It was Friday night at the Bellas house. And everyone knew what that meant: Bellas bonding night.

Tonight, everyone, gathered in the Chloe's room for confession circle.

"Alright, Legacy, you start." Beca states excitedly.

"Alright." Emily stands up nervously.

"I sleep with a nightlight." Emily states and sits back down, letting out a breath.

"That was shit, Legacy! We already knew that!" Amy yells in Emily's ear, giving her a noogie.

Emily rolls her eyes.

"Ok." Chloe stands up, visibly shaking.

"I... play the guitar."

Beca bursts out laughing, soon followed by the rest of the Bellas.

"Chloe Beale, the acapella champion who swears to never play an instrument but her voice for the rest of her life, plays the guitar?" Aubrey chuckled.

Once the laughter settled down, Beca asked a question.

"What genre of music do you play?".

"Oh, you know, a little bit of everything. Blues, Pop, Rock, Metal-" Chloe gets cut off by Beca.

"Excuse me- did you say METAL?" Beca's jaw drops wide open.

Chloe nods.

"Oh my god, I have to see this." Stacie adds.

After a few moments of silence, Chloe adds something.

"I'll be right back."

And Chloe comes right back, a black electric guitar and amp in both of her hands. Chloe plugs the amp in, turns it on, turns the pickup on, and cranks out an insane rendition of "Modern Misery" by Architects UK.

When she plays the last note, the Bellas are awestruck.

"My girlfriend is a heavy metal prodigy." Beca mutters.

"GIRLFRIEND?!" The Bellas yell.