Albus Wulfric Percival Brian Dumbledore stared out at his office, or what formerly looked like his office, and was thankful none of Harry's magical outburst was directed at him. He looked up at the portraits of the past headmasters and noted they too were spared. There were only a few things that fully survived the blast – Dumbledore, the chair he was sitting in, Fawkes and his stand, and the paintings of previous headmasters. Luckily, Dumbledore's pensieve was safely locked away and his collection of memories were scattered but still intact, due to the unbreakable charms placed on them.

"Albus –," started one of the portraits.

"One moment please," interrupted the Headmaster as he held up a finger to emphasize his meaning.

The portraits were there to serve the Headmaster so the one who spoke became quiet and waited.

Dumbledore stood slowly and raised his wand. Then with a powerful spell he and the portraits watched as all the mess and debris started repairing and pulling itself together, going back to the original places where it all belonged. His desk reformed itself as if it were never broken. All the items that were sitting on the desk before were repaired and promptly found their place again. The door to the office repaired itself from the three pieces it was in and settled back into its proper place. All the memories went back to their appropriate places in the cabinet after the wood and glass of it had reformed together again.

When the spell completed, the Headmaster looked around to make sure everything was back in its place and whole. He also checked to see if anything did not repair properly. He sighed when he spotted his little magical instruments. They made it back to the shelves where they belonged just fine but they were no longer working. He turned back to the portrait who started to speak.

"Yes, Armando? You wished to say something?"

"Yes, Albus. I was just going to comment that I'm glad young Mr. Potter wasn't serious. Otherwise, we would all be in shambles right about now."

"Oh, he was serious, Armando," replied Dilys Derwent. "Young Harry just controlled it enough so none of us were harmed."

"I was making a joke, Dilys," replied Armando Dippet. "Obviously, a poor one. Of course, he was serious. He was dead serious. Did you see his face?"

"That boy has a lot of power," Basil Fronsac noted.

"Yes, he never said anything I could hear, other than a low growl at one point," added Phyllida Spore. "He just stood there like a statue while destruction happened all around him. He did it wordless and wandless. In fact, he did it all with just his mind."

"Yes, Phyllida, Harry is one powerful wizard but I do not think he even realizes it yet," Dumbledore agreed. "One day he will likely surpass me."

"Why didn't you stop him from destroying your office, Albus?" asked Dexter Fortescue. "He's not as strong as you yet."

"What purpose would that serve, Dexter? He had every right to be angry. It was best to let him blow off a little steam. I'm actually surprised I was spared his wrath. I deserved it far more than my considerable collection of baubles and trinkets."

"I hate to say this, Albus, but I will have to agree with you. If your secret keeping cost my descendant his life, bringing an end to a long line of Blacks, then I whole-heartedly agree!"

"I'm sorry, Phineas. It appears I may have some blame in that. However, do not despair about the end of the Black family. Unless I am mistaken, I believe Sirius will name Harry as the next Head of House Black. Of course, we won't know for sure until his will is read. However, I would be quite shocked if that is not the case."

"But although the boy is powerful, and would be a great addition to the Black family, he has no Black blood in his veins."

"Not true, Phineas. You have forgotten that Harry is a descendant of one Dorea Potter nee Black. You also have some other Black family members still around, such as Andromeda Tonks, her daughter Nymphadora, Narcissa Malfoy, and her son Draco. They all have Black blood. I'll leave Bellatrix out of it for now."

"Well, that does make it sound less dire, except for that brat Draco Malfoy of course, but I'm still upset about losing Sirius. The man had to deal with some horrible things in his life. His friends and freedom were wrongly taken away from him and before he could gain it back, this happens. It's not fair, Albus."

"No, Phineas, it's not. Life rarely is. He will be sorely missed."


Hermione was sitting up in her hospital bed and had just finished taking a round of potions from Madam Pomfrey.

