I Own Nothing

After Vault had conscripted me into his little brigade here I found myself more lost than I had ever been before. Its been a few hours and I've been assigned to Guard duty.

I'm not a fighter I'm a Thinker and that is being Very generous! And yet I'm expected to play a role in this fucking siege against a literal fortress filled quite literally to the brim with monsters, demons and all other manner of Abominations against god?!

I haven't even gotten over the fact that I'm not 'Me' anymore! Its like somebody took my head and stuck it on some other dudes body! I feel like my life went from about a Zero on the Crazy scale to One Hundred and Thirty! I haven't even begun to remotely process the events of the last twenty four hours, and now I'm expected to partake in probably the most dangerous fight in this world.

"Ugh…" I say to the sky before putting my head in my hands "I don't understand any of this." I say hopelessly into my hands before rubbing my face a little bit. I remove my hands from my face and begin looking at the massive black citadel that will most likely be my final resting place. I was going to die tomorrow. Die at the hands of some monster fresh out of hell. Maybe I could run away in the night? No, that wouldn't work, I'd be lost for days, and if I didn't die from dehydration, a beast might make me its snack. "I'm going to die." I said to myself. This entire situation is just-

"You can't die yet!"

"FUCK!" I shouted loudly as I jumped out of my own skin "Who the hell are you?!" I asked in surprise to the White haired man next to me, he wore a noble attire, but his right side was orange, while the left side was purple. He leaned on a black cane that had three screaming faces on the tip. He looked familiar, right on the tip of my tongue, but the name didn't come to me.

"Shhh! Be quiet! You'll wake the grass!" He said pushing a finger against my lips, but I quickly bat his hand away, making him frown

I was both alarmed and confused now, wonderful. "What are you talking about?! There is no grass here!" I said gesturing to the lifeless land around me. "Now who are you?! How did you even get here?!" I asked all but demanding him to answer.

He shrugged "That's a matter of perspective. It was here before at one point in time, just not now." He said calmly and in a cheery voice "And you already know who I am you whining beetle! Don't you remember when we first met or did you lose a part of your mind when I snapped your head off that stick you called a body?"

"I've never met you before in my life! And what do you mean you snapped my head off?! Its still attached to my body!" I countered, or tried to.

"Actually that body belongs to the Know-it-all Hermy Mora." He said flippantly, but I found myself a bit more confused. Hermy Mora? Who the flying fuck is Hermy Mora?

"Who the hell is Hermy Mora?!" I ask getting a bit pissed off "And you still haven't told me who you are!"

The strange man rolled his eyes "Hermaous Mora, Prince of knowledge and Secrets. You know the one; with all the tentacles and eyes just floating about. You should remember him, you've only dealt with him so many times that I wouldn't be surprised if you got together for evening brunch!"

Hermaous Mora? But that's an Elder Scrolls character, a Daedric Prince no less.

I wanted to call this guy a fool because, Mora is by all means fictional but then again I am in a rather dirty world that I had believed to be fictional not even a full twenty four hours ago. But if Hermaous Mora is a 'Real' thing, then who is this guy? I can only think of one person that fits his description but then that'd …

Oh shit this is who i think it is isn't it?

An old coot, dressed half in orange and half in purple. Speaking in nonsense and mad enough to call a Deadric Prince by a nickname like 'Hermy'. "I can see that brick in your skull rolling." The strange man said as a smug smile appeared on his face.

My eyes widen as the realization comes to me "Y-You're Sheogorath?" I asked hesitantly.

"Deadric Prince of Madness, Insanity, Dementia and Ruler of the Madhouse." The mad God said with an extravagant bow. "Took you long enough to realize. I though I might have needed to spell it out for with your bones."

I was speechless for a moment just gawking at the Deadric Prince. As if shit couldn't get any stranger the universe pulls this shit on me. "But you're just a character in a game aren't you? You shouldn't exist!" I said more to myself than him, I was already had enough to be stressed about, I did NOT need dealing with a daedra who could turn my mind to mush with a simple wave of the hand added to that list!

