"I'm telling you. Dancing is the way to a girl's heart."

Calum was discussing with Michael.

"Dude, I don't even want a girlfriend in the first place." Ashton added back, chuckling.

"Ok. Fine. But can I at least teach you to dance? You are the worst dancer I've ever seen." Calum asks.

"Fine." Ashton adds with a groan.

"Yes!" Calum exclaims with a fist pump, and drags Ashton towards him.

"So I'm guessing you want to lead the dance. That's not happening."

Ashton just rolls his eyes and smirks at the comment.

"Ok, so, put your hand on my shoulder."

Ashton does so.

He feels Calum's hand slip onto his waist, and blushes hard.

"Just follow my lead."

Calum leads Ashton to the left, and to the right, up and down in a square. Eventually, they slow down and do some old fashioned slow dancing.

Even without any music playing, this is the most magical dance Calum has ever had.

Both boys were staring into each other's eyes, seeing their worlds in them. And, while still being hypnotized by Calum's eyes, Ashton went in for a kiss. Calum's lips were soft, and welcoming. After a few seconds of silence, Ashton pulled away.

"Wow." Calum said.

"Wow." Ashton replied.