Disclaimer for the collection: Marvel owns the rights to all recognizable characters and circumstances described in "I Still Believe in Heroes."

Triple Drabble.

I Still Believe in Heroes.

The captain out of time who jumps on a grenade, crashes a plane, lays down on a wire to let his comrades cross. The broken genius who rebuilds himself with blood and fire and iron, who takes the one-way trip and yet returns. The thunder god who proves his worth by knowing the worth of others, who sacrifices his dearest desires to save his worst enemies.

The brilliant man who is also a monster, who learns how to live with being both. The scarred woman who is also a killer, who regrets the red in her ledger. The father who holds both family and team close to his heart, balances the protection of one with the preservation of the other.

The brother and sister who choose for themselves to reject vengeance and be heroes. The artificial intelligence, created of science and faith and power, seeking his place in the world that he knows so well yet not at all. Two soldiers, men who conquer gravity and take to the skies, comrades loyal to opponents in a tragic divide.

The best friend, brainwashed through fear and pain, restored through the love and care of his friends and allies. The trickster, loyal to one side then to another, who will not stand by as his brother is killed.

The noble king who learns from his and his father's mistakes, who stands with his country to defend an unknowing world. The boy endowed with great power who accepts its implicit responsibility. The arrogant man who learns his own insignificance, who sees with clarity and holds the burdens of an entire world, an entire universe.

To these I look, and in all I see courage, humility, selflessness. I see lessons learned and wrongs righted. And my response is certain:

I still believe in heroes.

A/N: Welcome to this new set of Superhero-genre drabbles and shorts! If you've read my "Only a Moment" collection over in the Batman archive, you'll recognize the format and story types. If not, you'll learn soon enough the eclectic mix of character studies, motive analyses, and writing experiments that take up these chapters. In either case, I hope you enjoy!

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