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Chapter 10: Lyle's First Battle

On top of Pegasus's back, Mickey landed atop Mount Olympus. In all these years, the home of the gods hadn't changed. It was still beautiful and regal as it once was. Pegasus landed at the gates and allowed Mickey to jump off his back.

"Thanks for the ride, Pegasus." Mickey petted his nose, causing the winged horse to let out a whinny of content. Mickey hadmt even taken a single step forward before a loud voice echoed through the clouds.

"Back for a visit so soon, son?! Where are my grandkids?!" A loud, thunderous yet jovial voice proclaimed through the clouds. Mickey looked up to find Zeus standing in front of the golden gates atop the staircase. He looked down to find Mickey and Pegasus.

"Sorry Zeus, but it's just me." Mickey shrugged.

Zeus smiled as he started making his way down the stairs. "Mickey! what a wonderful surprise!" Zeus exclaimed happily. once he reached the king, he picked him up and pulled him into a tight hug. "It's been far too long old friend!"

"Zeus... you're crushing me-" Mickey cringed in discomfort at the tight hold.

"Oops. Sorry." Zeus laughed in embarrassment as he set Mickey back down. "So what brings you all the way up here?"

Mickey sighed. "I'm afraid this isn't a social visit. Sora's daughter's been kidnapped and the heartless are acting up again. I was wondering if you'd noticed anything unusual or if you had any information that could help us?"

Zeus shook his head. "I wish I could be of more help but as far as I could tell things have been fine here. Even my brother's been quiet. The only thing we've noticed is a boy in a black suit wandering about."

"A boy in a black suit?" Mickey asked, intrigued. "Has he been causing any problems?"

"Not as yet. He just felt off." Zeus explained, "He reminded me of those fellows in the black coats from so long ago, the ones who stole the Olympus stone. So, I've asked Hermes to keep an eye out for him-"

As if on cue, Hermes came rushing towards the two of them from the world below. "Oh my lord! That kid in the suit's back! He's in the Coliseum as we speak! Gotta say good call asking me to keep a look out for him, he's proving to be a real piece of work with that key of his, he's fighting this other kid with silver hair and just wiping the floor with him!

"A keyblade?! Oh no! Lyle!" Mickey exclaimed fearfully as he jumped on Pegasus's back. Sensing the urgency, the winged horse took off. "Thanks for your help!" Mickey called out to the gods as he headed straight to the coliseum hoping he wasn't too late.


Tenebrae mercilessly charged at Lyle with lightning speed, sending the silver-haired teen off his feet as the dark keyblade hit him in the gut. Lyle moved to get up to his feet but before he could do anything to defend himself, Tenebrae attacked again. The silver-haired teen cried out in pain as the weapon cut into him. Tenebrae's movements were just so fast that Lyle couldn't keep up with him. He tried desperately to block or attack himself but it was proving to be impossible at his current skill level. He'd never dealt with such an opponent before. He only had the opportunity to fight a few heartless on the islands and he only just began his training here.

Phil and Meg could only helplessly watch on the sidelines at the display as Lyle was beaten down by his clearly superior opponent. Even with all the injuries he was suffering, Lyle kept pushing forward. This guy knew something about Avalon and her kidnapping and he wasn't willing to lay down in defeat.

"Oh is this really all you've got?" Tenebrae laughed as he slashed at Lyle again, sending the beaten silverette to his knees. "I thought you were the son of the great Master Riku! Pathetic!"

Lyle struggled to get back up to his feet and met Tenebrae's golden gaze. "How do you know my dad's name?!" He demanded before he was swiftly knocked back down by a boot to his shoulder.

"Oh I know quite a bit. Including the fact that you're clearly useless." Tenebrae raised his keyblade, ready to deliver a fatal blow. Lyle gripped his keyblade and just barely managed to block.

"What did you do with Avalon?!" Lyle demanded, trying to sound much braver than he felt.

