We left the house and started walking in the direction of the neighborhood park that was only a few blocks away. It was cool outside, but to me, it was much colder than it seemed. My breath visible due to the cold weather and my occasional shiver altered Michael's attention, putting his arm around my waist, pulling me closer to his chest. To be honest I was freaking out on the inside. I felt like a little girl who just got her crush to hug her.

"You get cold very easily?"

"Yea, me and the cold have a love and hate relationship."

We were now entering the park which happened to be surrounded by woods. It was really sketchy and dark, anything could happen here. The news loves to scare the living crap out of people with incidents of recent kidnappings and killings that happen at night.

"You sure it's safe to be out here so late at night? I wouldn't want us to get jumped by anybody," I let a small laugh slip from my lips.

"Don't worry. If anything harms you, I'll kill them," he said, looking me in the eyes. "Do you feel safe with me?"

His eyes put me in an instant trance, making me feel comfortable and safe. These feelings that were swirling inside of me had resurfaced. I developed a crush when I first met him, but I started to see him less and I thought that small crush would go away. But the feelings never went away they were just lying dormant inside of me.

"Of course, but I'm pretty sure I can protect myself. I'm not really afraid of anything," I say, pridefully.

Michael then stopped gripping my waist tighter. I stop as well, looking at him confused. He let go of me and started to walk off towards the woods surrounding the park.

"Michael?! Hey, what are you doing?"

"You don't hear that?" he said, but he kept walking further away from me.

His figure was starting to disappear from my sight, so I ran to get closer to him. But I wasn't fast enough. The darkness consumed him and I was left alone. It started to get colder and the closer I got to the woods the darker and scarier it got. This couldn't be happening right now. Reaching the edge of the woods I try peering through the shrubs and trees that blocked my sight. I really didn't want to go in there.

"Michael! Come on, this isn't funny," I say, too absorbed in my own thoughts on what to do. I touch something that didn't feel like a branch. I look down to see a snake as dark as the night sky. I scream jumping away from the slithery creature into something hard. I turn around to see Michael, a cheeky smile on his face. Instead of yelling at him, I grab and pull him in a hug.

"I was so worried about you. I thought you were hurt. You scared me!"

"I thought you didn't get scared."

"I didn't really mean it! That doesn't mean you have to scare the living crap out of me. Don't get me started on the— "

His fingers touched my cheek and calmly caresses my cheek. I shut my mouth, not expecting the sudden action. His other hand grabbed my waist to pull me closer. Our faces were only a few inches apart, I could feel the warmth of his breath on my face. This was all so new to me I didn't know what to do. He seemed to realize that and took the first step. When our lips met, at that moment, I knew I would be forever his and nothing was going to change that. Parents always say that your first love won't be your last, but I disagree. I may have only known him for a few months, but his hold on my heart was beginning to tighten. I was at his mercy and he knew it.

I was slowly losing air so I broke the kiss to take a breath. I took my arms and wrapped them around his waist laying my head on his chest. He was my first kiss, to me this was an achievement. Yet, one question was at the forefront of my mind.

"Why?" I ask.

"Isn't it obvious? I like you, Chenoa."

"But why me? You could have any girl. I'm not special."

"You are special to me. And that is all that matters."

"Then what does that make us?" I ask, mentally facepalming myself. That was a stupid question to ask.

"This means that your mine and no one else can have you. If any man lays their eyes on you or even touches you in a way I don't like then I'll personally see to that they are dealt with," he said, a sinister smile on his face.


He chuckles and moved some hair out of my face. There was meaning behind his words that made me question him, but I left it alone not wanting to be annoying. We stayed in each other's arms not letting each other go at all. As the night grew colder I began to shiver a little, but Michael's body heat kept me somewhat warm.

"We should head back home it's getting late," I say, unlatching my arms from his body.

"Yes, I shall escort you back. So no snakes can come after you," he teased.

I playfully hit him as we walk back to our designated houses. We said our goodbyes, but not without giving each other a quick kiss. I went inside my home and went straight to my window to see him walk home. I silently screamed and did a little dance. Man, I was such a girl.

After changing into some pajamas I left my room to go check on mom. I grabbed the doorknob pushing the door slowly open to see my mother sound asleep. Her hands were tightly wrapped around a photo of my father in his younger days. I sigh, closing her door lightly so she wouldn't wake up. My father died when I was three years old in some accident. My mother never disclosed what it was, but she told me he was always with us. I was young so I didn't understand what she meant by that, but when I got older I started to see glimpses of my father throughout the house. I would tell my mother about seeing my father and she would always smile and pat my head.

I closed the door to my bedroom and flop on my bed. I put my legs under the blankets and wiggle around to get comfy. Turning on my nature music and I lay my head on my pillow closing my eyes.

Opening my eyes I look to see that I am not in my bedroom anymore. There was moonlight shining through the trees and wind blowing furiously. I didn't know where I was or what I was doing here, but I knew it was a dream. Standing up I dust leaves and pieces of sticks off myself. I could barely see anything through the trees, the darkness was all that was there the only source of light was from the moon.

Then there was this hissing coming from behind me. I instantly knew what creature was behind me and started running the opposite direction. I jumped over logs and pushed through trees branches knowing the creature was on my heels. I tripped over a tree root and fell face forward in the dirt. I groan and push myself to get back up, but it was too late. I could sense the snake was only a few feet behind, so I turn around to face it. The snake started to form into a male figure made of black mist. It reached its hand to me and I crawled back into a tree putting my hands up to shield myself. A sudden warmth emitted from my hands, looking up I see beams of white light were coming out of my hands.

