The Capitol

Alexandros Divine

As I stand on the balcony overlooking Panem, I feel a surge of pride swell in my chest. After all that time hid away in the garden, useless, I now am the most influential person in Panem. There may be people adamantly demanding to remove me from my presidency, but their voices are drowned out by all of the terrified citizens who follow anything I say.

It was rather easy to become President - it makes me regret all those years I wasted following Chorley's orders when I could have ruled Panem. It's effortless to control people, even crowds. I've found it doesn't matter how much power you have - as long as people think you have power, you can do whatever you like.

Those rebels don't know what's coming to them. I have control of nearly everyone in Panem, and I can take them down by sheer force. They're no more than a small little riot that will make no difference.

This is the final chapter of Rapids! It's pretty short since I didn't know what to do with my last epilogue, but Feathers will start up soon! I have a full tribute list (look out for the update where I'll announce the tributes), so I'll begin it soon. Hopefully, my updates will become more frequent now that I have a fresh set of tributes and story, but Reapings are always difficult.

- Lilah