"Aww, how sweet." Tenebrae mocked as he pulled his keyblade back and used it to knock him down again. "The little knight demanding to know the whereabouts of the princess. Well now it's time for you to say gooodnight!"

"Get away from him!" A loud voice exclaimed as Tenebrae's attack was stopped by the sound of metal hitting metal. Lyle opened his eyes and gasped at the sight of Mickey blocking Tenebrae's attack with his own keyblade having just returned from Olympus in the nick of time and jumping off Pegasus's back to save Lyle. "Are you okay?!" Mickey asked as he glanced at the beaten teen.

"I've been better." Lyle said, sounding relieved.

"Lyle!" Sora's voice exclaimed as he, Hercules, Donald and Goofy rushed into the coliseum just returning from the underworld themselves. They rushed to protectively stand in front of Sora's young apprentice. Donald wasted no time in casting cure of the teenager while Goofy went to help him up.

"Hmm, now why does that name sound familiar? Oh that's right, that's the name my princess was calling for as I swept her off the island. I have to say I didn't expect her knight in shining armor to be some pretty boy." Tenebrae smirked as he met Lyle's gaze.

"Who are YOU?!" Sora roared, not liking the look of this boy. He looked like he could be related to Xehanort or Vanitas. Perhaps a grandson or nephew? No, that couldn't be the case. He defeated them. But still, those golden eyes and that evil smirk made him uneasy.

"Oh Sora! So nice of you to finally join us! I've heard so much. It's wonderful to finally meet you!" Tenebrae smirked and voluntarily dismissed his keyblade, speaking like a dark fanboy.

"From who, exactly?" Sora didn't like where this was going. He didn't know who this boy was but he clearly had devious intentions.

"Well you've become something of a legend." Tenebrae smirked. "I've always wanted to meet you in person."

"You're the one Hades was talking about; you're in a black suit. Who are you?" Demanded Goofy.

"Oh right, silly me." Tenebrae mockingly bowed to the group, a cold grin on his face. "I am Tenebrae, the prince of darkness."

"Okay, Tenebrae." Sora snarled, quickly losing his patience. "So you're the one behind the Heartless this time, aren't you?!"

"Guilty." Tenebrae smirked.

"What have you done with my daughter?! WHERE IS SHE?!" Kingdom Key appeared in his hand as he pointed it threateningly at the dark boy who knew where his daughter was.

"Oh she's perfectly fine." Tenebrae smirked. "For now."

Donald looked just as mad as Sora. "What's that supposed to mean?!"

"It means she is still alive, and I intend to keep her that way. She's quite the feisty little thing." Tenebrae purred.

"If you hurt her-!" Lyle exclaimed as he moved to get back up to his feet to charge at Tenebrae but Mickey stopped him.

"Lyle, don't. We need to get more information out of him." Mickey stated.

"Listen to your elders, little knight, you may just learn something. Not that you're much of a threat to me anyway." Scolded Tenebrae.

Sora snarled. "Where's my daughter?!" He demanded. Getting fed up with his condescending attitude.

"Well I must disappoint you, but I have no idea where my princess has gotten to." Tenebrae sighed.

"What's that supposed to mean?!" Sora questioned.

"It means that she's escaped my clutches. But I'm not concerned, I'll have her back in my arms in no time. Where she belongs."

Sora could hardly believe what he was hearing. Avalon was his daughter. The most important thing in his and Kairi's lives and this guy was speaking like she was his property! His grip on his keyblade was steadily increasing with anger that his knuckles were turning white

"Sora's daughter doesn't belong with you!" Donald quacked angrilly.

"Agree to disagree." Tenebrae smirked as he picked Avalon's tie off the ground and tucked it back into his suit pocket.

"Okay, then what were you doing down in the underworld with Hades?! Why were you asking him about ruling the worlds?!" Sora questioned.

"And spoil the surprises I have in store for you? Sorry but that's all the information you're getting out of me today." Tenebrae smirked.