"Now, Miss Granger, you will need to stay on this regimen of potions, taking them every day for a solid month. Once you are done with the last potion, you should be completely healed. I will have the full supply ready to take with you before you leave the school. Any problems, no matter how slight and you will need to come back and see me right away."

"Okay, Madam Pomfrey. Thank you for your help."

"You continue to rest now and let the potions do their work." She then turned to check on the others.

"I will. Madam Pomfrey?"

"Yes, dear?" She turned back to the pale girl.

"Where's Ron?"

"I sent him to St. Mungos for some special treatment. That thing that latched onto him did some damage to his mind, but the healers were optimistic about being able to cure him. I should hear something from them later today or tomorrow."

"Thank you," she replied worriedly.

Madam Pomfrey walked over to the other three and gave them another check over. Luna had been hit with a cutting curse to her back that just missed her spine, Ginny had a broken ankle, and Neville had his front teeth knocked completely out. Madam Pomfrey had healed the cut and the ankle. She even regrew Neville's teeth last night. However, they were all very tired and magically exhausted. She was making them stay another night. Hermione would have to stay a bit longer than that.

"You all told me that Mr. Potter was with you on this misguided adventure. Has anyone seen him since you came back to the castle?" Madam Pomfrey asked all four of them.

"I believe Professor Dumbledore sent him straight to his office, Madam Pomfrey, so no. We haven't seen him since the Ministry," answered Neville.

"If Albus ignored that boy's need for healing just so he could get the information from him while it was fresh on his mind, then I'm going to skin me a headmaster."

"Madam Pomfrey, Harry was the only one out of us six who managed to not get hurt," Ginny offered.

"Harry lost Sirius, his godfather, last night to Bellatrix Lestrange," added Luna. "He probably needs a little time to himself, Madam Pomfrey."

"I heard and that's very terrible. I always liked Sirius. He and James Potter were frequent visitors here when they were students. I imagine Mr. Potter is taking it hard. I still want to check him over just to be sure, though. That boy has a penchant for getting hurt. I wonder where he could be?"

Just then, the doors swung open and in walked Harry.

"Right here, Madam Pomfrey."

"Harry!" all four friends called out.

"Just a minute, Mr. Potter. I need to check you for any problems just to be sure."

"Yes, ma'am," Harry sighed.

She led Harry to an empty bed and had him sit down. She started waving her wand in intricate patterns over his person checking for anything and everything. Harry looked over at his friends while she did that and gave them a knowing wink and smile. When she finished, she stared at him right in the eyes, intently.

"You're not hurt but your magic is at a very low level. Too low. You also look like you haven't slept in a while. Tell me, Mr. Potter, did you sleep at all last night?"

"No, ma'am. I couldn't sleep. I could use a Pepper-Up potion to get me through the rest of the day and evening."

"I'll get you that potion, but I'm going to bring you a Dreamless Sleep potion as well. You are to go to bed early tonight and take that potion."

"Yes, Madam Pomfrey, and thank you."

As Pomfrey went to get the potions, Harry walked slowly over to his friends. They were watching him closely. They could see how tired he was and he obviously was hurting from the loss of Sirius. Harry looked at his friends, feeling bad about getting them all hurt. He noticed one was missing.

"Where's Ron?" he asked.

"Madam Pomfrey sent him to St. Mungos for special treatment," answered Hermione with a sad smile.

That just made Harry feel worse. He looked down at his feet.

"She said they were very optimistic about being able to help him and you should stop blaming yourself, Harry," Ginny told him.

"I'm so sorry, guys –"

"Harry," Neville interrupted, "I believe you missed the part where Ginny told you to stop blaming yourself. You tried to get us to stay behind but we refused, so it's not your fault. We just weren't good enough and we got hurt. You, on the other hand, were amazing."

"No, Neville, don't any of you sell yourselves short. We fought fully trained Death Eaters, most were members of Tom's inner circle. They outnumbered us two to one, but we still kicked their arses. So be proud of yourselves."