The mad prince just shrugged "Oh Who is to say who should and shouldn't exist? What is a fantasy for someone is a reality for another. Don't have a fit over it." the mad god said simply "That book "The Lusty Argonian Maid" was written by a pervert with a lizard fetish, but you don't have to be a Deadric Prince to know that somewhere an unlucky Argonian is living that exact life with her Master." The mad prince explained. And in a weird way he had a point. "Anyways! You can't die Yet! The First act hasn't even started and you're already afraid for your life!"

"What are you talking about?" I asked confused. First Act? The hell is he talking about?

"The First act! The real war hasn't even started yet! I want to see families ripped apart, widows and sons swear vengeance, Husbands and daughters driven to the point of insanity because they lost their loved ones! The trauma of war to rip even the strongest of Sanities into shreds!" Sheogorath ranted, "I gave you the body, the power to put up a good fight damn it! If I found out my minimum effort was wasted I'll drag your soul down to the Asylums for a Cheese celebration!" The mad god threatened, but I was left somehow more confused than I was before.

But the threat itself wasn't lost on me "What do you want me to do?" I asked him with some resignation, I may not be a very smart man, but I know not to piss off the guy who'll drop me from about 5000 feet in the air if I get on his bad side.

"Oh don't be a sour sausage, its easy! I just want you to keep this pot stirring for a while. I'd threaten your life but you're already afraid of death! So how about I threaten your sanity instead?" The mad prince offered in a darker voice

Now my fear has become absolutely crushing "What do you mean?" I asked as my own breathing got faster without me realizing it.

"What, what, what! Is that the only thing you know how to say mortal?! Must I tear out your Larynx and manually expand your vocabulary?!" The Prince of Insanity yelled at me, and in turn made me cower just a bit.

"Sorry! Sorry! I'm just trying to get a grasp on everything is all!" I apologized bowing and averting my gaze away.

"Get a grasp on things?!" The madman yelled "I AM SHEOGORATH! YOU'LL HAVE BETTER LUCK GRASPING SMOKE THAN YOU WILL HAVE GRASPING ME!" He began to shout

I am glad I had an empty bladder otherwise I might have pissed myself right then "Sorry! I apologize it wasn't right to say that!"

"Its okay, mortal. Just be more considerate of the Prince of Madness next time." Shegorath said before patting my head like a I was a small child "All you gotta as of you is to fight a war where the odds are stacked so incredibly high against you that it doubles the length of the World. Easy peasy lemon squeezie."

I really wanted to tell him that is that he is wrong. A war is never easy! And knowing my own chance of winning out of reach it might as well be put at the very top of the Throat of the World! does me NO favors! But I'm pretty sure I'm treading on thin ice with the Insane god right now as is. "I… Alright." I accepted reluctantly. But what choice did i have really? Between accepting this impossible task and not, I'm going to pick the one that I know keeps me away from the Wabbajack!

With my agreement, the mad Prince smiled wickedly "Excellent! And here I thought I might need to stab hooks into your hands and play with you like a puppet to make you work for me." Sheogorath said before putting an arm around me "Now as fun as this talk was, I can't stay too long or else the other princes might start missing me, but know this Mortal: I will be watching you progress very, very closely." He said in a lower voice before vanishing in a puff of smoke.

With the Prince of madness gone for now I had some time to reevaluate what I knew. That and to try and comprehend that not only am I in a Hentai, but apparently I've been put here by the Deadric Prince of Mania and Dementia. A fact that in and of itself is difficult to comprehend, considering up until a little while ago I considered him fictional. But then again I am in a world I had also considered fictional, so you know what? Maybe its not that hard to believe, but that doesn't change the the fact that this entire thing feels surreal to me.

So, to recap: I'm in a Hentai, This body isn't mine, The Daedric Prince of Madness wants me to prolong the war that's going to happen, I've got about a snowflakes chance in hell to actually survive, let alone win, and my entire understanding of real vs fiction has been shattered like cheap glass.


With an sigh I decided to take a seat on the ground. I'm not sure what time it is, but I'm feeling kind of tired, and without much to occupy my time Its a bit difficult to stay awake. "Well James, you're waist deep in it now." I say to myself before giving that massive black spire another look, "I'm not even sure how long I'm supposed to fight it, month? A year? A decade? And that's assuming I don't just die tomorrow." I look back down to the horizon. With a deep breath I mutter a small prayer "If there is any other gods out there, Aeadra and anyone else listening to me, Please help me." I ask, but knowing my voice has fallen on deaf ears.