But Tenebrae easily jumped out of the way and summoned a dark corridor. "Well it was nice to finally meet you, Sora, Donald, Goofy, your majesty, pretty boy. But I've got places to go, people to see, and a runaway princess to take back."

"Get back here!" Sora demanded. He gripped his keyblade and charged at Tenebrae but he was too late as he vanished within his dark corridor.

"Sora I'm sorry." Hercules said as he approached his long-time friend. "If there's anything we can do to help..."

"At least we know who he is now. And that Avalon managed to escape." Mickey said.

"Yeah! She's your daughter! She's gotta have some of you in her! She'll be okay!"

Sora looked up at them, feeling the overwealming kindness and support his friends were offering him.

"Sora, remember our first promise?" Goofy asked.

"No frowning and no sad faces." Sora said as he thought back to those times years ago when the islands were destroyed, Kairi and Riku were missing and he was scared and confused. That was when Donald and Goofy first appeared to him. "Always smile. You're right guys. Avalon wouldn't want me to mope around. We just need to believe she'll be okay until we can find her."

"If she's anything like her father then I don't think you have anything to worry about." Meg smiled.

Sora nodded and turned to the group. "Okay, so Hades told us that Tenebrae offered him control over the heartless to help him take over the worlds but turned him down..."

"I still don't trust that." Hercules said. "I'll keep a close watch on him for you."

"Thanks Herc." Sora smiled then turned to Mickey. "Did Zeus have any information?"

Mickey shook his head sadly. "He knew as much as Hades knew it would seem. He noticed Tenebrae and asked Hermes to keep a lookout for him."

"We will too." Meg assured. "We'll contact you if anything of interest happens."

"Thanks guys! Any information you can find will help a lot." Goofy said.

"We should probably get going! Avalon could be anywhere by now!" Donald stated.

"Before you go, here kid. I want ya to take this." Phil said as he placed a small charm in Lyle's hand. It was a pure white with the golden symbol of Olympus depicted on it. It was known as the Olympian charm. "Hope it helps you on your junior hero's journey."

"Thanks, um, what is it?" Lyle looked at the charm curiously.

"A summon charm." Sora replied. "They've helped us a lot over the years. They summon allies from other worlds to help us fight against the heartless."

"Who does it summon?" Lyle asked just as Pegasus trotted up to him and licked his cheek. "Oh, it summons you? Thats cool!" Pegasus nodded. Lyle smiled and petted his nose.

"Don't forget your training kid!" Phil stated. "It's gonna be tough out there. And if you guys are ever in the area consider signin' up for the games!"

"Thanks for taking the time to train me." Lyle smiled as he pocketed the charm.

"Wack!" Donald exclaimed excitedly. "You want us to sign up for the games too?!"

"Why not?" Phil boasted. "The crowd's been itching' for you guys to make a comeback! Once your hero work is done of course!"

"We really should get going! Thanks again for all your help!" Sora said as he led his team out of the coliseum while Hercules, Meg, Phil and Pegasus offered their goodbyes.

The group started making their way back towards where they parked the Gummi ship. Lyle was sore and sweaty from his training with Phil then his fight with Tenebrae but he was still grateful to be there.

"So where to now?" Donald asked Sora.

"Hmmm..." Sora pondered. "Maybe we should visit Radiant Garden? The restoration committee were the ones taking in refugees back in Traverse Town when the stars first started going out back then."

"Gawrsh you're right!" Goofy exclaimed. "Maybe they heard somethin' about Avalon!"

"I sure hope so." Mickey agreed. "That Tenebrae fella said she managed to escape him but he's gonna be looking for her!"

"So we have to find Avalon before he does!" Lyle exclaimed.

"We've got to hurry." Sora spoke with fatherly concern as they made their way back to the Gummi ship. "She's out there somewhere lost, alone, confused and scared."


