffs with white fur and a black handle, light crystal blue scarf around her neck with a large white stitched snowflake signature on one of its ends, a scarlet long-sleeved shirt underneath a navy-blue coat that had three brown buttons on her right, light brown gloves, long jade green jeans, and high-heeled brown colored winter boots with cream colored fur on the top.

She came out of her home for a little stroll, after seeing the first snowfall happen. Lea walked around Central Park in the cold, wintry night. All arms wrapped around herself to keep warm and held tight to her journal, feet shuffling through the powdery snow, and eyes facing forward while slightly looking up the clear starry skies after the snow finally stopped. She sighed lightly, watching her cold breath become visible in the atmosphere. Lea loved taking strolls during snow days. It seemed super relaxing to her. She kept walking through a row of street lamp posts that light up her path. Eventually, Lea came across a bench and sat down, taking a minute to examine her surroundings more clearly.

"Now this is a work of perfection," Lea said to herself. "Such beauty deserves to be remembered for a lifetime. Good thing I brought my book."

She continued sketching her heart out when capturing the scenery. Time didn't seem to matter anymore. Once Lea puts her pencil on a piece of paper and starts drawing, there's no turning back. Nothing can break the blonde teen's concentration. Not even the drop of the temperature bothered her. She didn't stop until her work of art was complete.

While drawing, Lea felt a snowflake on her nose. The blonde-teen couldn't help but chuckle and think of her favorite Christmas song that involved her favorite myth. Anything that involved the Winter Spirit would bring out her child-kind spirit. Soon, in a random moment, Lea slowly started humming before she sang to herself.

"Chestnuts roasting on an open fire,

Jack Frost nipping at your nose…"

Just then, the blonde-teen felt a strong breeze pass by that caused Lea to look up and noticed something that brought her attention. It was only a couple of seconds, but she could have sworn she saw a boy in a blue jacket carrying a staff pass by her.

"What in the world?!" Lea exclaimed.

Letting her curiosity get the best of her, she stood up, grabbed her journal, and started running after that fast boy through the thick forest. There were so many twists and turns that could cause a face-plant or twisted ankle at the speed she was doing. Luckily, she was able to get through without any injuries. She heard a deep masculine chuckle that turned into laughter. To Lea, it sounded like this boy was having fun.

Eventually, Lea found herself in the Central Park lake. There was no sign of any boy in a blue jacket anywhere. What was even more bizarre was that there didn't seem to be a single print on her mystery guy from the snow. Just her own.

"That is so strange," Lea muttered to herself. She looked back on the forest to notice that some trees had beautiful frost patterns all over themselves, causing her to raise a confused eyebrow. "That's even stranger."

Another cool breeze passed by Lea. This time, she felt the temperature super cold and wanted to head back home. Lea hugged on to her journal and started walking out of the park. While moving, the thoughts of that fast boy flooded through her mine.

Once arriving home where it was nice and warm, she switched from her winter clothes to her scoop neck long sleeve cottoned top shirt with snowflake prints allover, slate gray navy colored slim sleep pants, and white socks. Even took out her scrunchie to let her curls fall behind her shoulders. She laid down on her bed, unable to stop thinking over what happened.

Lea thought it was her imagination playing tricks on her…again. Not like this was the first time it has happened.

But it all looked so real, she thought.

Lea soon shook it off and decided to draw one last image in her book: A boy wearing a blue hoodie that whisked through the wind. Well, the best Lea could make out. He had his hood faced forward and it was covering his upper face. The rest didn't seem hard to remember or work on. She had no idea why, but Lea had this sneaky feeling that she'll see him again real soon…

The next day, Lea took the rest of her afternoon enjoying herself through the city. She walked around with her mind wandering all over the place about the strange encounter last night. She started to wonder if that really did happen or if it was just a dream… Or if it was nothing but her imagination running wild once more. Lea shook her head.

No. It couldn't have been my mind playing tricks on me nor a dream, Lea thought. My clothes were wet from last night. That proves what happened at the park was real.

She grabbed a folded piece of paper out of her jacket and studied the details. It was another quick sketch of the mysterious winter boy she made after coming back home. Lea wanted to remember his appearance longer by drawing it out again with better details, before heading to bed.

