Chapter 1

12 years after the execution of the pirate king Gol D. Roger, we find ourselves in the small village of Foosha, home to the marine hero Garp the fist or Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp and unknown to all revolutionary Dragon.

In a bar,

"Oi, what are you doing, Luffy, Naruto?" A red haired man asked the children with a grin on his tanned face. His hair slicked back, his calm black eyes looked at the children fondly, over his shoulder is a black cloak and on his head is a straw hat with a red ribbon in the middle, he wore slightly loose brown trouser cut below the knee and collected halfway up the shin, with golden buttons down the outer buttons down the outer leg and a loose buttoned up white shirt, on his waist is his sabre. He is the Captain of the Red Haired Pirates, Red Haired Shanks.

The two children looked at him with a defiant expression, the first boy has messy black hair, innocent black eyes, tan skin, he wears a white shirt with the word 'Anchor' on it, blue shorts and brown sandals, the other boy is also tanned skin and wild blond hair, his eyes a beautiful sky blue, on his cheek are faint whisker marks, he wears a black shirt and black shorts shorts with black sandals. Unlike the other boy this ones eyes held some sort intelligence though he did his best to hide it from others.

These two are brothers, Monkey D. Luffy and Hawk D. Naruto.

Luffy grabbed the knife in his hand.

"I'm not joking this time! I'll prove it for all to see!" Luffy roared. The pirates watched with amused expression which turned to horror when Luffy stabbed himself under the eye.

"Baka! You were serious!?" Naruto's jaw dropped.

"Baka! What the hell are u' doing!?" Shanks roared with wide eyes. Makino, a young woman with black hair that goes up to just above her shoulders. She wears a yellow kerchief, an orange blouse with black sleeves and a long light blue skirt and orange sneakers with white soles sighed as she patched the boy up.

"Honestly Luffy, you need to think before you act…" she sighed.

"Let's drink and celebrate! To Luffy's craziness and our greatness! DAHAHAHA!" Shanks laughed.

"GAHAHAAH! DRINK! DRINK!" shouted one of Shanks subordinates.

"Sake! Sake! Bring out some more sake!" shouted another.

"Ah it didn't hurt one bit!" Luffy grinned.

"Liar, Don't do something so stupid!" Shanks shouted. "I'm not afraid of pain at all! Next time bring me out to sea! I want to be a pirate too!" Luffy shouted.

"Yeah, I wanna come as well!" Naruto shouted with a grin.

"you brats can't handle being a pirate. Not being able to swim is a pirate's biggest weakness." Shanks grinned.

"If we stay aboard it should be fine." Naruto roared.

"I've rigorously trained before. My punch is as strong as pistol." Luffy declared as he held his fist out.

Naruto gave him a deadpanned gaze.

"A pistol really?" Shanks asked in a bored tone.

"What kind of tone is that?" Luffy roared with a glare.

"Nothing is better than being a pirate. BAHAHAHA." Laughed Lucky Roo. (please google his clothes if you are interested.)

"Don't give them ideas, guys." Shanks said.

"But it's the truth right?" Lucky asked.

"Captain, why don't you take them with us one time…?" Asked Yassop. (please google his clothes if you are interested.)

"Yeah." Naruto and Luffy cheered.

"Fine they can take one of your places then." Told Shanks.

"Sorry guys…" Lucky laughed as he drank his sake.

"What the hell?" Naruto roared.

"the most important thing is both of you are too young, wait for another ten years." Shanks told them with a small smile.

"Stop underestimating us." They roared.

"Don't be mad, have some milk." He said as he handed them both a glass of milk, which they drank happily.

"Pirates don't drink milk. DAHAHAHA." Shanks laughed.

"Ahhh. What a dirty trick." Naruto shouted.

"Tch I even cut myself and still he wont take me…" Luffy grumbled.

"Luffy, Naruto u both should understand captains feeling." Benn Beckham said with a small smile.

"Shanks felling…?" Luffy muttered.

"Yes. He is our leader, after all. He knows that being a pirate is fun and all, but he also knows it is very dangerous and hard life." Benn told them.

"Do u understand? He doesn't purposely tease your ambition of being a pirate." When Luffy and Naruto were about to nod in understanding they heard Shanks laugh,

"DAHAHAHAH. Cant swim."

"See." They pointed.

"Would you boys like to eat something to eat…?" Makino smiled. "Okay. Just put it on our treasure tabs." "Naruto grinned.

"What treasure? You are lying again." Shanks said calmly.

"No. we will definitely become pirates, we will pay her back when we get treasure." Naruto declared.

"I'll be waiting." Makino giggled.

"Shanks, how long are u going to stay?" Luffy asked as he ate. "Well it's been almost a year now, I plan to set sail a couple more times before heading north." Shanks told him.

"We'll learn to swim by then." Naruto told him.

"Good luck." Shanks grinned.

(Its all same as in the anime with Higuma until the point where Luffy eats the devil fruit and Shanks stopped him, only here he stops both of them.)

"Don't leave, Naruto, Luffy.." Shanks sighed, when he grabbed their arms, his eyes widened. Luffy's arm completely stretched, however his eyes widened when Naruto's arm turned into black flames.

"Huh?" Both boys muttered.

"Ahhhhhh. What the hell?" Shanks shouted.

"No way." Said Lucky.

Quickly drawing something, he showed two strange fruits to the children.

"Luffy, Naruto did you eat these fruits?" Lucky demanded.

Both nodded calmly.

"Wasn't nice, you wouldn't like it." Naruto said calmly. "Baka. You ate the Gomu Gomu no mi and the Heru Heru no mi. they are the devil fruits of the sea. Whoever eats them will become a human made of rubber and hellfire. The drawback is to lose the ability to swim." Shanks shouted at them.

"WHAAAAAT?" Shouted Luffy.

Naruto while surprised was in awe of the power he just got and due to being intelligent couldn't help but awe at the potential if the devil fruit.


A few days later….

After the incident with Higuma, the sea king, and Shanks, we now see both the boys at the port watching as Shanks left with his crew. Both Luffy and Naruto now supported a straw hat and a black cloak given to them by Shanks respectively, with the promise of getting stronger then him.

As he was leaving, Shanks looked into the sky. "The son's of Monkey D. Dragon, they will turn this world upside down, don't you think, Roger- sencho? Not even realising what he had unleashed on the world."

On the port both the boys were watching Shanks leave only thinking about what Shanks had said to Higuma during their little fight…"You can throw food at me, spill sake on me, or even spit on me, I can laugh it of, but, I don't care what reasons you have, I won't forgive anyone that harms my friend."

Both vowing to follow the code and protect what they deem precious with their lives…