Chapter 6: Battle for The Harp of The Gods

(Stone Tower Temple)

This place was even more complex inside its structure than the outside. Some platforms were surprisingly placed upside-down, pictures of the Triforce were placing in mocking ways all over the temple, and a statue of a face pointing a flaming finger to the sky. Link, Pit, and Dark Pit entered the place. Suddenly, Pit and Dark Pit began feeling cold like the temperature dropped 50 degrees.

Pit- Why did it get so cold all of a sudden?!

Dark Pit- It was hot outside, but now it's like a meat locker!

Viridi (telepathically to Pit and Dark Pit)- It's because of all the unholy symbols place everywhere. This structure was meant to represent the people of Ikana mocking the gods of Hyrule and their Triforce. They believed the power of Majora's Mask made them superior to us gods. A foolish belief if you ask me. Anyway, in order to try to prove and show their so-called superiority, they Ikana built this tower as a way to mock the gods and filled it with the most unholy designs imaginable.

Pit- And you knew about this, Viridi?!

Viridi (telepathically to Pit)- I knew it would have this effect on you, but I wasn't expecting Dark Pit to fall under the same spell. But this is also the real reason why I didn't want Aryll to come. Since Hylia's power is in her, the effects of all of this unholiness would get to her as well.

Aryll (telepathically to everyone)- Why? What would happen if I was there with them?

Viridi (telepathically to everyone)- Trust me, you don't want to know. It would give you and Link nightmares for months.

Suddenly, Pit heard a familiar voice speaking to him through his mind.

Palutena (telepathically to Pit, Link, and Dark Pit)- Hey everyone! Did I miss anything?

Pit- Lady Palutena! About time you came back!

Link- Please tell me you've convince the other gods of Zelda's innocence!

Palutena (telepathically to Link)- Sorry, but the trial is still not finished. The Lord of the Universe called for a ten-minute recess and I thought I'd see how you were doing while I had the time. Wait a minute…are you inside the Stone Tower Temple?!

Pit- Yeah…Viridi just told us about the unholy attributes she neglected to tell us earlier right before you called.

Palutena (telepathically to everyone)- I'm very ashamed of you, Viridi! Even Dark Pit is suffering from being in here! I know you like to tease Pit and the other members of the Super Mario Brothers' Team, but this is a step too far!

Link- Not to mention we only have an hour before the full moon rises!

Palutena (telepathically to Link)- Wait, you know someone is attempting to play it?

Link- We encountered Thanatos in the Ikana ruins and we tricked him to telling us that Ganondorf and Medusa stole the Harp of the Gods and took the have taken it to this tower. You can tell the Lord of the Universe this and Zelda can go free.

Palutena (telepathically to Link)- I'm afraid I'll need more than that to convince the Lord of the Universe. And to be honest, things haven't been going so well during this trial. I've been doing my best from keeping the jury from calling guilty, but everyone, including the Lord of the Universe are losing their patients with me. I don't know how much longer I can keep defending her.

Dark Pit- That's fine and all, but we're still freezing our asses here!

Palutena (telepathically to Pit and Dark Pit)- Oh, sorry! Power of Holly Protection!

Suddenly, a glowing aura surrounded Pit and Dark Pit and they were no longer feeling cold.

Pit- I feel normal again. Thanks, Lady Palutena!

Palutena (telepathically to everyone)- Viridi, I must insist you stop with the pranks for now, or I might decide to tell Kirby about this. And I know you're still working on convincing the people of Popstar to joining the Forces of Nature.

Viridi (telepathically to everyone)- Fine! I'll quit it with the pranks…(mutters) for this fanfiction…

Palutena (telepathically to everyone)- I should go now. The trial is about to resume. Good luck.

Then Palutena ender her telepathic connection for the rest of the fanfiction.

Pit- Okay Link, which way to go!

Link- Down actually.

Dark Pit- Isn't the top supposed to be up?