"Yahooooo! this is so fun!" Avalon shouted with excitement as she drove the gummi ship through the asteroids of the lanes between. She had a giant grin plastered on her face as the ship rolled the ship around while Max and Vivi were trying to keep their lunches down. Max had reluctantly agreed to show Avalon how to work the ship's controls in case he was unable to pilot on their journey after her begging him to let her. But, he wasn't expecting the teenager to go this crazy with the controls. He knew right away his initial instincts were right; he shouldn't have let her anywhere near the controls.

"Okay, Avalon-" Max tried to stop himself from throwing up. "Do you think we could slow down a bit?"

"Yes, please. Give Max the controls back!" Begged Vivi.

"Come on! I think I'm finally getting the hang of this!" Avalon exclaimed.

"No! You're done now!" Max scolded like an older sibling as he made it up to the controls and took them from her and led her to the seat he was previously occupying. "I knew this was a bad idea."

"Aww!" Avalon crossed her arms and pouted. "No fair."

"Sorry." Max shrugged. "Maybe we can have another short lesson later. But right now we need to land." Max pointed out the windshield to the world they were approaching.

It was a world that consisted of a vibrant green forest with a small cottage nestled inside, an old castle at the edge of that forest that looked to be practically falling apart. Lastly, there was a field of snow in front of a real, regal stone castle with a prominent sword in a stone resting in a small space. The world was practically brimming with magic.

"This is where Merlin's supposed to be?" Vivi asked.

"It matches the coordinates Nina sent us so I hope so." Max stated. "That cottage reminds me of his house in Radiant Garden; maybe we should start there."

"Cool! Can I try landing-" Avalon started to say.

"No!" Max and Vivi exclaimed simultaneously, cutting her off and fearful expressions plastered on their faces. If Avalon's flying skills were scary and dangerous they did not want her landing.

"Okay, okay fine!" Avalon held her hands up in defence. "You guys win, okay?" With that, Max drove the ship down towards the world before them, ready for landing.


When the Eraqus docked on Radiant Garden, Nero, Blaze and Sonya stepped onto the worlds surface and looked around in awe at its beauty. Even Zephyr and Daichi who'd known about this world and seen photos of it were astonished at how it looked in person. There were flowers everywhere and there were hues of purple and gold everywhere. A brilliant, peaceful bright blue shy shone from above them, a contrast to the never ending twilight of Twilight Town.

The group of five had landed right in the middle of the main courtyard where a great deal of houses and shops surrounded them and the ground was tiled with beautifully coloured stones.

"This is Radiant Garden?" Nero asked in awe, amazed at the world's beauty and how different it looked from Twilight Town.

"Yup." Nodded Zephyr. "Looks even better than in the pictures back home."

"I really wish I hadn't left my sketchbook back on the ship!"

At that moment a loud scream was heard from nearby. Both Daichi and Zephyr narrowed their eyes in determination and summoned their keyblades.

"Sorry Nero but drawing's going to have to wait." Daichi stated as he and Zephyr rushed towards the sound of the screams, eager to put their lifetimes of training to good use.

"Hey! Blue boy! Don't leave us behind!" Blaze shouted, calling his own keyblade and running after them. Nero and Sonya followed closely behind with their own weapons ready.

It wasn't long before they located the source of the terrified screams. They'd only just turned a corner to the market square where they found two kids huddled together and surrounded by heartless. They looked to be around twelve years old and possibly twins. The boy had short unkept brown hair under a blue and white baseball cap depicting a blue pine tree. He was wearing an orange t-shirt, blue vest and brown shorts and was tightly clutching an old journal with a golden six-fingered hand on the cover depicting the number 3. The girl had long curly brown hair pulled back by a pink headband and braces lining her teeth. She was dressed in a hand-knitted pink sweater with a shooting star on it and a purple skirt.

They were surrounded by a cluster of heartless, ready to strike onto the terrified kids. They included multiple flame cores, soldiers and large bodies.

"Dipper! Do something!" The girl exclaimed fearfully, clinging onto the boy's arm.

