Kamen rider Draco

Kamen rider it means mask rider heroes that protect mankind in secret and over the years foundation X and shocker have been beating by Kamen Riders

have you ever heard the saying fight fire with fire that was what foundation X knew and try the make Kamen rider but they didn't just want Kamen rider they wanted to make the best Kamen rider so project rider was made so using ryuki deck as a base of creating the driver and by Collecting data of other and every Kamen rider and what allows them to henshin but they didn't have all the data needed and that when shocker found out so a war began shocker then finish the project by getting the data when shocker finish the new drivers foundation X took them back but the 7 legendary riders knew of there plan and an epic battle between foundation X shocker and Kamen riders the deck-driver where lost to an Alternate dimension (dragon knight dimension)

Summer, America, Connecticut, 2018,

it was 6 am and out in a forest was a crater of a meteor as there was a man in a black suit was near it currently talking to an earpiece 'asset has been found'

'good, bring the asset to base'

"understood," the man said as he entered the crater and grab something out of it as the camera move closer and at the center appeared to be a red box with a gold dragon head.

pov 1st

It sunny day as a kid was walking on the sidewalk with a coupon he had messy black hair and black eyes he was wearing a red shirt.

(that me) as he was walking he was knock out a man in a black suit his suitcase fell and open

"ow sorry"

"it fine just watches where you're going," said the man as he picks up the case and left as the kid stood he noted something on the ground a red box deck holder with a gold dragon head but pointing to the left the kid then pick it up

it glowed a bit "hey sir you drop something" but notes that the man was gone they where even an outline of where he was the kid then took the box and put it away after a few minutes the kid stop and decided to get a milkshake later

"1 milkshake please"


"Ricardo," I said

"it's Ricardo "

"ok Ricardo," as Ricardo got his drink, sat he than took out the red box and noted the head was moveable as he moves the head to the center and turns the head as he did, it glowed and flash he saw that he was in a void as he was floating "ok calm down Ricardo "


He panics as a red Dragon flew from the void straight at me as I tried to run swim and just move away I couldn't as he was getting closer I just close my eyes and waited ….

Nothing I open my eyes to be meet with the dragon looking at me as if trying to know me I just stare back and blink ….

I was back as I jump a little from that I then grab the deck after I finish my milkshake fast one brain freeze later I got out of the shop "got to find that guy" I said but then fell a bit as my body started to hurt and my vision getting blurry

Unknown to me someone was watching me

"Has the asset bonded to anyone?"

"Yes, am getting reading of the bugster vires along with small traces of Nebula gas as well sighs of a gate asset have bonded to a boy sighs of recent bonding has shown taking effect"

"Get the asset before it finishes bonding… by any means" the voice said

"Understood "

As I grab my head, my body was starting to get better

"I need to find the owner" … BOOOM! What was that I then turn to see something that some people would call a monster it looks like a Salamander with spikes as I watch attack the streets and car, I then saw a small girl in the street.

it then looks at me and fires a fireball as I dodge it, as I was now in the middle of the street as the monster look at me and fire more fireball around me making small exploding as it keeps looking at me

I was holding the girl I then turn to her "hey I need you to run ok" I say to her "I can't" and saw her leg was hurt can you walk she nodded on the count of 3 moves as fast as you can "ok "


"1... 2... 3 go" the girl move I saw her running to a woman her mom I thought I then nod as if she knew what I meant and carry the girl he then fired a powerful fireball at me I doge nearer hitting me but the impact hit the ground in an explosion … the smoke clears...

I was alive as the red box glow and absorb the attack and fire

"Wow" I just said as something happen in my mind the box shined red as I rise the box and tap the head "henshin" and move the box to my waist as a belt appeared it had a slot shape like the deck I then heard music

shabadoobie touch to henshin shabadoobie touch to henshin shabadoobie touch to henshin

"hold your fire, let's see what going to happen to him standby," the voice said on a com on the monster ear(just go with it) the com on the monster ear said fine, the monster said

over a lab a huge screen was were shown of what was happen the room was also full of lots of computers

"Sir are you sure it a good idea what if it works "

"the Draco unit is still a prototype and had not had lots of testing we might get the data we need for project Hydra "

"ok "

"and if the Draco unit fails we just take it and analysis "

"all it's a win-win "

I put the deck in the slot and the music stop with part of me was sad that it stop

Lock on set, Are you ready...