Madam Pomfrey handed Harry his Pepper-Up potion. He downed it right away.

"That's better," he said to himself.

"Here's your Dreamless Sleep potion for tonight, Mr. Potter. Be sure and eat a good meal and take it just before bedtime. Don't make me have to come after you."

"Thank you, Madam Pomfrey," Harry said with a smile.

Harry turned back to his friends as Pomfrey went back to her office.

"When do you guys get out of here?"

"We should be leaving here in the morning," answered Luna.

"We mainly have to stay an extra night due to how tired we were and we were all magically exhausted," Neville added.

Harry noticed Hermione stayed quiet. She was looking a bit pale too.

"What about you Hermione?"

"I'll probably be here until it's time to go home, Harry, or I might at least get to attend the Leaving Feast, but may have to come back here afterwards. We'll see."

Harry walked over to Hermione and stood there looking at her. Hermione looked up at him for a few seconds before looking back down at her hands on top of the covers. She was trying not to cry.

"It's rude to stare, Harry," she told him after a several seconds more.

Harry sat down on the side of her bed facing her.

"I can't believe I almost lost my two best friends. Friends who have stayed by my side since first year," Harry told her with a tear running down his cheek.

Hermione looked up with tears in her eyes. Harry started to hug her which was weird since he never instigated them. She always had to do that. He stopped though, not wanting to hurt her.

"Oh come here and hug me, Harry," she said reaching for him. "You won't hurt me. I'm not feeling anything right now with all the potions I'm on."

Harry leaned in and hugged her gently, both of them crying on the other's shoulder. When they pulled apart, Harry quietly told her he was sorry again.

"Stop that Harry! I'm going to be fine. I just have to take potions for a month and then I'm done. Stop blaming yourself. I mean it!"

Harry's face turned hard all of a sudden. His eyes were almost glowing. Hermione leaned back away from him, not sure what was wrong with him.

"Dolohov better pray we never cross paths. If we do, he won't survive it," said Harry with his teeth clenched and tears in his eyes.

Hermione put her hands on his face so he would calm down. She had him look her in the eye. He slowly calmed back down and smiled at her sadly.

"Thank you, Harry. Playing the overprotective brother, I see. Well, I love you too."

Harry smiled back at her, his face back to normal now.

"Dumbledore said that he was to blame, but then he amended that and said he was partially to blame, realizing he should not be so arrogant as to take on all of it. I suppose I should not be so arrogant either and try to take on all the blame."

"That's right, Harry," replied Neville. "There are plenty of people who are to blame for what happened. You can't take it all upon yourself."

"Why is Dumbledore to blame?" asked Hermione.


"Secrets?" asked Ginny.

"He kept secrets that he shouldn't have. Had he told me none of this would have happened."

"What did he say?" asked Hermione.

"Not now, Hermione. But, I will tell you that after what he did share with me, I'm ready to blame him far more than I am myself."

Harry's friends all looked at each other wondering what he was holding back.

The five of them talked for a while longer. They still wanted to know what Harry and Dumbledore discussed, but Harry told them that he wasn't ready to talk about that yet. Harry hugged Hermione one more time before he made the rounds hugging all his friends as well, even Neville got a big hug. He thanked them all for their help as he hugged them. He then told them he would check on them in the morning and left to go to the Great Hall for dinner.

As Harry neared the Great Hall, he saw Malfoy up ahead with his two large goons behind him, trying to look menacing. Pansy Parkinson and Theodore Nott were with them as well. Harry started feeling anxious since he couldn't use his magic. He had every intention of ignoring them and walking right past. There was no need to have a conversation with the likes of Malfoy or any of that group. He had more than enough dealing with the boy's father last night, before they locked the git up that is.

Draco stepped out in front of Harry as he was drawing near the group.

