Pain that was all she could feel, was she alive? was she dead?... She didn't know. Everything was like a blur but briefly she could hear what sounded like screams echoing through her ears. The screams of her mother, the screams of her dad. One thing Abi did know was that the only thing she cared about right now was her child and this was the last thought that came into her head before she passed out. The next time Abi regained semi consciousness was when they were at the hospital. The sound of a heartbeat with the occasional squeeze or what felt like was coming from her hand. She tried to open her eyes but it was like there was something stopping her as no matter how hard she tried or how frustrated she felt, she just couldn't get her eyes to open nor could she squeeze the hand that was holding hers back.

The next few hours were the longest hours of her life. She could hear the conversations that were going on around her, her father talking about how sorry he was and that he wanted her and the baby to come and live with him and what a lovely thought it was! How much time she had spent hoping to gain the attention of her father and it was finally paying off. The sounds of her mother crying but the best sound of all was the sound of her baby crying and her father announcing that she had a baby girl. The amount of excitement she could feel and the only part of her body she could get to move was her eyes moving underneath her eyelids, again the frustration was back.

She awoke again to the sound of a conversation. Her father and the doctor were talking in hushed tones.

"Mr branning, myself and the team are doing everything we can however in this instance we cannot. Abi is brain stem dead." The doctor was trying to reason with her father but max couldn't believe a word he saying and neither could Abi. "IM NOT BRAIN DEAD! IM HERE I CAN HEAR YOU! "was all Abi wanted to scream. She tried so hard through time each day and night that passed to get herself to wake up and regain full conscious instead of being stuck in this vegetive state it was only then when the moment came after days or what felt like only hours for max and the rest of the family to turn off her life support and for them to let her "die peacefully" and to the sound of her heart beat on the monitor going faster than ever did she finally get her body to move. The gasps of shock that came around her gave her the courage for her eyes to snap open. The people in the room looked on in shock and relief however one person was missing. When Abi turned to her mother she asked the one questions that was going through her mind at that moment of time..

"Where's am I?"