Oh god what am I gonna do?

*The next morning*

I was relieved of duty part way through the night, mainly so I could get some rest. And while I was tired, sleep managed to elude me. I stayed up last night trying to come up with a plan, some kind of way to actually fight Vault, but unfortunately all my plans were deemed failures because of facts I had little real control over.

The first of which was I couldn't figure out North and South. I'd use the Sun to help but considering I can't see the fucking thing; figuring out north and south became a bit harder. Maybe I could find a compass, but until I have one, figuring out where to go is a problem I don't have an answer for. Another thing is WHERE would I go? I myself can only recall a few places that could be considered 'safe' but all of them fall in the end one way or another. Either because they get overrun, betrayed, or didn't go all out against their enemies, hell even the debatably safest one Surrenders without so much as an actual fight.

My next issues is the fact that my only way to defend myself is by Shouting. I'd be okay if I knew more than a few Shouts by heart. Unrelenting Force, Flame Breath, Whirlwind Sprint and the first word of Become ethereal and Slow Time. A decent few shouts, and I'm sure if I really tried I could remember others, but right now the words of power seem to elude me. Other than my own voice I've got a sword that is more or less just for show because I don't know how to use it beyond 'Swing, Swing, Stab'.

"Alright Pups! Get over here!" I heard Vault call out, interrupting my train of thought. And like a bunch of these other 'people' I approach Vault. I hesitate to call these Mercenaries people because I know that soon enough their true colors are going show and when that happens I have to stop seeing them as people, otherwise I'll only hesitate when it matters.

"Alright newbies, we just want to make sure everyone knows what they are going to be doing." Said a guy in a Green open vest and brown pants… what was his name again? Ficks? Jicks? Hicks? "Me, Vault, Kin and all the other senior members will go and have a little 'chat' with all of the Monster Chiefs, that should keep attention away from you newbies so you can go and capture Olga Discordia."

My eyes widen a bit at that "Wait, wait, wait! You're sending us to capture the big boss lady herself?! That's suicide isn't it?!" I ask in a somewhat vain protest.

"Not exactly." Says Kin as he enters the tent, "Sorry for interrupting Hicks," Oh, thats his name. "But capturing the Dark Queen is simultaneously the easiest and most vital task."

"Really? Mind exposing how its the easiest task?" I ask crossing my arms.

Kin Smiled at my question "Simple. From what the scouts say she has sent all of the Servants away to some unknown place. The only creatures we'll find in there are the Dark Queen herself and her Minions. While we engage the main force through the citadel, you lot are going to have a clear path to the Queen." He says

I on the other hand roll my eyes "Because GETTING to the sorceress who can make that pillar of hate is going to be the hard part." I said sarcastically as I pointed to the Dark tower that was scrapping against the sky.

"Getting there is the hard part." Kin confirmed, much to my surprise. "While we keep the Monsters busy you'll need to reach her before they have the chance to get in your way. But once you reach her you'll need to exercise some caution. She may be weak, but that does not mean she won't be able to kill you if you are careless." The mage warned "But if you are light on your feet and fight with your head then you should be just fine."

Well, I don't know about you but I feel reassured. "So to recap, you guys are going to be fighting the dumb brutes and other such spawns of hell while the green as grass recruits get to fight the lady that literally made the worlds monster population serve her loyally for the past however many years?"

Hicks and Kin gave each other a glance "Well of course it sounds bad when you put it like that." Hicks says simply

"That's cause it is a bad! It is the worst plan I've ever heard!" I say a bit distressed. it is essential suicide!

"But it is the one we will be using." Said Vault as he entered the open tent. "Don't worry Pup, knocking out a Dark Elf bitch is far easier than murdering Orcs and Ogres."

I can't help but glare at the Black Dog leader "I'm not too sure about that. Last time I checked only a few people could use Magic. And from what I've heard The Dark Elf Queen is among the best, maybe even the top ten in the world." Actually I didn't know if that was true or not on both fronts. I'm not sure if magic is commonplace or not, and but I was confident that Olga was among the most powerful mages. Or was at the very least.

Vault snickers at my statement "She won't be once you slap this on her neck." He said raising a small brown and silver collar with a smooth red gemstone in the front "This here is a Magical Absorption Device. Slap this on her and she'll find herself powerless, and in less than a week most of her power will be gone." Vault said before tossing it at me.

