It's been a few days as Kamen rider Drago and I had a few battles after squid with mirror monster but nothing else as I had only one thought on my head... "WHY IS DRAGO WRITING DRACO," I said as I look at how my rider name looked in writing form. I then turn and look at a news article

witness to monster attack saved by Mask hero

while I was fighting some mirror monster some of them had exited the Mirrors forcing me to fight in the open as I had saved a news reporter who was abducted by mirror world as it showed burry images of me fighting

see every since I Became a Kamen rider I had Research and investigated anything related to Kamen rider

as there been reports on Mask Hero spotted over the world

there a new crab rider in Florida and a scorpion rider spotted in New york...

I then scroll down to the Connecticut article I was reading and as I and pictures of different riders all burry as I read another article and saw images of a green rider burry fighting a mirror monster and saving the person taking the photo I then turn away from my laptop as I look at my deck "What am I going to do" I said to myself as let out a sigh

"They got I picture of me... and it only a matter of time before the government or any secret agents go looking for riders," I said as I imaged the government trying to study me and my deck or trying to capture me

"not only that but there also other riders who might want to fight me and now that there a picture of me as Drago there a chance that there a rider that now knows That I exist " as I let out another sigh... thankful I had not encountered other riders after my battle with squid ink the first... but I know it's only a matter of time before I encounter other riders... thankfully the rider that nearby seems friendly as there seems to be saving people... 'so far I been lucky as I have relied on cards and last-second planning, the only training I had on weapons was using sticks in my back yard and pretend there were swords and play fight with a friend when I was younger, well today I practice on mirror monsters but that only going to help me so far ' I said as I look at my deck and the cards I had and every time I Was close to dyeing I had the right cards to get me out.

I then thought of my problem or restricting,' that I can't use the previews cards that I have if I use a new one meaning that if I used {heal} at the start of a battle and then use a new card then I can't use heal anymore untile I transformed back or the battle is over, also I can't scan the card over and over on my deck but I can with my sword or visor,' I thought as I had tested the cards and deck in my spare time as there a cooldown on the deck scanning when I use the same card over and over, but not with my sword with I'm still trying to think of a name and so far came up with Drake-saber, anyway there no cooldown on the sword as it seems that the scanning feature in the deck was not meant to be the primary way to use the ride-cards with slove being the visor card the cooldown problem but if I get disarmed and my sword is taking from me, then I would have to deal with the cooldown

I take a look at the cards

Ride-card wing

Ride-card Visor,

Ride-card shield

Ride-card weapon (with I found out it make any weapon I can think of but none had a slot for cards)

Ride-card blast

Ride-card slash

Ride-card Drago-Rise

Ride-card power

Ride-card clone

Ride-card heal

ten cards I thought as I look at them before DragWing ate the cards I then read the news report on the green rider he seemed nice as he was reported to help people


"Got to get to work," I said as I went to my bathroom to find a mirror as I tap the faceplate of my deck which was now on my belt


"ok I wing it," I said as entered the mirror as my armor formed around me I then get my sword


I found my self in a warehouse as I saw the card on a pilar I then quickly see mirror monsters and get to work as I slash the closer one on the left as I then shoot another one close to the one I slash as I was taking down a few mirror monster with difficult as one throw a disk projectile at me causing me to fall on the ground as a few mirror monster start to surround me

I then scan a card

ride card clone

suddenly clones of me appeared as I grab my sword as I blast the one who had thrown me the disk causing it to spark as I rushed at him

when suddenly one gets shot down as we see The Corba rider

"another Kamen rider !" Drago as he waves his hand at the new rider... the rider then shoots him down and stabs Drago leaving sparks as he falls down

"Destroy," the Coba rider said as his eyes glow purple holding his staff at Drago

"ahhh" I said as I look at the Rider who stared back with cold glare that could kill.

"we're Kamen riders why do we have to fight?" I said to him but he ignored it.

I then turn my sword into a gun and fired a couple of shots at him as he was sightly pushed back as I then turn my gun back into a sword and slashed at him as he blocks it with his staff and then swiftly kick me in the stomach knocking me back into the ground.

I scanned a card.

Ride card: clone

suddenly three copies of me appeared and all swing their swords at the snake rider as he blocked them all with his staff shocking me, two copy then step back as they then fired at him causing sparks as the Cobra rider then kicks the third copy holding him down as he spins his staff blocking some of the shots and even refecting two of them to my clones hurting them.

he then pulled out a card.

Ride card: shield

a cobra head shield then appeared in his arm as he stops a swing from clone three with it.

suddenly he presses a button on his staff and it became a sword as he stabs clone three causing the clone to disappear.

the cobra rider then tap the head of his staff

Serpentine slash

This causes his blade on the staff to glow as he then went and sliced another clone easily and then turned his staff into a sniper gun and shot the last clone with green bullets causing him to disappeared. all the while I grab the card from the pillar which shows a clock and a rider.

he then shot me then kick me to the ground I try to punch him to which he blocks and gives a devastating punch back leaving me out of breath.

'he too fast and better at fighting than me' I thought as he was like a machine as I realized that I was out of my league against him as all the attacks I gave did nothing.

but what I don't have in fighting skill I make up in tricks as I was about to scan the card until a footstep on my hand and a felt a grip from the cobra Rider with one holding the hand that I have the card and the other chocking me.

I drew my gun from my other hand and shot at his head as I pressed my belt.

Draconic strike

suddenly a red aura filled me as slashed at him with the sword freeing me from and punched him and then moved my free hand to scan the card as I deliver a kick at his stomach.

Ride card: Time

suddenly everything was frozen as I look around and got myself free from cobra as I grab my gun and then turn it back into a sword.

I then slashed at the cobra rider as was he was frozen as in real-time I looked like a blur as I raced over and around him slashing and kicking him the card effect suddenly stop as the cobra rider was sent back very far as he crashed to the ground.

Drago Then grab my sword and set it to the gun mode and fired several blasts at him only for the rider to block some with his staff.

I then tap the Dragon head.

Dragonic Strike

I ran with a red aura as a jump and did a flying kick at him but soon he did the same as he tapped his deck too.

Serpentine Strike

he then spun his staff before he was covered in a green aura almost shape like a snake as he raced towards me as we did our powered kicks.

A red dragon and a green serpent were briefly seen before both kicks connect, soon he thrust his staff at me as in the last second as I fire a shot with my visor as an explosion occurred sending us both to the ground, I landing on my back while the other rider hitting a Piller, seemingly doing nothing on him.

I try to stand up but I fall down in pain as the Cobra rider stood with his staff as he covered his injured part with his hand he looked at me before he suddenly stopped.

"Enough Serpent we got the data we need, you get back to base"

soon the cobra rider walked away as I was left alone.

"Who are you?" I said standing up with my sword as he was silent.

"Kamen Rider Serpent," the rider said as he limps away in a mirror.

"Serpent?" I said as I fell on the ground as I return to civilian form as Dragwing soon whimper at my injuries before handing me the heal ride card.

I soon return home before using the heal card as I sat tired as I fell in bed.

"I transformed back after I got really hurt, am lucky to be alive," I said as I looked at Dragwing playing with my cat.

Next time in Kamen Rider Drago

This is so cool I said looking at a video of Marvel's Spider-man PS4

"A new unclaim Deck?" a person in a lab said looking at a screen.

"A new rider" a man watching the screen said as new armor is equipped on as someone on the screen transforms

"spider... Henshin"

soon a black and purple rider in a spider theme suit is shown.

swapping decks, webbing into action! Kamen Rider Arachno!

"Let's web it," the new rider said.