"Well, if it isn't Scarhead. I hear you had a busy night last night. You managed to get your godfather killed and they arrested our fathers. Sirius doesn't matter. Good riddance to that blood traitor. However, we are very angry about what happened to our fathers. Don't think for a minute we won't do something about it, Potter. I'm not the least bit scared of you."

Harry was just a few steps away from Malfoy, steadily walking, when Draco made his next statement while pulling his wand. Harry noticed the others were pulling their wands too.

"You're going to pay for what you did, Potter."

Harry just continued on and took another step before punching Malfoy as hard as he could, right in the nose. Blood went everywhere while Draco fell backwards onto the floor. Harry just continued walking past the group. He expected to be cursed in the back. He even heard some of them cast a few spells but he felt nothing. Instead, he heard a good bit of noise behind him that sounded like bodies falling down, so he turned and saw that all four of the other Slytherins were out cold on the floor, while Malfoy was laying there still holding his bleeding nose.

Harry noticed Dobby standing over to the side, slightly behind the group where he couldn't be seen. He gave Harry a wink and popped away. Harry smiled and continued on toward the Great Hall doors.

"YOU BWOKE MY NOTHE, POTHER!" yelled Malfoy loudly while holding his nose as blood poured profusely out of it.

Harry just waved his hand with the bloody knuckles over his shoulder while never turning back around. He pulled open one of the doors and went into the Great Hall to find a seat. He saw McGonagall and Snape head toward the doors to see what the yelling was all about.

Harry was halfway through his meal when the two professors walked up behind him.

"Mr. Potter, we need you to come with us," McGonagall instructed him.

"I should be done in about 10 minutes, Professor. I can join you then."

"You pompous little brat! You are to stand now and come with us," snarled Snape.

"No can do, Professor. I'm under strict orders to get plenty of food and go to bed early. Since I'm still eating, our little meeting will have to wait."


"ENOUGH, Severus! Now calm down," interrupted McGonagall.

"Potter, you will pay for what you did," Snape threatened him in a low controlled tone.

Harry's silverware dropped from his hands and hit his plate with a loud clattering noise. All the students in the Hall had long since stopped to watch what was happening so the clanging of his silverware was heard clear across the Hall. He stood up and slowly turned around to face Snape.

"You see these bloody knuckles, Professor?" Harry asked as he clenched his fist and held them up close so the professor could see them, right under his long nose in fact. "They're bloody because I used them to break Malfoy's nose when he threatened me with the same words you just used. However, he pulled out his wand while at the same time his four friends pulled theirs. I stood up because I needed to see for myself if you had pulled your wand. Evidently not. This is good. Just remember that I don't take threats very well and I certainly won't stand for being cursed. Keep that in mind or Madam Pomfrey will be treating your nose as well."

Snape went for his wand. "Why, you little –"

He stopped speaking because Harry quickly hit Snape as hard as he could right in the nose with the same bloody fist he used on Malfoy. Snape hit the floor holding his bleeding nose. He collected himself far faster than Malfoy ever did and slowly raised his wand with a look of fury on his face. However, before he could cast anything, the Deputy Headmistress relieved him of it. She caught it deftly in her left hand. She then hit her fellow professor with Petrificus Totalus. He was obviously still very angry so she neutralized him for the moment. She turned back to Harry.

"Tell me, Mr. Potter, why are you required to eat a good meal and go to bed early?"

"I am close to magical exhaustion and I didn't sleep at all last night. Madam Pomfrey gave me a Dreamless Sleep Potion to take at bedtime. She wants me to go to sleep early. Right now I'm barely staying awake on a Pepper-Up potion she gave me earlier."

She noticed how tired he looked.

"Very well, finish your meal, Mr. Potter and get some rest. We can get your full statement tomorrow."

"Thank you, Professor. I will."

"Come along Severus."

McGonagall floated the furious potions master behind her as she took him to Madam Pomfrey to get patched up. She noticed Flitwick and Vector up at the head table were trying not to laugh. She would have to find out why the Headmaster never made it to dinner and report what happened to him. She would have Severus accompany her once his nose was fixed.