I barely managed to catch it, "How am I going to do that? Ask nicely?"

"I'm sure between you and the rest of the Rookies, you'll figure something out." He says before his smile vanished from his face, "Anyways Kin, Hicks. Its time to march." He tells the two before turning to me "Alright Pup, your group is going to be following close behind mine. I'll escort you guys as far as I can but be warned, if you lag behind, or a Demon grabs you that I will not come back. I… We cannot afford to stop moving." He tells me. I noticed that he had to remind himself to say 'We'.

Good to know he's willing to abandon his guys. Fucking leader of the year over here. "Noted." I replied simply, simultaneously pocketing the Magical collar and walking away, grabing a spare long sword on my way out of camp.

Time to march to my death.

God, Akatosh, The Flying Spaghetti Monster, and whoever the fuck is listening to me, please watch out for me.

Later on

I followed my 'Group' as best I could,

A lot of them were as you would expect from walking embodiments of everything that is wrong with the Human Race. Monsters just warring the skin of mankind. Some tried to talk to me but I decided to ignore them; If I wanted to be friends with Trash, I'd hang around dumpsters.

Anyways we marched right up to the massive door. I was wondering how we were going to get in, only to be answered when a little green goblin opened the door "Ah, Vault here! Finally!" It said pulling the doors open enough for us to enter. "The creatures loyal to the Queen are in position Usurper! The ones on your side have made themselves scarce, only thing left now is to thin out herd!" It said in its creepy little voice.

I was about to ask what's going on, they're betraying her? I can't recall if How Olga lost, only that she did.

Unfortunatly before i could, the words died in my throat as the little green freak got a knife through its Skull. By the one and only Captain Asshole. "HA!" Vault laughed "so it seems our job here will be easier than i had expected! The Dark Queen's reign ends today men!" He exclaimed before the Dark elf Knight began retreating from the massive force that The Black Dogs were. "Well you know the Plan Dogs! Show these beasts no mercy! But take that Dark Elf Whore alive!" He shouted, raising his great sword and pointing it onward. While a lot of the senior members charged forward cutting down the Monsters in the way Vault turned to my little "'pack' "Today you prove yourselves to my Company. You will achieve victory or death! Now let's move!" He shouted

But as soon as he did I got pushed to the floor and nearly trampled.

While I was on the ground I heard hundreds of people run past me, their steps like a thousand off beat drums all playing at once. I tried to force myself to my feet, but every time I did someone decided to use my back like a springboard. After a bit they stopped running past me, I managed to get up, but man was that a fight. I knew these guys were the walking embodiment of cuntiness, but am still surprised by new acts of jackassery.

Looking back up at where my 'Comrades' are I can see they've already reached the stairs. Well, they did say that if someone went down they weren't going to stop for em, still the fuckers left me behind! Then again they are charging headfirst into monsters in fortified positions, so you know what? Thank you for knocking me over.

I start following them and let me just say, CHRIST ALIVE! This place absolutely massive. I'm on the ground floor and this thing stretches for miles into the sky!

Oh fuck I'm going to have to climb this thing aren't I?

Yes… yes I am.

With a sigh I start ascending this first staircase up to the higher levels, all the wile I hear sounds of fighting in the rooms off to the sides as I climb staircase after staircase, floor after floor. Then I began finding bodies, Ghouls and goblins cut into ribbons, men torn apart and crushed and each just as dead as the last. Intestines ripped out, legs torn from bodies, faces torn off and heads crushed were just a few of the gruesome deaths I found.

The sight of the mangled corpses made me feel sick and the stench of death in the air made me wanna hurl. And unfortunately for me, this wouldn't be the last time I was going to be surrounded by bodies, a fact that I've quickly come to dread. I was going to be seeing more bodies, and all I could hope was that I grew used to it soon.

Pushing my disgust and bile back down my throat and pressed on. Remaining back, while preferable, is probably going to send red flags to Vault which would most likely lead to me finding an unmarked grave in the middle of nowhere.

So yeah, double time.

I begin pushing further and further up the massive staircase, and in a not so silent complaint "Fuck these stairs!" I said to myself as I took a rest, "I would've thought by now you would have created an elevator, or escalator or something!" I whined. I'm as fit as the next guy but god damn Is this some Grade A horse shit!

