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Chapter 35 – As Time Goes By

The Quinnetons worked past Cash and Coin's deaths. After all, they already had a Victor in the family. What's the point of having more? While they generally forgot their youngest children, the twins' friends made sure they lived on. Alexandra and Richie stopped training for the Games, when they realized how it split families apart. They refused to watch the Games for the rest of their lives.

There are some things even Macy cannot fix—and one of those things is Wonder Hammerfort, a boy doomed by birth and screwed by chance.

The Cardiffs forgot about their son. He faded into nothingness, hardly even remembered by Macy. After all, who wants to say their son volunteered for the Games as a Career and died in the bloodbath, at the hands of a tribute from 12?

Alden Tammel spent the rest of his life in a depressive funk. He missed his daughter more than anything else in the world, and slowly turning to drinking to ease his pain. He became an alcoholic, just trying to forget. What he never realized is that he couldn't forget; the best he could do was remember Jaz when she was alive.

Freud Weiss never hired a new game tester. His company went bankrupt, as he simply stopped caring, stopped trying. He and his wife eventually got a divorce, as Violet Weiss wanted to live and Freud wanted to be with Bennett. He slowly wasted away until he died, while Violet remarried and had two more children, neither of which were taken by the Games.

Stella Winters volunteered for the Hunger Games at eighteen, determined to win for her sister. No matter how annoying Ariella was, the house was too empty without her presence in it, and Stella would do anything to get away, even if it meant joining her sister in death. Eventually, she did, dying the final two at the hands of the girl from 1.

Sereina Lepplings grows up with so many tales of her brother, it's like he never even died. Her parents keep the rest of their children far away from Faustus, because burying one child was more than enough for them.

The Willodeans never got out of debt. Ant Willodean starved to death during the 151st Hunger Games, quickly followed by his parents, leaving Corrin as the only remaining Willodean. He was reaped for the 152nd Hunger Games at sixteen-years-old and coming in ninth place. It's not like there was family left to interview, anyway.

Della Comaydos did her best to keep her brother's memory alive. But with the focus on her mother, who passed away a few years after Kiran's death and her father's rapidly declining health, Kiran got lost in the fray. Della remembered him in everything she did, trying to get Wyatt into the spirit, but he was too preoccupied. Still, Kiran Comaydos is never forgotten.

Ford Canters finds out six years after Tesla's death that his daughter died. All he can think is good riddance.

Nova marries another man, and has three children. The girl that Brandon Hughes spent so many years trying to impress, trying to get her to love him back, forgets about him. It was just one kiss, and he died. What's the point of remembering him? There are other people who can do that.

Shallow Shamir spent his entire life as an Avox. Usually, he served in the president's mansion, up until Snow's death and President Renius's ascension to office, simply so Etta could look at him and feel smug. Every year, when Macy would come to the Capitol to mentor her tributes, he would be assigned to serve on District 7's floor. He was a constant reminder of Macy's mistakes, and what could have been.

Once Bellow and Khalila Kasiani realized just how manipulated they had been by their daughter, she faded into obscurity, remembered by all but never missed.

Wade Thatcher starved to death a few weeks after Al's death. After all, what was the point of continuing? Al is gone. There's no point in existing anymore.

Nutmeg dies just a few months after Valentine's passing. Dasher finds no reason to keep feeding the cat of his dead sister, and instead cooks and eats the cat for dinner.

Rylina never gets over Cornell's death. While the rest of the Espenchs get on with their lives, Rylina lives in the past, wondering what she could have done to save her brother. Should she have made more grain crowns? She surrounded herself with them when he was alive. Should she have sent sponsor gifts? No, she didn't have the money for that. She never even realizes that there was nothing she could do.

Bull Phyronix moves on. He carries Lammy with him everywhere he goes, in the form of the little plush cow that she took into the arena, that he has washed hundreds, maybe thousands of times, and still can't get the bloodstains out of. He can't help but think about how close she was to coming home.

Rind and Sawyer eventually track down the laughing, rich man and kill him. They do it quick and in an alley in the middle of the night, and no one is the wiser. Still, they are convicted and sent prison for the rest of their lives. They may not be laughing, but at least that man isn't either.

Laiya Caffler figures it out. She knows where Nora went. She did join Lark and Camellia, but she also joined twenty-two other twelve-year-olds, none of which deserved to die. Laiya gets sick during the 153rd Hunger Games, and there are some things even her aunt cannot cure. Cary Caffler is heartbroken. She saves all these peoples' lives, but she can't save her nieces'. What do their parents think, as Avoxes in the Capitol?

Mr. and Mrs. Kohan are furious. They went through all this trouble to raise three children, and none of them even make it through to adulthood? Unbelievable.

Ms. Arla starves the winter following her daughter's death. With no one left to care about, she simply stopped fighting.

No one misses Joba Hatch.

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