The boy was frantically looking through his journal, a nervous shaky mess. "I'm trying Mabel! The journal doesn't say anything about to stop these things!"

Just at that moment one of the flame cores started getting all rilled up and looked ready to send a blast of fire towards the kids. Daichi noticed right away and jumped into action, rushing towards the, and using a quick water spell to extinguish the heartless's flames.

"Look out!" Daichi ordered as he used a powerful slash from his keyblade to finish off the heartless. His teammates quickly moved to his side and stood protectively in front of Dipper and Mabel.

"You saved us! My hero!" Mabel exclaimed as she rushed to Daichi and to his surprise, grabbed onto his arm. "Wow, you got some mussel there!"

Blaze snickered under his breath. "Looks like you've got yourself a fan!"

"Guys, can we focus?!" Sonya snarled as she smacked Blaze upside the head. "We have heartless to deal with!"

As if on cue, one of the heartless lunged for Blaze but was soon destroyed by an attack from Nero's keyblade. Zephyr stayed close to Dipper and Mabel to protect them. She quickly cast a defensive Aero spell on herself and the two kids, minimizing the damage taken from the oncoming heartless. Daichi joined her in protecting them by taking out as many heartless near them as possible with strong, deadly blows. Sonya jumped to slash at one of the large bodies, dealing a great deal of damage to its back. But the moment the heartless turned around, its frontal shield kicked in and it attacked Sonya with strong blows from its fists, sending her to her knees.

Seeing Sonya and the rest of his team in trouble, Nero reached into his pocket and pulled out the summon charm he got from Master Yen Sid. He didn't know what he was doing but something compelled him to hold it close to his heart and shout;

"Spring Sprite!" The charm began to glow a warm green as something flew down towards him from the sky. As it grew closer, Nero could see it was a green elegant, feminine spirit with long curly hair decorated with flowers. The spirit said nothing as she playfully flew around Nero, instead beautiful music filled his ears. The teenager smiled at the sight of a new ally as she waved her hand and a wind cluster full of butterflies and flowers appeared under Nero's feet, allowing him to fly a little in the air.

Nero flew towards the heartless as the Spring Sprite followed. Each attack he made was met with a blast of orchestral music while she continuously healed his magic, letting him cast seemingly unlimited spells. Everywhere the Spring Sprite moved left a trail of grass and flowers. Once her trail was complete, she nodded at Nero who took her hand. Together they flew all over the battlefield dealing heavy damage to the heartless from powerful wind and earth magic sourced from the trail of grass and flowers the Spring Sprite had created. (1)

They'd done enough damage to finish off the last of the heartless so Nero looked to his first summon and smiled.

"Thanks for your help!" He said as she returned the smile and vanished, taking the orchestral music with her.

The group barely got a breather before a voice broke the silence.

"Dipper! Mabel! There you are!" A worried, feminine voice shouted as Nina rushed towards them. She knelt down in front of the twins and put her hands on their shoulders. "I told you guys not to wander off too far from the castle's refugee centre. The heartless are getting worse every day!" She gave them a look much like an older sister would when scolding a pair of younger siblings.

"Sorry, Nina." Mabel sighed. "I guess we wandered a little too far."

Dipper held his journal tightly against his chest. "We just wanted to figure out a way to get our world back. Those heartless took everything... Grunkle Stan, Wendy, Soos-"

"And Waddles!" Mabel exclaimed with tears welling up in her eyes.

Nina's expression softened as she sighed and hugged each of them. "I know you guys are scared but my dad and everyone at the castle are doing everything they can to try and figure out what's going on. But in the meantime you guys need to stay safe. I'm sure your friends and family wouldn't want anything else to happen to you."

Just then, a boy stepped into the market square. He was tall and slender with blonde hair reaching down to his chin. He was dressed in a uniform with a black shirt that bald gold shoulder pads, white pants and a distinct red cape. He was holding a playing card in his hand as though it were his weapon.