Henshin music then started

"What ahhhhhhh!" As I felt pain all over my body I fell on one kneel felt that my body was on fire I holding my chest

"ahhhhhh!" I yelled on top of my lungs everything in my body was on fire

"Sir look like he not going to make it "

"fine finish him"

'got it' be over soon he then shot a charged fireball it made a huge exploding …

"now bring the deck and-"


"What the" as the exploding clear I was still on the ground as the dragon flew and smash him away with his tail

I stood there as the dragon protected me he then look and me as if wanted to see how I react "thanks" I said and rub his head he purred

"Look out" the dragon look right in time and saw a fireball and block it with his wing and dodge a few

the deck glowed and the pain stops and the dragon look at me

"let's do this," I said as the dragon turn moving around me as and stop in front of me and enter the driver

"Henshin," I said music then started 3 2 – flame pl-pl-EYE – arm on stage tatoba ty-ty-type-hi hi hi error … error resolve

(The transforming it was every transforms scene in Kamen rider you can think of all in a flash)


I was cover in armor (the armor looks look dragon knight all the red that is not on the armor is black) I was in a black fabric with silver and red armor the helmet was (a mix of Dragon knight mask blade and ooo tatoba mask but as silver ) a mix of a mask they were two big red bug eye (the color for the mask eyes is of wizard ) the chest plate cover my back and front some parts where red but it was mostly silver the shoulder plate (wizard shoulder plate but only the silver part) had a dragon symbol there was silver armor warp around my arms (drive armor that he has on his arms ) they had a red pattern the leg where also wrap in silver (Drive legs armor part) I was surrounded by fire the then took the shape of wing and then a dragon about to take off (cue in live a life)

"what you transform, " the monster said

I didn't say anything I just got ready I had a Hud a bar and an armor display

I drew a card

card visor

the card I drew then burns…. as it reshapes its self into a sword the sword had a dragon head

"if you think that scares me you're wrong," he said but being worried he then thrower a fireball at me

I cut it in have the flame then went in the dragon mouth part of the sword it absorbs the flame.

"ok try this" he then throws an iron spike at me then I started to move toward him I slice it away,

I then started running to him he then shot more spikes, moving almost at a supersonic speed, I just kept slicing them, away I even kick one away all while getting even closer with me swinging and slicing them alway,

when I was close enough I grab one of the spikes mid-air,

I then stab him with my sword and kick him away but not without stabbing him with the spike I had, he flew a bit farther away by the attack I than throw to the spike at him he defect it I push a button the blade Retracted to the dragon head making it have 3 horns and the handle turned into a gun

Draco shot

a pull the trigger multiple firing at him all making them hit there mark sparks flew as he went down

Over I said as a walk away "noo I will not lose to a Kamen rider" he tried to hit me with his spikes the gun turn back to sword form I just cut them

"All right let's end this"

I drew a card... final vent I then put it in the mouth of the dragon head


My sword charge with energy I put myself in a pose as I swung a slice of fire I then thrust the sword forward sending a beam of fire that took the shape of a dragon the dragon then fuse with the slice of fire giving it wings it rip through him and in a powerful blast said "shocker will get that power" as he was gone in an explosion I then turn back as the armor was gone (end song)

"What just happened," I said as I fell down I then grab the box… what a Kamen Rider...

Over at a screen showing the battle a man was watching "sir target has bonded with the dragon-driver should we send our men" a person said while looking at the screen as well "no we just watch him and collect the data " he said as he pushed a button showing a screen of an armor that looks like a bit like Draco but with dragon heads on his right and left shoulder "this is a new era a new Henshin era..." he said as multiple screens appear showing parts of the world each with a person finding or holding a deck

Over somewhere a man with a black jacket and sunglass walk until he stops and takes off his glass "something coming" he said this as mirror monsters surrounded him he then pulls a black box with a bat symbol on it

KAMEN RIDER he said as he transforms into wing night

Over at a apartment a man with brown hair stop what he was doing as he looks at a wall you "feel that" until he then look at a mirror showing a red dragon (that look a bit like Dragon Draco had but with no wings) the dragon roar as the man turn to face another window to the city "something coming" he said as the dragon roar in agreement .

The scene change as color comets land in different part of the world

DAY 1 log end… as the logo of Kamen rider dragon appears in the bottom of the right screen


It shows me watching a video of a man in bat-like armor taking down the mirror monster with his bike

Mirror world the adventures of the Kamen riders!

"Ahhh" it then shows me being blasted by a man wearing armor like a bull "I get that card"

Kamen Riders? Henshin? Cards? and battle?