The Capitol

Leda Dashlon

Last year's Hunger Games were the best yet. Even the toughest people to please were satisfied, ranting all year long about how they were the best ever. Despite this, I'm concerned about this year's Games. How on Earth am I supposed to top last year?

I know that I'm having the classic Gamemaker struggle, but it's tough regardless. When I first volunteered to be the Head Gamemaker, I did not consider the threats of the position. I was simply power-hungry and in desperate need of a good job to impress my parents. I did succeed in both of those aspects- particularly impressing my parents. However, they died shortly after I was given the job, making my efforts pointless.

There are days when I strongly consider quitting. However, what will come of me if I no longer hold the title of Head Gamemaker? What am I supposed to do? And most importantly, I have no idea if I'm allowed to quit. I have no memory of any Gamemaker quitting. Most die unexpectedly and only a few die of old age. No quitters. The job only ends with death.

With a threat lingering over my shoulders, the last thing left for me to do is to improve these Games. Our arena is all picked out and set up, but I still have a few last touches to add. I'm hoping that these will add the extra boost from the last Games- some twists from the Gamemakers. The Capitol won't even know what's coming.

Okay, so I've decided to begin submissions for my next SYOT! I know I'm not done with my last one yet, but I want time to receive submissions so I can begin it as soon as I finish my current story.

Here are the rules for submitting:

1. Guest submissions are allowed, as are reviewed submissions. However, I prefer PMs - it's easier to sort out.

2. There's no maximum amount of tributes, although I won't accept too many from one person.

3. No unbelievable tributes (unbelievable aspects, overpowered, etc.)

4. No resubmissions. However, you are allowed to resubmit a tribute if the story was DELETED (not discontinued and left up). And if you are resubmitting a tribute, please tell me. It won't change their likelihood of being accepted.

5. This is not first-come-first-serve. I want to give everyone a chance to submit.

6. Reservations are unnecessary, and therefore not allowed. Currently, I don't have an end-date. It will definitely be before Flames ends, so I'm guessing about a month or so?

I hope you choose to submit. The form is on my profile.

Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor! :)

- Lilah