"That is because it was meant to wear out would be attackers Human." Replied more Feminine voice than I had expected.

With a slow turn I face whomever spoke and… and…


Pale blond hair in a slightly off center ponytail, Pointed ears, a nice hourglass figure, tan skin with her private areas all but uncovered in that Dark Blue outfit that she wore and Ruby eyes filled with more hate and rage than words can convey. Attractive didn't even begin to accurately describe her, Hot doesn't even properly convey it, and Sexy is simply too weak of a word to define what I am gazeing at. This lady was without a doubt Chloe, Olga's most trusted servant, former slave and she… is…is…





Although if Chloe is anything to go by, I look forward to seeing other characters in this series.

I mean just imagine how Olga will look?

Imagine Celestine …

No! Stop dirty thoughts! Life and death situation right now! Lewd thoughts when I'm not in danger!

"Umm… H - Hello." I say somewhat hesitantly to the Dark Elf standing a few steps lower than me. "My name is James…" I offer nervously, she didn't reply with words and instead thought a glare was an adequate response. And considering everything I know about her and her hatred for men in general, it is fitting that she regarded me with absolute disdain.

But unfortunatly I now had to come up with an escape from this situation. Chloe is a skilled fighter from what i understand, (not that they really made an effort to show that) andI knew she'd be here somewhere, she is one of the first two captured and broken after all. I just didn't expect to meet here face to face before the inevitable victory. She continues her hard gaze at me, neither moving or responding, so I try to speak again "So…" I start to say as I try and stall for time to figure a way out of this 'Encounter' "How are you?" I ask patheticly, 'How are you?' James come on you can do better than that!

She scoffs at my question "Spare me the pleasantries you Filthy Human." She told me as she drew two curved short swords from their scabbards on her hips "I will not let a single one of you and your Damn band of pigs get within ten feet of My Queen."

"Then why aren't you ahead of us?" I ask trying to buy some time to think, I could always shout? But that runs the risk of inflicting potentially fatal damage. Throwing someone down some stairs is never a safe thing to do. And I'm going to refrain from trying to burn someone alive right now.

Chloe smiles at me "Because the weakest are found at the back." She said before rushing me.

In response my body instinctively dodged to the side to avoid her attack, "Okay! We're fighting now!" I say to myself as I try to put distance between myself and the deadly Dark Elf. After i deem the distance good enough I drew the sword on my hip. While I prepare to defend myself I watch as she gets into a new fighting stance. Ah, fuck this was bad! I didn't want to fight her! Hell I barely got out of the way of her first attack, what hope do I have to go toe to toe with her?!

"You're quick for a Human. But don't think that will be enough to save you from me." The young Dark elf told me as she prepared to strike again,

"That is a fact I am well aware of. I'm honestly surprised that I managed to dodge you at all to be perfectly honest." I replied simply before running up the stairs, in an attempt to reach a level floor. I barely managed to avoid her the first time she attacked me, I doubt I'll manage to recreate that same luck unless I'm somewhere I can stand evenly.

And just as i expected, Chloe followed me. To my surprise she closed the distance faster than i expected her to. "I will see to it that it was a one time occurrence!" She told me before swiping at my rear end. I knew she missed, but i felt it slice the air directly behind me!

Thankfully I managed to get to the next floor, and even ground. What I did not realise however was that while it was good for me to have even ground beneath my feet, it put her at the advantage. How? Well now she didn't have to try not to trip and lose footing on the stairs, meaning she just got a whole lot more maneuverable. I only had the briefest of moments to get my bearings before I felt a sharp pain spread down my back "SSSSSSSSHIT!" I hissed in pain as instinctively reached for the new wound. I turned to face my attacker, only to watch her flick my blood off her curved sword

"I believe I said I wouldn't miss again." She said simply,

I glared at her. This is bad; my first fight and I'm already losing! I have no chance in a straight fight, I have to be- "GAHK!" I made a strange noise as my thought was interrupted when I received a fist to my face that sent me sprawled onto my back! "Ow!" I said while rubbing my the pain out of my nose, and wiping the blood now leaking from my lip "That was a cheap sh-" I once again began speaking only to get kicked in the head as I sat up "ARGH! FUCK!" I yelled out as I flopped over onto my hands and knees

The dark elf stared at my pitiful form "I knew Humans were Pathetic, but by you are single handedly the most pathetic member of your entire race that I have ever had the pleasure of killing." Chloe says as I begin to stand back up onto my two feet.