There's something up about that boy I encountered, and I'm going to find out what,

Soon, the young blonde teen stopped to take a break from walking around.

From the corner of her eye, she noticed a music store close by called 'Manhattan Records'. Lea checked through the glass window of that store to spot a wicked guitar on display.

The guitar was an acoustic classic. Its inlays had vintage snowflake stickers in an aged white pearl color. The bridge's sides each had one snowflake design that matched the inlays. Instead of a circle, the rosette was the shape of a heart. Pickguard was a large, teardrop shape, blue pearl custom that just shined in the light. And, as a final touch, the leather guitar strap was white with large, silver snowflake patterns. It just shouted Winter!

To Lea, it was the most gorgeous guitar she had ever seen. An instrument that seemed to match her personality and favorite season. She had been to many music stores around the Big Apple but none of their guitars were half as amazing as the one she found in this store.

Wow. I can sure play some wicked music with that guitar, Lea thought as she placed her hands on the glass to look closer with glee. Her excitement fell short when she noticed how expensive the guitar was. Although it's something she really wanted, Lea couldn't possibly afford it. Not in a short time.

"Aw, well. I'll get my very own someday," she said to herself, half-glumly. "Maybe as next year's Christmas present or birthday gift. Who knows? It could be as beautiful as this one."

A sudden grumble noise started to come from her own stomach and snapped Lea out of her own train of thoughts. Feeling a little hungry, she takes out her peanut butter cracker pack from her jacket pocket. But when that happened, the mini drawing of her mystery friend got out, as well, and started flying away! This caused Lea's eyes to grew wide and, by instinct, run after it.

"No! Get back here!" Lea shouted as she reached to catch the piece of paper from disappearing forever.

With every attempt, the paper kept dodging and went further away. Lea nearly tripped a couple of times but continued her pace, not losing the sight of her target and ignored the screaming pain of her legs. She even avoided hitting any people that could slow her down. It didn't take long for the paper to get stuck on a lamp post and get caught by Lea.

"Ha-ha, yes! Finally, got you!" She laughed in triumph before putting the picture back in her pocket.

Lea's victory soon fell short after taking a minute to check her surroundings. She was in an unfamiliar street with no sign of any people, the sky was covered with dark clouds, and, much to Lea's luck, there doesn't seem to be any cell-reception. If things weren't bad enough, it started raining snow and ice. Lea knew she had to take cover immediately but didn't know where. Her gaze soon went to what appeared to be a small bookstore called 'The Golden Goose Bookstore' that was just around the corner. Feeling cold and desperate, she hurried inside while covering her head from falling tiny ice.

The sound of a bell jingles after Lea opened the door and closed it so suddenly when entering inside. Her natural curly hair was a little damp and caught a few snowflakes–not to mention ice–on it. Lea's winter clothes were even wet; but not too much, thankfully. She shivered from being in the cold for so long and wrapped her arms around herself to keep warm. Her focus was on the ground, at the time being. It only took her a few seconds to finally look up and take the chance to study the place.

In Lea's opinion, the store seemed a bit bigger on the inside than out. There were many bookshelves in a domino row on her left–each filled with hundreds, if not thousands, of books. Lea counted at least five or six shelves on each one, give or take. On her right, there appeared to be a counter system that was accustomed with a tabletop bell and old-fashioned register. A ceiling light was at the center, brightening the whole store.

She walked around to spot a few fairytale designs on the walls: Santa Claus riding his sleigh over a full moon, the Tooth Fairy collecting teeth from the children and replacing them with quarters, the Easter Bunny hiding in the bushes while watching his eggs being found by kids (his ears were the only thing noticeable), and the Sandman on a cloud creating dreams.

All these images were silhouettes that each had different colored backgrounds to add a little pop: Santa's was bright red, electric purple for the Tooth Fairy, spring green as Easter Bunny's, and sunny yellow for Sandman's. Lea was able to recognize them instantly and thought how beautiful they all looked. But there was one that caught her attention so much, she stopped at her tracks and went towards it to get a better view.