Viridi (telepathically to Dark Pit)- Not this place. Believe it or not, Hylia literally turned this tower upside-down while Ikana was building this monstrosity. So instead of reaching the heavens like what they wanted…they reached the Underworld instead. Which also lead to the people of Ikana ending up with Majora's Mask in the first place. Which is also why almost everything looks upside-down.

Pit- All this talk of flipping things is making my brain flip.

Link- Point is, up is down and down is up in this place.

Then Link jumped down the large pit at the entrance to get to the top. Dark Pit jumped shortly after.

Pit- This place makes no sense…

Pit was about to jump down, but he heard a soft childish laugh (similar to the Skull Kid's laugh in Majora's Mask) in the distance. Pit looked behind him and saw nothing. He dismissed it as his own imagination and followed after Link and Dark Pit.

(At the top of the Stone Tower Temple)

Ganondorf and Medusa were watching the moon as it was rising towards the sky.

Ganondorf- It's won't be long now! Just think, once the full moon is above the tower, all I have to do is play that harm and godhood will me mine.

Medusa- And pretty Palutena and her worthless little servant, Pit, won't be able to stop us.

Ganondorf- Neither will Link or the rest of the Super Mario Brothers' Team. And the best part is the gods believe Zelda stole the Harp of the Gods.

Medusa- But there is one thing that is troubling me a bit. Thanatos hasn't reported back. Has something happened to him?

Ganondorf made a quick glance upward and immediately turned around.

Ganondorf- Medusa, ready yourself. We have company.

Medusa- Huh…?

Then Link dropped from the ceiling and landed in the top of the Stone Tower Temple.

Link- Guess I've beaten you so many times, you can tell when I'm coming to kick your ass.

Medusa- Well…what do we have here? I didn't know the one wielding the Master Sword was such a hunk!

Link puts his hand over his face.

Link- Why…with almost every woman I meet…

Not long after, Dark Pit dropped down as well and landed on the top floor. However, Pit dropped down and faceplanted on the floor.

Pit- That could've gone a whole lot better…

Ganondorf- Well, look who the cat dragged in. Come to bare witness to a new god?

Medusa- Uh, Ganondorf…we can't play the harp while Link is here.

Ganondorf- What?! Why not?

Medusa- Any mortal who hears the harp's melody will instantly become a god. Pit and Dark Pit might not be affected by it, but if you play the harp to become a god, then Link will hear the harp's music and gain the same effect from mortal to godhood.

Ganondorf was left dumbfounded for a moment before slapping his hand into his face.

Ganondorf- Oh ****!

Link- That's ok. I have no intention of being a god. But what I do intend on doing is returning that harp and bringing you in for your crimes!

Ganondorf- And let the gods throw my head away? I'm sure the angel has told you that the penalty for stealing the Harp of the Gods is death by beheading. And I'm going to need my head for when I claim dominion over Hyrule.

Pit got his face off the floor, shook his face a bit, and got himself back up.

Pit- I can understand Ganondorf wanting to use the harp, but why would you agree to this, Medusa? You're already a goddess.

Medusa- Ganondorf promised to lift the curse your Goddess of Light put on me that made me a monster once his Triforce's magic has been boosted from the harp's power. That and create a permanent tunnel for my troops to cross over.

Link instantly held the Master Sword up and had its flat end face towards Medusa.

Viridi (telepathically to Link)- Uh…Link…what are you doing?

Link- Showing Medusa her own reflection to turn herself to stone.

Medusa- You poor fool…that only works in movie…

Then Medusa punched her reflection in the Master Sword and knocked Link to the ground. Before Link could get back up, Pit plucked a syringe that was disguised as a feather on his wings and handed it to Link.

Pit- Here. If you're worried about Medusa's "turn you to stone" trick, I have the antibody for it.

Link to the syringe and injected it into his arm.

Pit- If Medusa wasn't immune to her own trick, I would've done that on her long ago. Figured you would've realized that.

Dark Pit- Let's just deal with them like we did with Thanatos. We're on a deadline before Zelda's Trial ends.

