Takes Place After My Mario X Peach wedding story. Enjoy.

Luigi continued to fiddle with his tie as he looked at himself in the mirror. Instead of his traditional green shirt and overhauls, the younger Mario bros worse a pair of grey pants, a green vest, white polo, a black tie, blue sneakers, and a green stocking cap with his L emblem. He smiled at his reflection, then he walked over to his nightstand and picked up a small baseball shaped box. Opening the top revealing a golden ring. The ring had been designed like a daisy, and the center contained a yellow diamond. Today was the day Luigi had decided to ask Daisy to marry him.

The younger Mario brother had been debating it for a long time, especially after his older twin and Princess Peach were married. Now it was his turn to ask the girl of his dreams to become his wife. There was only one problem, Luigi wasn't sure how to go about it. He wanted to make the proposal special for Daisy, something for her to remember.

"Hey, Weeige!"

Luigi Jumped scrambling to keep a hold on the proposal box and ring. He caught it, sighed in relief, then turned to see the intruder was none other than his brother, and the Mushroom Kingdom King, Mario.

"What the heck bro!" Luigi Glares.

"Heh, sorry bro." Mario apologized and rubbed his head meekly, "When I saw you weren't in your room, I figured you'd be out here."

"What made you think I saw out here?" Luigi questioned.

"Luigi, our living arrangements might different, but your habits are still the same." Mario chuckled, "It's not hard to figure out that if you're not in your room or gone anywhere, you're in your workshop, which is pretty much our old house moved into the Castle gardens."

"I guess that's true," Luigi said with a small chuckle.

"So what'cha got there, baby bro?" Mario asked pointing to the baseball-shaped box.

"A proposal box of course," Luigi replied and held it up to his brother.

"Proposal box! You mean - "

"That's right," Luigi nodded and showed his brother the ring, "I want to finally ask Daisy to marry me!"

"About time bro," Mario teased as he playfully patted Luigi on the back, "But what took you so long?"

"Well aside from all of the adventures, magic, danger in our lives, you and Peach finally tying the knot, moving in, bringing our old house here, and all the changes, probably my nerves," Luigi replied.

"What do you have to be nervous about?" The older brother asked.

"I don't know," Luigi answered meekly, "I want it to be special you know, that'll amaze her."

"Or you could do what most people do and ask," Mario joked.

"But that's too simple," Luigi huffed, "I don't want it to be anything plain jane, I want it to be special."

"Luigi, in case you forgotten, my proposal to Peach wasn't exactly anything of a wow factor." Mario blushed, thinking back to his adventures in the Odyssey.

"True, but you still had a nice proposal and fireworks to go along with it." Luigi pointed out, "I just want it to be something Daisy can remember."

"Weegie," Mario said with a smile as he placed his hand on his brother's shoulder, "Be yourself and Just ask her, that's all she needs. But if you want to be a wow factor, then take her somewhere she likes; somewhere that's special for both of you."

"Special for both of us," Then it clicked, Luigi knew what to do. He put the ring in his pocket, running past his brother out the door, but turned back around to give Mario a big hug, "Thanks, Mario!" Luigi took off like a rocket after that and ran towards the gates.

"Master Luigi," One of the Guards said, seeing the green hero approaching the gate, "Are you going somewhere?"

"To meet up with Daisy," Luigi replied, "Open the gates please."

The guards complied with his request and opened them. Luigi jogged out of the castle grounds and straight towards the warp pipe to Sarasaland, determined to put his plan in motion.

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