Hi! This isn't an important chapter, so feel free to not read this. I just realized that I never gave Glorian a eulogy, and I figured that every tribute deserves one so I'm going to quickly give him a eulogy.

If you're following Feathers, I'm currently working on the second POV for District 4. It should be up soon, but at this point, it's pretty clear I can't be trusted to follow through on deadlines.

2nd: Glorian Stafford (D2M): Stabbed by Cecilia Hart (D1F) - Glorian was a serious contender for winning the entire story, and he lost for one simple reason: Cecilia beat him in the polls. I really liked this guy, which is probably clear by the number of times I sent him to the brink of death then brought him back for another fight. He was possibly a bit overpowered at times, but I think his mental conflicts made up for that in his character. Perhaps I'm alone in that belief, but I don't think I made him too unrealistic (other than that time he fell down a cliff and recovered a day later due to a mysterious sponsor gift XD). At first he was very difficult for me to write for, but as time went by, I grew more and more attached to him. As with Mika (my runner-up in Flames) there was no reason to kill him, there were just better reasons to keep the other alive. RIP Glorian.