Ganondorf- Guess we will have to deal with these pests before we can carry out our plan. Oh, and Medusa, word of advice, you don't touch that blade again. It's power to drain darkness is just as harmful to you as it is to me.

Then Medusa looked at her hand and saw part of it was burnt.

Medusa- Now you tell me!

Pit pulled out his Optical Blade and Dark Pit pulled out his Dark Bow. Pit fired a beam from the Optical Blade and Dark Pit fired a few arrows at Medusa and Ganondorf. Medusa dodged the blast from the Optical Blade, but Ganondorf blocked Dark Pit's arrows by creating a barrier out of his own magic.

Ganondorf- I think now's a good time to try out a new trick.

Ganondorf created a small portal and through a warlock punch into the portal. Out of nowhere, Ganondorf's warlock punch appeared behind Dark Pit and almost hit him from behind. Dark Pit barely managed to dodge the just in time. Ganondorf through another warlock punch through another portal and a portal opened up above Link. Link noticed it and raised his shield up before Ganondorf's fist could come out. But before Ganondorf could try that again, Pit managed to get up close to Ganondorf and swing his Optical Blade at him. Ganondorf barely managed to dodge, but Pit made a cut on the side of Ganondorf's face. Ganondorf threw a warlock punch at Pit, but Pit used the Power of Flight to avoid Ganondorf and become airborne.

Ganondorf- You think you have the advantage flying in the air? I beg to differ…

Suddenly, these giant skeleton hands appeared out of the walls and each grabbed one of Pit's wings.

Pit- Hey! Let go!

Ganondorf- I'll bet you won't be so cocky if I rip those precious wings of yours from your body!

The skeleton hands began yanking on Pit's wings, each in opposite directions. But before they could tare Pit's wings off, Link shot a sword beam at one of those skeleton hands and Dark Pit shot a few arrows at the other. The skeleton hands let go of Pit, and Link managed to catch Pit before he hit the ground.

Link- You ok, Pit?

Pit- I'll be once I get my hands on Ganondorf. Hey dumbass! My wings are sacred! Touch them again and I'll make you with the gods were cutting your head off!

Medusa- All that bluster does make you adorable, Pitty.

Pit- This isn't bluster! You forget who keeps slaying you, even before Hades brought you back! I can beat you with one hand tied behind my back blindfolded!

Viridi (telepathically to Pit)- That can be arranged.

Pit- Uh…no thanks Viridi! We are pressed for time!

Medusa- Well that's strange. I hear Viridi, yet Palutena's voice is nowhere to be heard. Where might she be?

Pit- Busy defending Zelda as her lawyer during the trial you two have put her through.

Ganondorf- A losing trial if you ask me. Let me tell you something, Link. Even if you stop us from using this harp, if Zelda is executed by the gods, Hyrule will be left without an heir to the throne. And that will bring Hyrule to its ruin and meaning you've failed your duties as Hylia's chosen champion. Making it all the more easy to claim Hyrule for myself and take the power of the Triforce for myself. Good to know I'll have a consolation prize should this one fail.

Medusa- Maybe for you, but not so much for me! I still have to drain so much of my energy to open temporary rifts since Pit stole my key.

Ganondorf- Then let's not fail and get rid of these retards.

Medusa made a bunch of large stone blocks appear out of nowhere and flung them at Link, Pit, and Dark Pit. Pit and Dark Pit jumped out of the way, but Link slashed right through those stone blocks and charged for Medusa with his Triforce Cut. Medusa quickly moved as she didn't want the Master Sword to touch her.

Medusa- As much as I want to get a good look at your handsome face, I'd rather keep my distance since that sword of yours can destroy dark power just by touching it.

Link- You should've seen what it did to Hades during the season 3 finale of this series. He almost exploded when I impaled him from behind.

Medusa- Well, I'm not going to let my guard down.