"Good, we finally found you two." He sighed in relief.

"Hey Ace." Nina waved. "Do you mind taking Dipper and Mabel back to the refugee centre?" She asked.

"No problem." Ace agreed as he dismissed his card. "The rest of my class are still on the lookout for more refugees. Come on, guys." Ace took Dipper and Mabel from Nina then started leading them back.

Once they were gone, Nina smiled at the group. "Thanks for your help." She gave a short bow. "I'm Nina Leonhart."

"Wait. You're Nina?!" Zephyr gasped.

Nina tilted her head curiously. "Yes. I'm sorry, have we met?" She asked, sounding a little confused.

"It's me! Zephyr!" The blonde exclaimed excitedly.

It took Nina a second but her expression soon became one of excitement to match Zephyr's. "Oh wow! It's really you? No way!" She didn't hesitate to pull Zephyr into a tight hug which the blonde returned.

"You guys know each other?" Nero asked, confused.

"We're pen pals." Zephyr explained. "We've been exchanging letters for a few years through the moogles."

"Oh right!" Daichi realized. "I remember you talking about that. Nice to meet you, Nina. I'm Daichi and this is Nero, Sonya and Blaze."

Both Nero and Sonya waved and offered their hellos but Blaze remained silent. Instead, he was silently gazing at Nina. A smile spread across his lips as he quickly pulled off his beanie, adjusted his spiky red hair, put it back on then strode up to Nina.

"Hey there." He spoke with a flirtatious tone. "Yo, name's Blaze. How're you doing? You come here often?"

Nina blinked a few times in surprise at Blaze but she soon offered a nervous smile. "Well, yeah I live here." She then turned her attention back to Zephyr. "So what are you doing here? You said in your last letter that your keyblade training was still going on."

"Well, the heartless activity and missing worlds caught the attention of our parents and master Yen Sid..." Zephyr went on to explain how she and Daichi were given permission to help investigate, their visit with Yen Sid and deciding to travel with their three new companions.

"So you guys are on your own adventure to try and find out what's going on?" Nina asked after listening to their story. "Why don't you guys come up to the castle? My Dad's going to want to know more keyblade weilders showed up and we might be able to help."

"More keyblade weilders?" Nero asked. "You mean there was someone else here?"

"Yeah, Avalon." Nina nodded. "You just missed her, she left just a little while ago."

"I think it would be a good idea to meet with as many allies as possible." Daichi stated. "Okay, lead the way."

"Great! The castle's just this way!" Nina exclaimed as she started walking. Zephyr and Daichi followed closely but Blaze remained in place, gazing at Nina as she walked and chatted with Zephyr. Nero and Sonya looked at each other, then Sonya grabbed the front of Blaze's sleeveless red denim jacket.

"What the heck is going on with you?! What was that all about?!" She demanded, trying to bring him back to reality.

"Yeah, you're acting really weird Blaze." Nero agreed. "What's going on?"

Even with Sonya grabbing his jacket, Blaze's eyes were still locked on Nina as she began leading them out of the market plaza. "Guys, I think I'm in love." He grinned dreamily. "With an angel."

Both Sonya and Nero looked at each other and sighed simultaneously. After noticing that they were getting left behind, the two of them each started pushing a star struck Blaze towards the castle where Nina was leading them.

In case you guys didn't know, Dipper and Mabel are from the Disney series Gravity Falls, the Spring Sprite is from Fantasia 2000(just thought Yen Sid would hang out a Fantasia summon) and Ace and the rest of his class are from Final Fantasy Type-0. Great game! I'm playing my boyfriend's copy. Thanks so much for reading and be sure to leave a review!

I know we didn't get much of Avalon this time so next chapter do you guys want to see just her, Max and Vivi in their first Disney world of do you want me to keep checking in with the other groups? Thanks so much for your patience and support with this story it literally means everything to me!

(1): Spring Sprite's limit: Nature's Call