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Key of Lineage

Prologue: Awakening of a New Hero

"Memories of the past, visions of the future. I want to know where I really belong and what my true destiny is."

A girl of fifteen years was sinking deep into a dark, watery abyss. Her breathing was soft, rhythmic and relaxed. And her long, slightly spiked reddish-brown hair whipped around her face, while a small stand of hair was tied with a blue band on one side of her face. Her skin was slightly tanned thanks to the extensive time she spent in the sun. She was dressed in a simple school uniform with a blue plaid tie and skirt, a white short-sleeved button-up shirt, dark blue knee-high socks, black dress shoes and a silver tear-drop shaped necklace was around her neck.

She could feel herself falling, deeper and deeper into the shadows. But strangely, the space around her warm and relaxing. She felt like she could just fall asleep like this for hours on end. But, she knew she couldn't. She had to wake up sooner or later.

She opened her ocean blue eyes, she found herself not in the shadowy place she was in before, but standing on the sandy beach of her home; Destiny Islands. Everything was just the same as she remembered with the warm sand, tropical breeze and crystal clear water. The girl looked out to the ocean, finding a familiar figure standing knee-deep in the water.

It was a boy a year older than her with unkept silver hair dressed in the boy version of her school uniform; The same white t-shit, tie and black shoes with dark blue pants and a yellow bandanna tied around his wrist.

The boy said nothing but simply smiled at her and held out his hand. But, just as she was about to step into the water to meet with him, she saw a large wave begin to form behind him. Without wasting a second to think, the fifteen-year-old girl rushed over to him with her hand extended. But, just as she took his hand, the wave engulfed them both.

The girl remained underwater for a few moments as she felt the boy's fingers slip away from her. She struggled to find him again, but she then broke through the surface of the water. Looking back at the island, she saw two other familiar figures waving to her; an adult man with spiky brown hair and an adult woman with aburn hair tied back in a loose bun. Judging by the wedding bands on their fingers, she instantly knew they were a married couple. The girl smiled at the sight of them and waved back. But, before she could take a single step towards them, the sky turned to a terrifying darkness.

The wind howled violently as pieces of the island were ripped away and dark creatures with yellow eyes emerged from the ground to attack the couple. The girl quickly discovered she couldn't move her legs and soon found herself falling backwards and once again sinking into the water.

But, unusually she felt as though she could still breathe normally. And just like before, she felt herself falling in that same peaceful aura. Too soon, it ended and she found herself standing on some sort of surface with the blackness still remaining all around her. The girl took one step forward when suddenly, a giant flock of doves appeared beneath her feet and flew away into the distance, revealing a beautiful stained-glass platform.

The girl was so amazed and distracted at the beauty of the glass platform that she almost jumped in surprise when she heard a strange voice echo throughout the space.

The time has finally come for you. Soon your destiny will be fulfilled. You and others must battle the darkness. The voice rang smoothly through her ears while she maintained a confused expression. Now's the time to take the first step. Can you do it?

The girl took a deep breath before stepping forward. She wasn't sure what the voice was talking about or what it meant, but something deep inside her made her feel as though she had to listen. Slowly, she did what the voice requested of her; she took a few steps forward so she was standing exactly in the centre of the platform.

Once she reached the centre, three silver pedestals appeared around her with different weapons floating atop each one; a sword, a shield and a staff all bearing the same mouse head symbol.

Power sleeps within you. The voice spoke again. If you give it form, it will grant you the strength you need for the long road ahead. Which will it be? The power of the warrior? The power of the guardian? Or the power of the mystic?

She wasn't exactly sure what to make of what the voice was saying, but the girl acted on instinct and approached the sword. Almost instantly, the voice filled her mind.

The power of the warrior. Invincible courage. A sword of terrible destruction. Is this the power you seek? The voice spoke. Avalon took a moment to take in what the voice said. She had spent some time using wooden swords for play fighting back home so she had at least some experience. It want like any of this dream was real anyway. She then looked up to the sky and gave a short nod. Instantly, the shield, staff and pedestals vanished.

