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In the Galaxy there's only one ruler of Cosmos that's only the blood of Lunar royalty...That's the mother of the legendary guardian that have defeated the powerful Chaos that wanted a true star seed...Therefore we all know all about the legend of powerful sailor guardian, Sailor Moon. But this story isn't...This is a very ancient legend that have no longer existed, it faded away many millennia years ago...This is a story about the Queen Serenity.

"Oh you got to be kidding! Sailor Sun, we are going to be late at the sailor guardian's meeting again!" A certain woman yelled. Her looks is very beautiful, that is slender with fair skin and bright silver eyes. She has long silvery-white hair done up in odangos. She has a golden-colored crescent moon on her forehead, which is the mark of the Silver Millennium itself and the royal family's symbol. Her dress resembles a sailor fuku and it has a white collar, short yellow sleeves with wings, and in the middle of the skirt underneath a broach that looks like the broach that she wears below her collar. Both of the broaches have a yellow star on them and wings attached to the right and left sides, with the broach above the ribbons having two white ribbons coming out of it. The colors represent the it form : white for Cosmos/Moon. Her footwear consists of white high-heeled shoes with wings. Additionally, her accessories consists of the aforementioned broaches, a moon tiara with white beads, a white choker with a sliver-colored crescent moon in the middle, white barrettes. She also dons a long white cape.

"Well! It's your fault! You overslept, again." A young woman deadpanned in annoyance. Her looks is very beautiful, but deadly. She has long, wavy, hair which is golden orange and gradates into a bright red as a sun. Her sailor suit colored like a sun. It's quite similar to Sailor Venus, but different it's more like a sun. She wears a sun crown like she is a queen of the sun.

"Serenity and, uh, Kakyuu your LATE!" Adviser scolded.

"Oh sh—!" Kakyuu jumped in shock. "I didn't see that coming."

"Heh heh..." Serenity chuckled nervously. "Oops?"

The adviser scowled.


"Seriously?!" Serenity whined unladylike.

Adviser give Serenity a warning look.

"How dare you behave yourself a fool!? Your a crown princess! Your coming of ages of the Queen is near young lady!" Adviser scolded. "I've been training you for few thousand years (This meant that she have been training to be a crown queen since she was nine hundred years old ((nine years old in Earth years)) now she is twenty one thousand years old ((twenty one years old in Earth years)) since the millennium ruler can lasted about many millennia until the heir become a rightful age of a queen. It might be way too different than original, but hey it's my story! ^_^ )

Serenity groaned for that reminder.

"Screw that." Serenity muttered, fortunately her advisor didn't hear that expect for her childhood friend who snickered.

Hey readers! ^_^ I'm so sorry this is short...Although this is only prologue! Don't worry about any short chapters in the next future chapters of this story! =_= I wrote this story many years ago when I first saw Sailor Moon that become my childhood's hero. I thought about Princess Serenity's mother, Queen Serenity when I was younger. Far I know that there's no fanfiction about Princess Serenity's mom. Be warned, this fanfiction is way different from the story! ...I really hope you guys enjoy this fanfiction! :-)

Peace out!