Heiji Hattori was on his fine time when he went to a trip in his cultural standing. This was a special trip because so far, he was invited to meet with the community of Dekasegi people.

But Heiji was not that interested on Dekasegi. So, he and Conan walked in the street, asked:

"Dekasegi? What is it?"

"I don't give a fuss … But from my dad, Dekasegi is a term to designate the Japanese people from Peru." Conan told. Being shrunk into a kid, Conan/Shinichi maintained an extremely patient face, but he was also not interested as well.

"I think the reason we are forced to come there is because of the damn old women, hah!" Heiji also got a break, but he knew it.

Both Heiji and Conan/Shinichi were invited by the annoying Kazuha to the festival of Dekasegi community in Osaka. Dekasagi, which was known as Japanese Peruvians in Japan, represent the much larger Japanese Peruvian community. Then, Conan understood that:

Peru was the first ever Latin American country to establish tie with Japan, at 1874. Rumors of Peru being an extremely rich of natural resources, like gold, minerals, salts, irons, influenced Japanese people to come to Peru. A later war between Peru and Chile at 1879 to 1883 was so catastrophic for Peru, leading to anger and massacre of Chinese, the first Asian immigrants in Peru, putting Japanese as replacement.

Since then, subsequent anti-Chinese discrimination, natural resources and vast territory encouraged more Japanese to immigrate to Peru, eventually established Japanese as largest Asian community in Peru. At 1940s, anti-Japanese sentiment arose following rumors of Japan's attempt to conquer the rest of Pacific, and had maintained until 1990s when Peru elected Alberto Fujimori, a Japanese Peruvian, as President.

Hence, this must have been a pressure for Conan and Heiji because neither of them could speak Spanish.

"The Japanese in Peru have been living in distance for too long … why Kazuha drag us to those people anyway?"

They kept walking, because the Dekasegi community festival would be held in Sumiyoshi-taisha. Better walking was worthy, since Ran and Kazuha were there already.

And they walked …


But when they came there, they were astonished …

"¡Haz el ruido!" (Make the noise!)

"Se trata de nuestros alimentos. ¡Pruebalo!" (It is about our foods. Taste it!)

The flag of Peru and Japan together waved also demonstrate its relations, but what would affect Heiji and Conan was extreme Spanish, and mixed Japanese-Spanish in people's voices. Heiji and Conan could not speak a single Spanish, thus they became silent.

Surprisingly, someone came to them …

"Hola, Heiji!"

Heiji was amazed to see a fat man, looking Asian like, entered to him. He had a yellow-haired, short and a dot in the left of his face.

"Who are you anyway?" Heiji wondered.

"Ah, allow me to say, my name is Carlos Eduardo Matsumoto, chairman of Dekasegi." The fat man explained. A 56 years old man, he looked younger than his age. He was also quick to spot to another younger man: "Hey, please don't behave stupid."

"Sorry Señor!" He apologized.

"Who is this guy?" Conan wondered on his mind.

"Ah, sorry Heiji. I will represent him too, he is Alfonso Takagi. He is my subordinate, please forgive."

Alfonso Takagi looked somehow very … similar to Wataru Takagi, except with a glass differing them, and not a police, either. Conan must be stunned a bit: "Lol, Alfonso Takagi? Looks like Wataru's twin brother …"

Carlos also quick to explained himself. Carlos is a friend of Heiji's dad, Heizo, and due to its closeness, Heizo invited Carlos to Japan. Carlos could speak Japanese fluently, being educated at youth.

At first, Carlos almost could not go due to the death of his father, but he still continued the trip to Japan as usual. Two of his aides, Andrés Farrugia and Leonardo Sarrenz, were lost and had not reached Osaka. Their poor Japanese skills didn't help them at all, while Alfonso Takagi had to call for taxi.

Then …

"Hey, ¿dónde estás Andrés?" (Hey, where are you Andrés?)

It was Alfonso. Alfonso contacted and had finally realized where were Andrés and Leonardo. Alfonso was glad and told them the road so they could head to the park.

Heiji was a bit …

"I see, you are my dad's friend."

"Indeed." Carlos told, and reminded: "Heiji, anyway, please don't tell that the two girls standing there are being hypnotized."

"Huh? What?" Heiji and Conan both looked on. A girl and another standing there, looked extremely similar. For them, they were …

They were standing near the bridge, and they wore their autumn clothes, a girl in yellow with a red skirt, and another covered with a white dress. A girl had long hair with weird hair and a girl with hair tie. Behind them were an old man, doing something …

… like magic.

"Oh jeez!"

Conan and Heiji immediately ran and, in an attempt, Heiji surprisingly knocked on their heads by his hand. Both of them woke up afterward.


Two girls turned back, and as such, they were …

"Huh! Heiji-kun! Conan-kun!"

"Ran-nechan!" Conan told: "What are you doing?"

"Kazuha, are you kidding me?" Heiji was in a brief weird of Kazuha's behavior.

"But why are you there?" Kazuha got surprised. Then, Heiji told that it was Kazuha who invited them there, and Ran, too. How funny.

They lost a moment before they saw that, there was a pic of a late General. Conan perhaps understood it.

"Well, a Quechua priest trying to hypnotize. Funny. But this man …"

The Quechua Priest, wearing his traditional bi-color covering full body, had been practicing it. This old man, however, had placed a photo, painted there, and they got interested to see.

Ran and Kazuha later explained:

"Heiji, it is extremely strange. I just met this man, and he was talking something like about …"

Conan mentioned about the photo, and, as Heiji was listening, he also noticed on the same pic, and he knew it.

A General!

An old General of the military. This must be …