Your path has been set. There will be times you have to fight. But do not be afraid. Keep your light burning strong. The voice spoke to her.

But then suddenly, she was surrounded by a small army of small black creatures with beady yellow eyes. Before the girl had even a chance to let their sudden appearance sink in, the creatures jumped to attack her. Their sharp claws scratched at her, dealing quite a bit of damage and just kept leaping at her.

Realizing she had to defend herself, she tightly gripped her sword and swung it towards the dark creatures. The blade cut through them, dissolving them into smal wisps of shadows within a few strikes. The sword she'd been given was powerful and remarkably easy to wield.

The girl could feel her heart beating loudly in her chest and sweat dripping from her brow. She still had no idea what those creatures were or what this dream meant, but something was telling her she had to keep fighting. The next thing she knew, she had defeated all of the creatures. Then, the voice spoke to her again.

The closer you get to the light, the greater your shadow becomes. Out of curiosity, the girl turned around, only to find that her shadow was growing. The girl gasped in shock and fear as her shadow continued to grow larger and larger. She slowly backed away as her shadow continued to grow and morph until it became a large shadowy creature with a heart-shaped hole in the centre.

Overwhelmed by fear, the girl turned around and ran from the shadowy monster only to find she couldn't run any further than the edge of the stained glass platform. The girl looked back at the monster and gasped as she saw it raise its arm and swing at her. Luckily, she jumped out of the way just in time. Knowing what she had to do, the girl pulled the sword out in front of her and furrowed her brow in determination.

Using all her strength, the girl jumped and attacked the monster's hands. It kept attacking her and summoning more and more of the smaller shadowy figures but she refused to give up. She used the sword to attack the creatures and defend herself from oncoming attacks.

The battle felt like it went on forever for the girl, but before long, it was over. With one final strike from the Dream Sword, the dark creature collapsed and sunk into a puddle of darkness. The girl found her heart beating heavily and breathing heavily. Then, the next thing she knew, the sword vanished from her hand and she found herself sinking into the puddle of darkness. She started to panic and desperately tried to struggle out of the puddle but that only seemed to make her sink more quickly.

Just as she was sinking, the voice spoke to her again, Don't be afraid of the darkness. You have friends who will stand by your side. So don't doubt yourself and remember... You are part of a legacy. With those final words, everything turned dark.


Ocean blue eyes slowly cracked open to be greeted by the familiar sight of a messy bedroom. Warm, morning sunlight shone through a nearby window. Through that window, you could clearly see the tropical landscape of an island. Her bookcase was full of children's books and fairytales written by her father, her messy bed was covered in sky blue sheets with a pile of stuffed animals rested on her windowsill.

The same reddish-brown haired girl lay in the bed dressed in a blue tank top and white pyjama shorts decorated with little pink hearts. Her mother's silver teardrop-shaped necklace sat around her neck; she'd very rarely take it off. After releasing a yawn, she pushed herself up to a sitting position.

"What a weird dream." She mumbled to herself as she opened her window, greeting the tropical island air. Despite growing up on the Destiny Islands, the sight of the morning sunrise always made her smile and feel warm inside.

The girl released a sigh as she soaked in the morning sun. "So much water, I wonder if there really is anything beyond that. Maybe fairytale castles or towns or colorful characters like in dad's stories."

Destiny Islands

Just then, there was a knock at her door. "Avalon? Are you awake?" The voice of an older man spoke through her door.

"Yeah, Dad. I just got up." She replied.

"Okay, well hurry up and get dressed. Breakfast is already ready and you don't want to be late for your last day of school before summer break. Lyle's already here." Her dad said.

"Okay, I'll be right down." Replied Avalon as she climbed out of bed. Within a few moments, she was dressed in the same school uniform from her dream; the standard girl's uniform for Destiny Island's high school. Her mother's necklace still sat around her neck. Once she was changed, Avalon left her room and made her way down to her house's kitchen. There, she found her mother, father and Lyle, her best friend.

They had practically grown up together since their parents had been best friends when they were younger. They'd spent their childhoods playing on the play island, swimming, racing and sword fighting with wooden swords. Despite being a year older than her, Lyle never looked down on her, they always treated each other just as best friends should. Lyle was a strong, athletic young man and was always there when Avalon needed him.