It appeared to be another silhouetted design like the others. The background, though, was slightly different. Instead of a solid color, there was patterns around the figure. It was icy blue, filled with scattered white snowflakes. Lea could make out the silhouette as a teenage boy carrying what looked like an old-fashioned shepherd's stick with his right hand. She traced both her hands on the wall to feel its smooth surface. There was something about it that just brought a warm feeling inside Lea. Something… familiar.

"May I help you?" a someone asked.

Lea immediately jumped from the unexpected voice behind her. She looked towards who spoke and saw a girl at the counter system. The girl appeared to be around the same age as Lea, had a heart shaped face with a warm childish roundness to it, eyes gray, shoulder length long thick curls of auburn colored hair, slight tanned skin, and red colored lips. She wore a magenta poncho-like sweater, a purple skirt with a few white layers underneath, black leggings, and small black heel boots.

"Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to startle you," the girl replied. Her voice was gentle and caring. It even had a hint of politeness after scaring Lea.

Starting to relax, Lea walked to her and said, "It's okay. I'm used to surprises. Happens a lot," she watched the girl brush some of her hair back that was covering the right side of her face in an embarrassed plus anxious way.

"So, what brings you here?" the girl questioned. "I don't get many people like you checking for books in my place."

"I was trying to find shelter when some freaky storm came, after I chased a piece of artwork of mine. Speaking of artwork," Lea pointed at the walls, still making eye contact, "who made those masterpieces? And why is the background different from one of them?"

The girl let out a warm smile from Lea's questions. "That would be me. I like to paint and record what's important. Most recently, the boy with snowflakes around him. He just has this little special something when it comes to bringing snow and joy to everyone."

Lea made a quick turnaround to face the wall and then back to the girl. "Who is he?"

"I believe you know the answer to that," the girl assured her.

"What makes you think that I know?"

Her smile continued to grow, as she folded her arms while narrowing her eyes; feeling confident. "Come on. Someone who admires the artwork of myths must know. And you seem to be someone that still believes. The problem is, you're just doubting yourself because of what others might think. But you shouldn't be afraid of answering. Not to me, not to anyone. So, let's rephrase the question," She leaned a little closer to Lea, smirking. "…Who do you think it is?"

Everything she said to Lea was true. She wasn't the type of person to talk about myths and fairy tales to others around her age. Lea always thought that they'll just make fun of her. But there was something about the auburn-haired girl that brought warmth and trust to her.

"Is it… Jack Frost?" a reluctant Lea asked. Her eyes looked down at her feet and felt afraid to see the girl's facial reaction.

To Lea's surprise, the girl lightly chuckled before leaning back. "Of course, it's Jack Frost! Also, called Father Frost, Old Man Winter, Jokul Frosti, and Spirit of Winter. He's one of my favorite characters in the books I read to children. Sometimes, I read those books countless times for fun."

"Really?!" Lea sounded excited and made eye contact with the girl again. The girl nodded her head; making Lea smile big. "No way! I read children books about legendary myths, too! Still do. I thought I was the only one and–Wait, Jack Frost is a kid?! As in a teenage kid!? Since when?!"

"Since forever," the brunette answered with a chuckle. "Don't let the appearance fool you. He's been around for many, many years. Much like Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, and Sandman. Only difference was that Jack Frost didn't use to be popular,"

"Makes sense. Most people take Jack Frost's work for granted without asking how and why snow happens. You'd think they would thank him for all the snow days he makes for every single child in the world. I feel sorry for him," Lea's tone was filled with sympathy in the end, "If I were him, I would be blue, too, if nobody ever said 'thank you' after giving something wonderful to someone. Especially being invisible for hundreds of years."

"But now," continued the girl, trying to brighten Lea's mood, "many children know Jack Frost and believe in him."

"I'm aware. My cousin couldn't stop talking about how he, along with the other myth legends, got his friends to believe in them and defeat the Boogeyman from spreading eternal darkness and fear all over the earth," Lea chuckled from that memory. It's been ages since she last saw her two favorite cousins in person, but she tries giving them something special by sending them her handmade gifts by mail every year. "What exactly were those group of myths called again?"

"Guardians. They call themselves 'The Guardians of Childhood'," the girl responded. "But others just call them 'Guardians', for short. Each have a purpose to protect the children; Santa Claus is the Guardian of Wonder, Easter Bunny as the Guardian of Hope, Tooth Fairy is the Guardian of Memories, Sandman as–".