The dark figured roared in pain and lunged itself at me. I pushed my hands forward the light growing stronger and brighter. The figure dissipated right in front of me and the black mist of the creature seeped into the ground disappearing. After the dark creature disappeared the trees started to fall and were consumed by the ground. All of the vegetation around me had vanished into thin air. I was now in a desert. What in heaven's name am I doing in a desert?

I caught the sounds of what resembled an eagle. My attention is taken to the skies and above me, I see a convocation of eagles. They each dived down making a circle around me. Their wings were all spread out touching each other. Everything was still and quiet. None of them made a single noise and were all staring at me. One of them broke from the circle and made its way towards me. I stood completely still not knowing what was going to happen. I kneeled in front of the bird watching it closely. This eagle was different from the others. It was bigger in size and its feathers were a darker shade of brown. The eagle's eyes were a golden amber color like mine. The one person that I could think of that had this eyes color is not in this world anymore.


The eagle made a noise as if confirming my statement. All I could do was smile. I looked around and truly saw who all of these eagles were. They were my ancestors. I brought my attention back on my eagle in front of me. We stared at each other from some time and I could feel the emotions radiating off of him. He was happy to see I could tell, but also sad.

"It's time."

His wings raised in the air and he lunged at me flying straight into my chest. An ear piercing scream shriek emits from my throat as I watched all of them enter my body. Before long there was a power that surged through my body. I laid in the sand in paralyzed and in pain.

I awoke from my dream screaming to the top of my lungs. My hands went straight to my chest. There were rapid footsteps coming from the other end of the all. The door swung open hitting the wall. My mother stood in the doorway with her gun in hand, ready to shoot. She looked around the room checking my closet before coming to me.

"Chenoa! What's going on sweetheart?"

"I-I met father. Then there was this pain in my chest," I say, still feeling the lingering pain in my chest.

My mother sat the gun down on the bed, grabbing both my hands saying," Baby. There is something I need to tell you."

"What is it, mom?"

"You have abilities that are beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature."

I stare at her absolutely puzzled by what she was talking about, but then I remember that I could sense other people's energy. Is this what she meant by abilities? Then it snapped, my mother knew all along that I had these "gifts".

"Wait, so you knew all about— "

"Yes, I knew about you sensing energy before you even figured it out. Your father knew one day your powers would awaken, but he didn't tell me it was going to happen like this."

"What? Mom, I'm so confused about what's happening to me."

"Sweetheart, I'll explain everything in the morning. You need to rest. Take the day off tomorrow and we'll talk, okay?"


She left my room closing the door behind her. I laid back down staring at the ceiling. The events of the dream running through my mind. My mind trailed back to the dark creature that attacked me in the forest. I push the image from my mind and locking it away so I wouldn't have to look at it again. I drifted off to sleep once again, dreaming of nothing.

Immediately I sit up and see the sun shining through the curtains and the gentle sounds of birds outside. Everything that happened last night never left my mind. I needed to know what that dream meant and get some answers out of my mom. Swinging my legs out of bed I put on my fluffy slippers and stretch. Making my way to the door I open it with a sense of determination. Mom has a lot of explaining to do.

I move down the stairs as fast as I could making sure I didn't trip and fall to my death. The kitchen came into view and I could see my mother sipping tea like she did every morning. Her face covered in worry as if something bad was soon to happen.


She looked at me setting her tea down on the island and smiled saying, "Chenoa, sit down. We need to talk,"

I did as I was told, sitting on one of the island chairs. I waited for her to explain, but she seemed like she was trying to find the words to start off. Mom took a deep breath and folded her hands together.

"Chenoa. What happened last night?"

"I was dreaming about being in a dark forest and this demon like creature coming after me. I was backed into a corner and I held up my hands to block the creature, but then it suddenly disappeared into thin air. Then the forest seeped into the ground and sand covered the land. There were these eagles that surrounded me. One of them was...I mean I believe it was Dad." I respond. My mother stared at me not surprised one bit by what I told her. It was like she knew everything. Taking another deep breathe she grabbed my hands in hers.

"You come from a long line of shamans and priestesses. Your father was a shaman and he had incredible abilities that not most shamans had. I, on the other hand, came from a family of priestesses. Your father and I fell in love, we wanted to start a life with each other, because he was my soulmate." she explained, smiling as if she remembered something good from her past.

"What does this have to do with me?"

Mom sighed saying, "The day you were born something amazing happened. There was this beautiful white dove that was at our window. I thought it was just a coincidence that a dove would on our window. But your father thought otherwise, he said it was a message from the divine. That you were important in some way. However, I didn't really understand so I left it be. Three years later your father died from unnatural causes. And then you started to show of having powers. You were moving things with your mind, seeing the future, and even talking to animals. I knew I had to keep your powers hidden from other people and those who would try to use your gifts for evil. So I used my powers to bind yours until it was time for you to know about them. Yet, it seems your father had other plans. He himself awakened them, there must be a reason though I am not sure."

After listening to my mother's speech it took me a minute to comprehend what she said. I was some magical child that was important somehow but didn't know what for. But surprisingly I was calm. In all honesty, I was completely excited and couldn't wait to learn more.

"Then what is my purpose?"

"Your purpose will become clear to you, Chenoa. All I know is that you're going to do something great and I'll be proud of you always."

I got off my seat and hugged my mother. We hugged each other for quite some time not letting go of each other. If I was meant for something great then I needed to be ready for it. Though the problem is, I don't know where to start.