I wipe more blood from my busted lip and begin nursing my forehead. "You can kick really hard, you know that?" I asked.

Chloe stared at me for a moment while I tried to regain focus… and boy was that hard now that my head felt like I got kicked by a horse. "As entertaining a punching bag you make I cannot allow you to desecrate this fortress further. Pray to whatever gods you wish, you will be seeing them soon enough." She told me before rushing me again. Only this time she wasn't just aiming to cut me.

She was aiming to take my damn head off!

Instinct overpowered rational thought as I opened my mouth and Shouted


As soon as the word was spoken, it immediately had an effect.

My body became a transparent blue and incorporeal, my vision was tinted blue and I watched as Chloe's expression changed from one of cold hatred to surprise as she passed right through me and stumbled for a moment, not expecting to have passed straight through me.

And let me tell you, feeling someone walk through you is Fucking weird.

I grasped at my own chest in response to feeling her go through me like a cloud of blue mist, it felt like a bunch people were poking my torso at the same time. It wasn't enough to hurt me or anything really, but it did surprise me enough to make me recoil. "W…What is…" I hear Chloe ask as she tries to process what had just occurred.

However I realise that I might have been gawking at myself for a little to long as I blink once and suddenly I can see colors again.

Naturally Chloe noticed this too and wasted no time knocking me to the ground and putting her blade to my throat "What was that?" She asked in a growl pressing the short sword deep into my throat.

And in my fear I told her "It was a Shout!"

"What is a Shout?" The Dark elf assassin asked leaning closer to my face and god damn was she sexy…

Wait, no, bad! Focus on not dying! "Its an ability that The Dragonborn has!" I answered

Chloe stared at me for a good little while, maybe trying to determine if I am lying? I'm not sure.

After an uncertain amount of time the blade on my throat was removed and I took a breath of relief.

Unfortunately that breath was short lived as I received a powerful punch to the face that made staying conscious real difficult.


I woke up being dragged across the ground by my foot by something much bigger than me.

"Put him in that damn cage and then back to your post, you damn pig." I heard a familiar feminine voice order.

The beast dragging me grunted in response to the order but nonetheless took me into a stone cell with iron bars blocking my exit.

It dropped my foot but my voice could only make a groan in response to my foot landing on the stone. "Now get back to work beast. The less time I spend around your kind the better." I heard Chloe say as I sat up and watched the big bastard leave my line of sight. "As for you Human," she started as she turned to address me "Consider yourself lucky that you continue to live. When me and my Queen put down theses rabid mutts, we will figure out what to do with you." She told me before she began leaving but stopped before leaving my view entirely to add one final statement "And when I return, you WILL explain to us what exactly a 'Dragonborn' is." Chloe told me before vanishing out of my line of sight.

I began nursing my throbbing forehead, god damn that girl can Punch.

But at least I'm alive. I honestly can't tell if this situation is better than before or not but so long as I'm not dead I can't complain. I'd prefer to be back home playing video games, but as of now that's not really an option now is it?

However I am caught in a strange reverse of the situation I had thought would have been unfolding. That situation being me meeting Chloe and Olga in the dungeon instead of vice versa.

Besides, I doubt I'm going to be stuck in here for very long, I am willing to bet Vaults gonna win by nightfall, and I'll be out of this cell when he comes down to put Olga down here.

*Some time later

…Okay you know what maybe this situation isn't as okay as I thought it was.

I've been stuck down here for hours it feels like, but I'm sure in reality its only been a few minutes.

…I think…

I don't know, its not like they keep clocks down here!

So I just sat in the corner "Great job James, now we get to play the worlds most boring waiting game." I told myself before resting my head on my knees. Was this better than fighting? Yes. Was it mind numbingly boring? Also yes.

But at the same time, this could also have very well signed away my life.

From what I am aware, which is admittedly not much, is that Dark Elves despise Humans. I'm not entirely sure why, but I may very well get executed for being here.