Medusa fired a laser from her staff and Link blocked with his shield. Then Link charged for Medusa. Meanwhile, Pit swung his Optical Blade at Ganondorf, but Ganondorf blocked with a sword of his own. Then Ganondorf kicked Pit in the chest and knocked him into a wall. Then Dark Pit turned his Dark Bow into its spinning saw form and swung at Ganondorf from behind. Ganondorf dodged, but Dark Pit cut Ganondorf's cape off. Dark Pit tried to swing his Dark Bow in its melee form again, but Ganondorf grabbed Dark Pit by the neck and used his flame choke to make Dark Pit dropped to the floor. Then Ganondorf dropped his foot on Dark Pit's back before Dark Pit could get back up. Pit managed to recover after being knock to the wall by Ganondorf. But before Pit could get back in the fight, Skull Kid suddenly appeared right in front of Pit's face.

Pit- Ghaww!

Skull Kid- Hi. I'm Skull Kid. Want to play?

Pit- Where did this child come from?! Look kid, this is a dangerous place. I don't think you should be here. Don't want to see you get hurt.

Skull Kid- That's ok. I have a little toy for you to play with.

Then Skull Kid put something in Pit's hand. Pit looks down at the item in his hand, but the Skull Kid vanishes without a trace when Pit tries to look at Skull Kid again.

Pit- Who was that kid? And what is this he put in my hand?

Viridi (telepathically to Pit)- That's a smartphone.

Pit- Hang on…there's an app already set up on this smartphone called…video maker…

Dark Pit struggled to get back up even though Ganondorf was still pressing his foot on Dark Pit's back.

Ganondorf- A fighter until the end…I can respect that.

Dark Pit- I'm not…down yet…you blasted ****er! You won't…get away with this…

Ganondorf- Oh, but I will. In fact, I already have! I've stolen the Harp of the Gods, framed Zelda, and Zelda is about to be executed for my crime! And once you three are taken out of the picture, I'll use the harp to become a god and finally conquer Hyrule!

While Ganondorf was enjoying taunting Dark Pit, he suddenly heard his own voice repeating what he just said.

Recording of Ganondorf's voice- Oh, but I will. In fact, I already have! I've stolen the Harp of the Gods, framed Zelda, and Zelda is about to be executed for my crime! And once you three are taken out of the picture, I'll use the harp to become a god and finally conquer Hyrule!

Ganondorf turned around and saw Pit recording him with the smartphone and the Harp of the Gods was standing behind Ganondorf in the background of the recording Pit made.

Pit- Hey Ganon-doofus! Thanks for that little confession you just made there! I've already sent this to Lady Palutena to use as evidence to prove that you stole the Harp of the Gods and not Princess Zelda! And with a shot of the harp in the background helps prove this video's authenticity.

Ganondorf- What?!

(At the Lord of the Universe's monastery)

All of the gods, including the Lord of the Universe were all in shock as Palutena was showing them the video Pit just sent to her.

Palutena- Well done, Pit.

(Back at the Stone Tower Temple)

Ganondorf steps off of Dark Pit and took a few steps backward.

Ganondorf- No! No, no, no, NO!

Link- It's over, Ganondorf. It won't be long now before the gods come after you both for your crime!

Ganondorf- Oh…this ain't over…(monstrous tone) NOT BY A LONGSHOT!

Ganondorf's eyes turned red as his body began to mutate. His dropped on his hands and knees as dark fur grew around his body. His teeth turned into fangs, and his face resembled more of a wild beast.

Ganon- (ROAR)

Pit- Now that is hideous!

Dark Pit- I couldn't agree with you more of that one!

Pit- Link, what the hell did Ganondorf just turn into?!

Link- That is the dark beast, Ganon! He's sort of Ganondorf's alter ego, but unlike Ganondorf, Ganon has access to all of the Triforce's power.

Viridi (telepathically to Pit)- You remember that nasty hedgehog from Sonic's world named Nazo? Well, Ganon happens to be just as strong as Nazo is when Nazo goes to his perfect form. However, when Ganondorf changes to Ganon, his mind deteriorates and he's reduced to a mindless monster. Ganondorf hates resorting to turning into Ganon because of that.

Aryll (telepathically to Link, Pit, and Dark Pit)- Hold on! I've disabled Ganondorf from turning into Ganon once and I can do it again.

