I finally have the tribute list for Rapids! Thank you to everyone who submitted. I wasn't able to accept a lot of tributes submitted to me, but I mostly managed to get everyone who submitted at least one tribute. I also had to switch around a LOT of Districts, so don't be surprised if your tribute isn't in their original District. Most tributes aren't.

Also, any tribute who didn't make it in still counts as 50 sponsor points to the submitter. So, if you submitted four tributes and only one of them made it in, you'll still get 200 points.

Thank you for all of the submissions! I won't start this until Flames is finished, though. Things are going really slowly right now, but hopefully after I finish the tedious family interviews, things will get rolling again.

District 1:

Female: Cecelia Hart, 18 - Team Shadow
Male: Trajan Seth, 18 - Tiger outsider

District 2:

Female: Glitter Monique, 17 - TheNoobyBoy
Male: Glorian Stafford, 18 - santiago .ponicini20

District 3:

Female: Lennox Porter, 18 - Author-Hime
Male: Nikola Allegra, 14 - Tyquavis

District 4:

Female: Noelani King, 18 - Author-Hime
Male: Lucretius Marlo, 17 - santiago .poncnini20

District 5:

Female: Macey, Tracey Aderyn, 18 - LordShiro
Male: Dennis Fielder, 18 - Team Shadow

District 6:

Female: Tristana Rockett, 16 - Pierana
Male: Axle Woodleigh, 12 - Tyquavis

District 7:

Female: Zaira Quentin, 16 - Professor R.J Lupin1
Male: Sprucen Willes, 18 - Anna Banana

District 8:

Female: Linen Baird, 13 - Queenofinsanity
Male: Felix Camacho, 17 - Pierana

District 9:

Female: Savanna Davison, 13 - Hawkmaid
Male: Hadley Moreau, 17 - Fairy .Charming

District 10:

Female: Arabella Cantros, 13 - Anna Banana
Male: Buck Hayford, 18 - lionkingfactsguy3

District 11:

Female: Yael Harident, 17 - Tiger outsider
Male: Kade Anderson, 17 - MonkeyPower435

District 12:

Female: Rachel Ivy, 15 - CallmeLegend
Male: Quinten Fredericus, 18 - DMonkey1607