"I've repeatedly told you! I didn't do it!" Meimi shouted at the police officers that was accusing her of murdering a man. She didn't flee because she killed the man, she fled because she was seen by the murderer. The murderer saw her entire being as her alter ego, Saint Tail. She didn't trust Saint Tail as Saint Tail was the evil personality. Saint Tail would threaten her and all Meimi could remember in those times was that a very purplish and blackish aura was covering her body every time Saint Tail took over.

"Then, can you explain why your hair was at the crime scene?" One of the police officers asked her. This police officer was holding Seira Mimori by her shoulders. Even Seira knew that Meimi didn't do the evil deed. She was with me the entire night! She thought horrified. Seira opened her mouth to tell the truth, but Meimi stared at her desperately. Despite the fact that it was the truth, it shouldn't be said to these officers. They were just wanting to arrest Meimi. Then, Asuka Daiki came out to confront the officers. Or maybe, he will side with them. Meimi thought bitterly. Meimi glared at Daiki. The teenager sighed and he looked down. He gazed at Seira and he saw a broken look on her face. He looked back at Meimi and he saw tears in her glaring eyes. Meimi shook away her tears.

"There was fingerprints on Meimi's hair. Someone snatched her hair, but we can't pinpoint who." Daiki tells the police officers that was holding Meimi and Seira. Meimi was released immediately, but the officer holding Seira started sweating immensely. Seira took the risk to look up at the officer and the officer gazed back with a frightened expression. At first, she was confused, but then she realized why the man was acting like that. He did it. He took the hair, but how? Meimi was in my room the whole time. Seira then gasped in horror as she continued to stare at the man.

"Help!" Seira cried out, but the policeman covered her mouth. Fortunately, all parties heard her small cry for help and they looked back at Seira and the policeman.

"Hey, Mr. Planted-a-Innocent-Girl's-Hair-at-the-Crime-Scene! You didn't commit the crime, but you're sure up for framing me!" Meimi shouted at the man, who took out his gun. He placed his own gun at his own head and he shot, causing Seira to lurch forward as blood started to pour on her. In shock, she was in a catatonic state, her expression remained unchanged. However, her eye started to twitch. Meimi gazed down, feeling pain in her heart when Seira started to scream. Seira's scream shocked everyone in hearing distance. It was almost hearing a child scream about losing their parents in an accident. This scream was no same. Seira's eyes started to lose their shine and she looked down in a daze. She was bathed in blood.

"Meimi, is Seira hemophobic?" Daiki was concerned, very concerned. Another police officer had already moved the dead body, but Seira was still in her frozen state.

"Yes. Let me take care of her." Meimi begged of Daiki.

"Yeah and oh, by the way, she's crying." Daiki tells Meimi, who immediately ran to hug Seira. Daiki was close enough to hear what Seira was mumbling. "Blood...so much blood. Bloodbath." Seira trembled in Meimi's hold and Meimi looked over the damage. The blood was in Seira's hair and in her clothes and on her skin. Crap! This is 100x worse than just seeing it. She needs a bath now! Meimi thought in horror.

"Daiki, if that's everything, I have to bathe Seira now." Meimi explained to Daiki. Daiki stared sadly at the two girls.

"Yeah, that's everything. Take care of her." Daiki tells Meimi, who silently nodded. Meimi covered Seira with a towel and she shivered. Meimi rushed Seira to her house, to where her parents could help with Seira.

"Code Extreme Red!" Meimi shouted when they finally got in the house. Meimi's parents knew the code and they ran out ot see Seira covered in blood and hyperventilating.

"What happened?" Her mother demanded.

"Some insane police officer shot himself in the head while holding Seira. Needless to say, she panicked." Meimi remembered Seira's heart and gut wrenching scream. Meimi's father started to make a bubble bath for Seira and her mother started to make hot chocolate. Seira couldn't wait until the bath was finished. She pulled off of her clothes, making Meimi and Eimi feel bad for her. The blood was everywhere. Clean. She needed to get clean! Seira started to scream again when the blood seems to be covering her eyes.

She only heard a faint voice shouting "it's ready!" Seira could only feel arms carrying her. She felt bubbly water on her body after Meimi drops her into the tub. The shower was also running so she could clean her hair. As she cleaned off the blood, Meimi was watching her with worry. Please be okay. She thought. It took Seira a hour to get rid of all of the blood that was on her body. Meimi willingly let Seira fall on her as she had the towel to wipe her down with.

"You were great." Meimi tells a silently crying Seira. She knew Seira was crying due to her shoulders shaking. She gave Seira a black shirt with a blue jacket that looks like a short-collared shirt and darker blue pants. Because it was Seira, the jacket was left unzipped, revealing the black shirt that was actually a black undershirt with sleeves. The outfit fit Seira perfectly. "Keep that outfit. I brought it for you." Meimi tells Seira. Seira wasn't shocked at that statement. She tried the zipper and she zipped it halfway and then she unzipped it back down. She was fully calmed down as she had cleaned herself of all of the blood. Meimi's parents were washing her clothes.

Meimi felt Saint Tail in the back of her mind. "How pathetic! Screaming at the blood that was poured on her." Saint Tail tells Meimi. Meimi growled at Saint Tail's words. "I can't wait to get rid of you." Meimi tells Saint Tail. Saint Tail cruelly giggled at Meimi's words. "You can't get rid of me. I am a part of you." Saint Tail tells Meimi. Meimi softly growled. Meimi swore that she would get rid of Saint Tail.

Somewhere elseā€¦

A young boy was investigating a dead body. He was doing this secretly as he didn't want to get caught by the detective taking care of him at the moment. The young boy continued to search the body even more closely and a teenage girl approached him and the body. "Did you find something, Conan?" She asked.

"Drop the formalities, Masumi-chan." Conan tells the young girl who looks like a boy due to her body type.

"Ok, but did you find something?" Masumi was curious, but Conan had to protect her.

"No, I didn't." He lies to her easily. He knows that he wouldn't lie to her, but he is being targeted. He didn't want her to be put into a dangerous situation that may end up killing her, even though he himself may die in the end.