Aryll tried to cast the same spell she used to neutralize Ganon in "Missing Link In The Family Tree" but something completely blocked her magic from reaching Ganon.

Aryll (telepathically to Link, Pit, and Dark Pit)- What the?! What just happened?! That spell worked last time!

Viridi (telepathically to everyone)- All of the unholy symbols in this tower repels Hylia's magic, which you're using. I'm afraid your spells won't work as they're fighting in that tower.

Ganon- (ROAR)

Ganon charged for Link, Pit, and Dark Pit. They managed to get out of the way, but Ganon turned to look and Pit and began charging for him. Pit activated the Power of Flight to get out of Ganon's way.

Viridi (telepathically to Pit)- Boy Pit! Ganon must be focusing all of his rage on you since he's ignoring Link and Dark Pit. Must be because you sent that recording to the gods.

Pit- Not helping, Viridi!

Suddenly, a stone pillar was dropped from above and knock Pit to the ground.

Medusa- Oops! Did I do that?

Ganon quickly grabbed Pit and held him tightly in his grip.

Ganon- (ROAR)

Pit- Somebody give this guy a breath mint.

Ganon opened his mouth and looked like he was about to swallow Pit. But Link jumped on Ganon's back and jabbed the Master Sword into Ganon's back.

Ganon- (ROAR)

Ganon let go of Pit and began thrashing around like a bull at a rodeo trying to throw Link off his back. Eventually, Link was flung into the air and landed on the ground. After Ganon got Link off his back, he returned his attention to Pit and shot an energy beam out of his mouth. Pit got out of the way.

Pit- Viridi, I could use the Power of Reflect right now!

Viridi (telepathically to Pit)- Uh…Pit…remember how this unholy temple can repel Hylia's goddess magic?

Pit- Don't tell me…

Viridi (telepathically to Pit)- Afraid so…

Ganon charged for Pit again, but Pit got out of the way. However, Medusa suddenly appeared right in front of Pit.

Medusa- And where do you think you're going?

Medusa pointed her staff at Pit and a long energy string immobilized Pit by wrapping themselves around Pit's body.

Medusa- Hey Ganon! Got Pit ready to be squashed right…

Before Medusa could finish that sentence, the Master Sword's tip went right through her breast. Link had snuck up behind her and impaled her with the Master Sword. Bursts of bright light lit up from the openings in Medusa's wound as the sword's magic was affecting her body. Then that energy created a large explosion and knocked Medusa into the wall and knocked her out. Then the energy strings binding Pit vanished.

Pit- Thanks, Link.

Link- Don't thank me yet.

Link pointed at Ganon with the Master Sword and Ganon was glaring at Pit.

Dark Pit- Maybe if we just let him have you, he might leave the rest of us alone!

Pit- Not funny, Pittoo!

Dark Pit- How many times to I have to tell you to stop ****ing calling me that?!

The Triforce of Power appeared on the back of Ganon's hand as he pounded his fist into the ground. This created a massive shockwave that knocked Link, Pit, and Dark Pit to the ground. Link also dropped the Master Sword, but it landed next to Pit. Pit struggled to get up as he saw Ganon charging for him. Then Pit saw the Master Sword lying on the ground next to him.

Pit- Viridi, I need a bow weapon! No time to explain! Any bow will do!

Then Viridi swapped Pit's Optical Blade for a Palutena's Bow. Pit picked up the Master Sword and used it as an arrow. When he fired, the Master Sword pierced Ganon's hand where the Triforce of Power was showing itself.

Ganon- (ROAR)

The Master Sword began draining all of Ganon's power through that wound Pit made with his shot and he slowly reverted back to Ganondorf. Ganondorf collapsed to the ground, but managed to pull the Master Sword out of his wound before he saw Link, Pit, and Dark Pit standing in front of him.

Ganondorf- What you gonna do…turn me in to the gods…I ain't afraid of death…

Link punched Ganondorf in the face and knocked him out.