I could try and shout my way out in that situation, but then again I am not exactly the smartest guy in the room when a fight starts.

I mean I fought an ogre thing and was unconscious soon after.

That doesn't exactly bode well for most escape plans I can come up with.

Speaking of plans, how am I going to get out of here with Chloe and Olga?

Not like I can just walk out with them. And a straight fight is bound to get me or them killed.

Even if we did escape how could I shake the Black Dogs pursuit? I mean they're stupid, but not dumb. They know how to hunt, and that means they can keep on me pretty easily.

Why was I picked for this? I'm good at the game sure but skills in a virtual world do not translate to reality. I could snipe Anyone in White Run from High Horothgar with out any real effort, but put a bow and arrow in my actual hands and I'll be luck if the arrow goes five feet.

I'm exaggerating obviously, I'm more likely to shoot my foot than get any distance. But the point remains!

I need to stop worrying for now. Just wait till Vault wins and then I can figure something out.

After all, I am going to need the energy if I am going to try and get out of here.

That is if I don't get killed before then.

With a deep breath i slowly let my eyes close and try and get some rest.

A dark sky looms over the world,

Families are torn apart,

Sisters, Mothers, Daughters are torn from loving homes and families,

Women and children bought and sold like cattle,

Treated like they were nothing more than fleshy toys meant to be breed and nothing more.

Monsters raped and pillaged good people, who called out to their goddess for a savior. A savior that doesn't exist.

The Seven Shields were chained and beaten, their will to fight lost or broken.

And their goddess could not help them.

She sat powerlessly chained to the wooden post, awaiting for her former master to return and take her and destroy the world she had come to treasure.

And he did.

A giant horned demon emerged from the shadow of the man she had predicted would save her world.

There was no hope, no way to fight this inevitable fate.

For this was the beginning of the end of the world.

And they were doomed.

the demon approached the goddess reborn, intent on defiling her new form for the first of many times through out the eternity they would be together.

Only to be halted by a voice.


The voice shouted in an ancient and long forgotten tongue.

The ancient demon looked at its Challenger, before raising its great mace as a deceleration of murderous intent

But the other stood unwaivering against the mighty devil whose conquest was all but complete, raising a white as bone blade in defiance against the dark one.

The Two titans stood against each other,

One a Lord of Death and Domination with an army of Monsters and Vile Men under him.

The Other a Protector of Life and Freedom, with the power of ancient dragons at his command.

And with two war cries they clashed,

Celestine Lucross' eyes shot open as her dream ended and she jolted awake.

Her chest heaved with heavy breaths, her beautiful and flawless skin was soaked in a thin layer of sweat and her mind racing from the what she had just witnessed in her visions, or more accurately: her nightmares.

"What was that?" She asked herself as she placed a hand on her chest and tried to steady her breathing.

For years she had witnessed vision after vision, nightmare after nightmare, all repeating the same message.

That the world as she knew it would end.

The old ruler of this world would return and nothing would be able to stop it.

There was no way to escape, no way to fight it, no way to prevent the coming of the Dark Beast.

Until now that is.

Her nightmares had never given her hope of defying fate, never once in all her 2000 years has she ever been shown a way to repel the Black Beast of Legend.

But now? This was her first dream in years that did not end with her own defilement. An unknown warrior dressed in such a way that she couldn't see their face, but WHO they are is not nearly as important as what they did. They stopped the Dark Demon with the power of Dragons, The power of The Voice.

It was a fact that Filled her bosom with just as much hope as it did with dread. For the advent of her old master was neigh, and if she failed to find the guardian her vision had shown her Eostia was surely lost. And all its inhabitants with it.

With her breath finally steadied The busty high elf stood from her bed, and moved towards the balcony of her castle. Her emerald orbs gazed over over her lands, her people living in ignorant bliss that their world is on the verge of ending. "If I am to save us, I must find our Guardian before we lose everything." She told herself. "But where do I start? They could be anything from a High noble house, to a farmhand." She asked herself, the one who can save them could be anywhere, and it would be a waste of time to search one by one for the one with the Voice.

After a few moments of pondering the question "Perhaps Lady Kaguya can provide assistance in this matter." Celestine proposed to herself before dressing herself in a her white robes, and began preparations for a journey to Thorn, and the Shrine Maiden Princess.

And done.

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