When she floated Severus into the hospital wing. Madam Pomfrey came running over.

"My word!" Pomfrey exclaimed. "Another broken nose? Two in a row? Why is he petrified, Minerva?"

"He was having a problem with his temper so I had to take his wand and subdue him so no one else would get hurt. I'm hoping he has calmed down enough for me to remove the spell."

She released him once she lowered him onto a bed.

"Who broke your nose, Severus?" asked Pomfrey.

Severus refused to speak even though he was no longer petrified. He was pouting. Minerva answered for him.

"The same student who broke Mr. Malfoy's nose. Apparently, Severus used the exact same words as Mr. Malfoy to threaten Mr. Potter. He also went for his wand when Mr. Potter warned him about making threats."

"Really? I wonder if the Pepper-Up potion I gave him was too strong."

"No, I don't think so. He was looking pretty worn out when I left him. He was planning on going straight to bed after he finished eating. I think his patience is just a little thin right now after the night he had, along with those four over there, and I believe his fight or flight mode is still in high gear."

"Poor dear."

"He's a menace," Snape snarled out. SNAP! "Ahhhrg, woman! How about some warning next time?" he complained while rocking back and forth for a while before finally laying back down.

The snap was due to Pomfrey casting a spell that put his broken nose back into the right place. She then cleaned up all the blood and healed the broken tissue inside the nose once he was lying still. She had just done all this for the Malfoy kid. After she finished she cast a mild numbing charm on his nose.

"There better not be a next time, Severus. You need to learn to control that tongue of yours," threatened Minerva. "You were told what Mr. Potter had gone through at the Ministry and that he lost his godfather. You should have known better than to push him. You deserved that bloody nose. Drawing your wand on a student in anger is just unthinkable."

"Speaking of my wand. Can I have it back now?" he asked slowly.


"No?" he asked incredulously.

"We will go to the Headmaster's office where we will fill him in on the details we know so far. I will give your wand to Albus. He can give it to you if he wishes."

"Fine," he sighed. Turning to Pomfrey he asked, "Where are my students?"

"They were all sent on their way just like you, Severus. A broken nose is a quick fix," Madam Pomfrey replied.

After hearing about Malfoy and his gang and now Snape with a busted nose as well, Hermione, Luna, Ginny, and Neville were all looking at each other wondering what got into their friend Harry.


Harry had gone back to his dorm room after he finished eating. He had changed into his pajamas and was about to take his potion and go to sleep when he changed his mind. He wasn't feeling all that safe at the moment so he called his elf.



"Yes, Harry Potter, sir?"

"Did you get at least one of the bedrooms cleaned up and habitable in the apartment?"

"Yes! Dobby has at all ready for Harry Potter, sir."

"Can you take me there please? I have to take a Dreamless Sleep potion for tonight and I would rather feel safe. I'm not feeling it here, not after what I did to Snape. All professors can override the password and get into the houses if needed. He overheard that I was going to take this potion tonight. I would rather he not be able to find me unless I'm conscious and can defend myself."

"Dobby will take Harry Potter, sir right now."

With a small pop they were both back in the Chamber in one of the bedrooms.

"Thank you, Dobby. I hope to not wake up until morning. See you then."

"Good night, Harry Potter, sir."

Harry took his potion once he was in the clean and comfortable bed. He was asleep before his head even hit the pillow. Worried that the mean professor would come and take some of his master's things when he didn't find the Great Harry Potter in his bed, Dobby went and grabbed everything his master owned from the dorm room, including his trunk, and setout what he would need in the morning so it would be ready for him. He hung up Harry's clean clothes in the closet, put his undergarments in a drawer, and placed his toothbrush in the bathroom holder.

Dobby checked on his master one last time before going back to work preparing the rest of the apartment for the Great Harry Potter. He also refreshed the Chamber later that evening as Harry's charm was just now starting to wear off.