Link- Viridi, erase Ganondorf and Medusa's memory of the harp's existence and we'll leave it at that.

Pit- Link, they committed a horrible crime and framed Zelda for it! They should be turned over!

Link- Ganondorf and I are sort of fated in a way. Long before my time, a chosen hero defeated a demon named Demise with the Master Sword. Demise placed a curse that his power and evil will forever be reborn to face each hero chosen to wield the Master Sword. Ganondorf is the current embodiment of Demise's evil. If I slay him like many others before me, Ganondorf will be reborn again to terrorize Hyrule in another generation. Part of why we locked him in the Sacred Realm before I went through my second childhood.

Dark Pit- But he broke out of that Sacred Realm and is still continuing to try and take the Triforce from you and Zelda!

Link- I hate Ganondorf more than anyone, but I'm also not a coldblooded killer. Zelda's innocence has been proven, we stopped them from using the Harp of the Gods, and if we wipe their memories clean, no one will be the wiser.

Viridi (telepathically to Link)- Wow…that's deep, Link. I'm also impressed you want to show mercy on your foe. But I guess the Master Sword chose you for a reason.

Dark Pit- By the way, were did you get that smartphone?

Pit- I'm not entirely sure. Some kid appeared out of nowhere, put it in my hand, and then vanished as quickly as he came.

Little did Link, Pit, or Dark Pit know, a mysterious figure in a black cloak and Skull Kid were watching them from an opening in the ceiling.

Skull Kid- That's Link for yah. Strong enough to bring darkness to their knees, but a kind-hearted soul at the same time.

Mysterious figure- Agreed. Funny, because I knew another swordsman who made a similar decision, but almost did not.

(Flashback to 1,000 years ago)

The demon, Majora was firing energy blasts at a swordsman who was wearing the pelt of a wolf. The swordsman in the wolf's pelt ran on all fours like how a human would impersonate an animal, carried eight daggers placed on each webbing of his hand, and had the Master Sword held sideways between his teeth. The swordsman in the wolf's pelt avoided Majora's attacks and managed to pierce Majora's heart with the Master Sword.

Swordsman in the wolf's pelt (slightly muffled with the Master Sword in his mouth)- That was for my family you bastard!

Majora (weakly)- Damn you…(coughs up blood)…you filthy…wolf…

Then Majora was transformed into a mask that now laid on the floor. The swordsman in the wolf's pelt put the eight daggers and the Master Sword away under the pelt he wore as he approached the mask.

Swordsman in the wolf's pelt- Now to end this once and for all!

The swordsman in the wolf's pelt lifted his foot and was about to stomp on the mask. But then a man who looked like Mario grabbed him from behind and stopped the swordsman in the wolf's pelt.

Swordsman in the wolf's pelt- What are you doing, Marco?! Let go of me!

Man who looked like Mario- You don't want to do this! We've already beaten Majora and put an end to his evil!

Swordsman in the wolf's pelt- Have you forgotten everything he's done?! What he did to Hyrule! What he did to Termina! And what he did…to me! He murdered my family and destroyed my home when I was an infant just because he wanted to kill me before I could claim the Master Sword!

Man who looked like Mario- It's true his deeds are unforgivable, but killing Majora in cold blood won't bring your family back. You're better than this. I know it, Wolf. There is a reason why the Master Sword and Hylia chose you to protect Hyrule.

After hearing the man who looked like Mario's words, the swordsman in the wolf's pelt stopped struggling.

Swordsman in the wolf's pelt- I will never forgive Majora for everything he's done, but…you're right. It won't bring my family back no matter how much I wish it would.

The man who looked like Mario let go of the swordsman in the wolf's pelt. Then a man who looked like Luigi and an angel who looked like Pit walked up to them.

Man who looked like Luigi- What now? Are we just gonna leave the mask where it is?

The angel who looked like Pit approached Majora's Mask and put his hand near it.

Angel who looked like Pit- That's a bad idea. Both Majora's soul and dark powers still reside within this mask. I suggest we take this to Lady Palutena and Hylia. I'm sure they'll know what to do with it.