Her mother was a doctor at the islands only health clinic but her skills were nothing to sneeze at. They said that the way her patients healed so quickly was almost like magic. Her hair was usually tied back in a loose bun and she was dressed in a white blouse with a pink bow, a pink business skirt and black dress shoes. She was a sweet and kind woman with an almost radiant heart.

Her father had taken over her grandfather's surf shop and also wrote children's books on the side about worlds beyond the islands. Avalon's personal favourites were Aladdin and his magic lamp, the little mermaid and the beauty and the beast. He was dressed in a simple red v-neck t-shirt with blue lining, black fingerless gloves and pants, yellow belts crossing his hips, yellow sandals and a silver crown-shaped necklace. He was the type of guy you could easily get along with and just made everyone smile wherever he went.

She hadn't realized it until then, but Lyle and her parents had been in her dream. There was no mistaking Lyle's unkept silver hair and brown eyes, her mother's aburn hair that was so much like her own or her father's spiky brown hair, bright blue eyes and goofy smile. Like Avalon, Lyle was also dressed in his school uniform; the same one he'd been wearing in her dream. Why had she seen them there? Did her dream mean something after all?

Avalon was so lost in thought she hadn't realized she'd been staring at them until her mother placed a plate of breakfast in front of her. It was her and her dad's favourite; blueberry pancakes cut into the paopu fruit shape.

"Still sleepy Avalon?" Her mom laughed as she gave everyone a plate of pancakes and ruffled her daughter's slightly spiked hair. "Honestly, you and your father love your sleep a little too much."

"Come on!" Laughed her dad. "I'm not that bad!"

"You fell asleep on the beach the other day when you were supposed to be running the surf shop!" Avalon laughed.

Her dad smiled and rubbed the back of his neck. "It was an off day, no one was out there!"

"I still don't think that's an excuse to lay down on the job." Said Lyle as he took a bite of his pancake. "Maybe I should tell my dad you've been slacking off. He's been asking for an excuse to come back down here and spar with you."

"Are you blackmailing me, Lyle? I'm shocked!" Her dad fake gasped.

Lyle shrugged as he bit into his pancakes. "Being the son of the mayor does have its perks."

"Oh and I'll be sure to tell Riku that his son is abusing said power." Argued her dad. "And I'm sure West would love to hear the same thing about her son."

Avalon Laughed as she leaned closer to Lyle. "Don't worry, me and mom have plenty of blackmail of pictures of him sleeping on the beach when he's supposed to be working."

Her mom gasped in surprise. "Avalon, that was a secret!"

"Oh, thanks a lot you guys, glad to know my family respects my privacy." Laughed her dad. Before too long, they had finished their breakfast, leaving Avalon's mom to shoo them out the door so they wouldn't be late for school. As she put away the dishes, she noticed her husband was still sitting at the table and his expression had suddenly turned grim. He knew what his wife was going to say; she'd been bringing up the same subject for the last few weeks.

"Sora?" She asked. "I know you don't want to hear this, but I really think it's time we tell Avalon the truth. I mean, she's fifteen now, she can't stay ignorant forever. She's growing up." She said, placing a hand on her husband's shoulder.

Sora sighed as he ran his fingers through his spiky hair. "I know, I know Kairi. I just want to keep her safe. Avalon has no idea what's waiting for her out there and I intend to keep it that way for as long as I possibly can."


Deep in a dark room many worlds away, a lone figure sat on a throne. He was dressed in a black suit with gold trimming, blood red ruffles, black boots, a red collared shirt and a black cravat with a gold jewel in the centre. His unkept yet silky black hair was tied back in a ponytail with a red ribbon and yelllw eyes shone in the darkness.

"So the time has come." He smirked. "At last we shall meet, daughter of Sora and Kairi."

He held out a gloved hand and from the dark shadows appeared a keyblade. It was show and deadly, decorated in chains, rose thorns, a black rose on the teeth and on the keychain was a prominent heartless symbol.

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