It's ya boi, uh, Dirtbag!

I wanted to say thank you to all of you who voted on my poll when I had it up, and I am so happy that so many of you wanted me to continue this.

However majority rules still apply and I have crafted a new one, hopefully It will be more consistent in its tone and pacing.

Anyways, It is called "Dovah Vs Dogs Redux"


I couldn't think of anything better, as unfortunate as that is.

Anyways you can find it through my profile and here is hoping that it goes better than this one.

As I stated this fic, the original, may continue if the new one isn't meeting my expectations.

With that said go check it out and tell me what you think. if you preffer this one over the new one thats fine. but please give it a chance.

thats all I ask.

Also don't forget to vote on who the main girl should be. not many have really voted.