(End of flashback)

(Later at the Lord of the Universe's monastery)

Link, Pit, and Dark Pit were returning the Harp of the Gods back to the Lord of the Universe.

Lord of the Universe- Good now that the harp is out of evil hands. Ralph, please bring the Harp of the Gods back to its chamber.

Ralph- Daahh…Yes sir, Mr. Lord of the Universe, sir!

Ralph picked up the harp and began carrying it into the monastery.

Lord of the Universe- And make a memo to increase security on that harp.

Ralph- Dahh…Yes sir!

Lord of the Universe- You'll have to excuse my servant, Ralph. He was a defective Primid during my first attempt at creating Primids. And I just couldn't find the heart to throw him away. And Zelda, I owe you an apology for how I treated you before and during the trial.

Zelda- It's no big deal.

Lord of the Universe- And you there…swordsman from Hyrule…Link was it? I'm impressed that not only were you able to prove Zelda's innocence through impossible odds, but you showed mercy to your foe. A rare trait to see in a hero now a days.

Link- Thank you, Lord of the Universe. But I couldn't have done it without Pit and Dark Pit.

Pit- Aw shucks, Link! You're gonna make me blush!

Dark Pit- Whatever…

Viridi- Dark Pit, that's the ruler of all gods! Show some respect!

Lord of the Universe- On the contrary, I should be showing them my respect after all they've done today. I also should show my respect to all the members of the Super Mario Brothers' Team for taking down my son, Tabuu each time he tried to attack their world.

Pit- Wait…you're not mad that we beat up your son?

Lord of the Universe- (Sigh) I lost my son, Tabuu, long before you all banned together and formed your team. I lost him over 1,000 years ago when he killed Kyrin, my other son.

Link- You had another son?!

Lord of the Universe- Yes. I had twin sons, Tabuu and Kyrin. If only Tabuu hadn't turned so…so bad…

Zelda- That's sad. What happened to Kyrin?

Lord of the Universe- Kyrin met a man from the Mushroom Kingdom 1,000 years ago and they somehow became best friends. When Tabuu tried to destroy that world, Kyrin sacrificed himself to save the life of the man from the Mushroom Kingdom. Tabuu tore Kyrin's left arm off and that was the only trace of Kyrin we found. But that man from the Mushroom Kingdom did avenge Kyrin by gathering his friends and banishing Tabuu to Subspace. Speaking of which, one of those heroes that was part of that team did wield the Master Sword just as you do. And another was Palutena's previous captain of Skyworld's army. If I didn't know better, I'd say Mario isn't the only member of the current team that has a connection with someone from the previous Super Mario Brothers' Team. But I guess that's something for another day. Once Ralph has finished putting the harp away, I'm going back inside for a nap.

Palutena- Well, I guess it's time to return to Skyworld and for Link, Zelda, and Aryll to return to Hyrule.

Pit- Just remember you all agreed not to tell anyone about the harp. We might have to keep this adventure between us.

Link- Agreed, but it was great teaming up with you and Pittoo.

Dark Pit- Not you too!

The End


(At Tabuu's Palace in Subspace)

Dimentio was playing Luigi's Mansion on a Game Cube while Infinite was entering the room.

Infinite- Ok, Dimentio. What did you want to talk ab…you've got to be kidding me?!

Dimentio- What? Haven't you heard of Luigi's Mansion?

Infinite- This is just going to be a waste of my time, so I'll just be leaving.

Dimentio- You can't leave now after I've asked to you come! I have a brilliant plan to help bring down the Super Mario Brothers' Team and I need your help with it!

Infinite- Why not bother Master Tabuu about this instead of me?

Dimentio- I tried, but Master Tabuu refused to even let me say one word of it. He claims his way is the only real way to best the Mario Brothers. All I ask is you hear me out on this.

Infinite- Fine, five minutes. Then I leave. What's your big idea?

Dimentio- Like I asked before…have you ever heard of Luigi's Mansion…hehe…