"The Guardian of Dreams!?" Lea interrupted, beaming. She couldn't hold her excitement about the mention of famous myths and was too happy to finally meet someone around her age who likes the same things.

Despite Lea's outburst of joy, the girl remained calm. "Yes. And Jack Frost has recently found his center and became the Guardian of Fun."

"So awesome!" Lea squealed. She acted like a little schoolgirl being told that a guy had asked her out. Just then, her fangirling came to a halt when something crossed Lea's mind. "Wait a second. How do you know all of this?"

The girl stopped smiling and placed her right hand on the back of her head. It looked like she was having a hard time figuring out how to answer the question. This brought confusion and curiosity to Lea.

After a few seconds, the girl got her thoughts together and replied, "Let's just say I do a lot of research."

"Um, ok… Oh! You wouldn't happen to have any books about strange Winter phenomenas, would you?" Lea asked, trying to change the subject.

"It depends on what kind you're looking for," the young girl smirked.

Lea takes out the piece of paper from her pocket, unfolds it and then places it on top of the counter for her friend to see. She taps on the drawing using her right index finger, indicating the being she seeks.

"I saw this guy last night at Central Park. He didn't look like any normal person I know, even in New York standards," Lea explained.

As the girl took a good look at the drawing, her eyes widen with amazement. Lea had a strange feeling that the girl knows something, after studying her facial expression.

"So, you do know what I'm talking about," Lea assumed.

She looked back at Lea and started smiling again. "Indeed, I do. Follow me."

Lea followed the girl to a book case. She watched her climb up a ladder and reach for and picked a light blue, thick book with snowflakes on it before coming down. The girl then passed the book to Lea; it was titled 'Jack Frost: The Guardian of Fun' in silver cursive letters and had an image of the a blue-hooded male teen near a frozen pond, having a full moon behind him. Beneath the image was, what Lea believed, the name of the author who wrote this book in small gold cursive letters: M.G. Joyce.

"This book was made not too long ago," explained the girl. "It is said that if you feel a sudden breeze and hear playful laughter within it, Jack Frost is nearby spreading mischief and fun."

The news brought a big gap on Lea's mouth; too flabbergasted by all of this. Jack Frost was Lea's favorite myth. She would do anything to rub elbows with him. "Seriously?! You're not messing with me, are you? Because if this is some cruel joke or prank, I find very little humor in it."

The girl kept her assuring smile while maintaining a serious face. "This isn't a joke. What I'm saying is the absolute truth. Everything you need to know is in there. Along with some history on our Winter Spirit," she lightly pushed the book forward for Lea, wanting her to keep it. "Consider this as an early Christmas gift. Free of charge."

Lea looked at the book and then the auburn-haired girl again, smiling. "Thank you, uh…Sorry, I didn't quite get your name," the blonde-teen felt like a total dummy for not asking the girl's name from the very beginning.

The young chestnut-haired girl chuckled. "Katherine. My name is Katherine,"

She couldn't help but grin at her new friend's name. "Katherine, huh? That's pretty neat," Lea lend down her right hand for Katherine to shake it. "I'm Lea. Most people call me by my middle name, Carolina, but I usually prefer my first."

Katherine shook hands with Lea. "Well, personally, I like either one. They're as unique and kind-hearted as you are,"

Eventually, the storm from outside seemed to pass and was replaced with clear, sunny skies. Both girls soon took notice.

"Looks like our strange blizzard has finished. You better get going before it becomes dark," Katherine advised.

"Right. By the way," Lea said while putting her hand on her head, sheepishly, "If it's not too much to ask, could you tell me the directions of heading back to my neighborhood? I might have, sort of, gotten myself lost."

"Not a problem. Where do you live?" Katherine asked. When Lea told her the name of the street of her home, a light chuckle escaped from Katherine. "Just go straight down from here and you'll be back home in no time."

"Got it. Thank you again for your help, Katherine,"

Katherine smiled. "Again, it's no problem at all. Hope you come again soon,"

"I'll be sure to do just that. Bye, Katherine," Lea waved before exiting the store. She could not wait to learn more about her mysterious, favorite myth in a whole new way.