Conan and Heiji didn't want to talk, but then, they sat with the Quechuan priest, where he retold an old story …



Litoral Province, Bolivia

"Los chilenos! ¡Nos han asaltado!" (The Chileans! We have been assaulted!)

There had been a lot of reports about military advances. Most Peruvian and Bolivian forces were triggered by the attack, together announced war against Chile. Their perpetrations, however, all were poor.

This was a problematic situation and Bolivian army was soon defeated. The Peruvians sent its troops very fast, but for some reasons, they all failed to detect Chilean advances. The problem started to arise when Bolivia seemed to not pushing enough, citing its poor military situation.

Sea battle became the key. Atacama desert was so dry and struggling to control would cost into a guerrilla war. Instead, the Peruvians and Chileans battled in the sea.

"Hemos detectado que el Huáscar." (We have detected the Huáscar.)

The Chileans had slowly defeated Peruvian navy. And in the decisive battle of Angamos, the main Peruvian warship, Huáscar, was taken by the Chileans. Now, Chile had maintained de facto control in the sea.

The loss of Huáscar was a decisive blow. The Bolivians, on the other side, was informed that national rebellion was on the rise, as Bolivian people believed the war was to benefit Peru, its ally, and not Bolivia, and that the occupied regions would never be liberated. Yet, Bolivia was at war with Chile, it could not pretend anything but as a patriotic war.

For Peru, the ongoing war had gone into massive widespread riots.

But, something bigger had arrived.


Iquique, Peru

In a camp of Peruvian army, General Juan Buendía, an experienced man who had defeated Chilean invasion in Tarapacá, summoned a new report. After reading this, he could not be more shocking.

"Chile ha enviado un espía. Él está, quizás, en algún lugar cerca de Arica. Hay un seguimiento de su envío de mensajes. Pero no sabemos quién es el espía." (Chile has sent a spy. He is, perhaps, in somewhere near Arica. There is a track of his message sending. But we don't know who is the spy.)

"No importa quién, ha infligido grandes bajas. Debemos cazarlo antes de que pueda obstaculizar a Perú." (No matter who, he has inflicted heavy casualties. We must hunt him down before he could hamper Peru.) Juan stated: "Y puedo confiar en dos jóvenes a los que he enseñado en la juventud." (And I can rely on two young men who I have taught at youth.)

At this moment, they had moved beyond. Juan ordered to recall two men whom he believed to be specific detectives, who he believed, could break the mystery of the unknown Chilean spy. And so be it …


Lima, Peru

Outside the city's center, a beautiful medieval mansion was located.

As national unrest was about to occur, two young men, same age, and had a typical looking very similar to Shinichi and Heiji, spoke about this.

"Well, the Peruvian society has always been like that since independence." The man, looked like Shinichi, told: "There has been no change. Peru is always a corrupt nation."

"Indeed. I don't know what are important changes. They always state the same shit, but it has never become reality, anyway." The other man told.

The Shinichi-looked like man was Alejandro Ajenjo Burek, son of a Polish immigrant. Same to Shinichi/Conan, Alejandro was very smart and experienced.

The Heiji-looked like man was his friend, Miguel Ángel Dibarra. Miguel was also smart like Alejandro.

"There is no hope." Alejandro echoed.

In Peru, the reports of military defeats kept flooding. The riots, and war, and both Alejandro with Miguel declined to participate, alienating themselves from problems. And just this.

In there, suddenly, a man came. It was the butler of the house, Mr. Arturo Gonzo, whom resembled much to Dr. Agasa.

"Young master, you have a letter from General Buendía."

Both Alejandro and Miguel noticed the call. They were students of Gen. Buendía, an experienced commander, when Buendía taught him about warfare and internal conflict. Because of Buendía's reputation, he was a respected elder.

Alejandro and Miguel both considered Gen. Buendía as an average General, since he was not that smart. But his duty was something they respected a lot.

So, as such, they understood the call must be abnormal.

"Hey, I guess Gen. must have been affected by the recent war." Alejandro guessed out.

"Alejandro, will you go?" Miguel wondered, and excited at the same time.

"Well, why should we deny?" Alejandro smiled: "It's time."

Alejandro and Miguel, those who resembled much similarities to Shinichi and Heiji, took their charge and left Lima to Arica. Their journey began …