Chapter One: Four

A brilliant flash of light revealed a well-lit metal floor, the reflections of the overhead lights being partially blocked out by experiment 609's shadow. 609 momentarily froze in confusion; deactivation was really weird; it felt like he'd been staring at Jumba only a second or two ago only to now be faced with this new metal floor and strange lights. But then again-from what Jumba had told him beforehand, no one would remember being deactivated, much less how long they were like that. His mind felt foggy, his memories faint and cluttered as he tried to piece together where he was.

However, 609 suddenly saw movement out of the corner of his eye. He guessed it must be Jumba, though the location was definitely strange; either the lab must've gotten new lighting, or they'd simply been moved to a different one all together. He looked up to see who it was, and immediately felt his stomach drop through the floor.

This...whoever this was, they weren't Jumba. That was obvious.

He was also probably in a lot of trouble.

Scowling down at 609 was a gigantic shark-like alien with featureless blue eyes and a deadly serious expression, watching 609 intently as he towered over him. It was then that 609 realized he was inside a container, the thick glass reflecting the bright yellow lights of the room. Fear instantly gripped him; being stolen was one option, so was being sold, as was a raid on the lab and a bunch of other possibilities-none of which good for anyone, let alone himself.

"Welcome, Heat."

609 stared at the alien in renewed confusion before putting his hands to the glass, but before he could fully process the bizarre greeting, the alien was already walking to his left, listing off what 609 assumed to be three other names; "Thresher, Plasmoid, and Hammerface".

Three experiments were standing beside him in similar containers, looking just as puzzled as he was. "Thresher", the closest, was familiar as 609 could remember seeing him in the lab's experiment files but couldn't remember his number. He recognized 617 in between Thresher with his usual scowl, but couldn't see much of the last experiment-who's flat nose was the only part of him visible at the moment along with gray hands with dark nails placed on the glass similar to himself.

Not appearing to notice the experiments' confusion, the alien continued on, crossing his arms behind his back and stopping near the last container, "I'm going to train you into the leanest, meanest unit in the galaxy, and send you on a very important mission. This is your target."

He took a picture out of his pocket and showed it to the experiments. 609 blinked as he gazed at the image; the picture showed a small blue experiment sitting on sand, smiling and waving at the camera next to a bucket and a small shovel with a large forest in the background.

After a moment of silence, "Hammerface"-the experiment furthest from him, spoke up, "Who are you, and who is this in the picture? You don't activate and order us to simply capture someone, especially when it's another experiment."

The alien seemed to expect this burst of questions from the experiment, who'd now taken his hands off the glass and had stepped forward, crossing his arms. While 609 still couldn't see much of him, he caught sight of a furrowed brow and a sullen, slightly sunken eye as Hammerface glared upwards in suspicion.

"I am Gantu, now former captain of the Galactic Federation. I am here on a mission to capture the experiments released on this planet by your creator, this experiment, and his friend. I found the four of you in a junk store and took you to help me accomplish it." The alien said, introducing himself with a raised brow to Hammerface..

"And do what with us?" Hammerface pressed, his eyes narrowing in response, "We weren't created to be ordered around."

"...True, but at least you're still fulfilling your programming. Had I not discovered your pods, you would've been found by 626; the experiment I showed you just now." Gantu said, "The reason I have come to capture the experiments is because 626, your creator, and a girl from this planet have taken it upon themselves to capture you and reverse your programming."

"What do you mean? Jumba wouldn't reprogram us-"

"No, but the little Earth girl would."

Hammerface and now 617 blinked at Gantu as a tense silence fell over the room. 609 nervously glanced around before deciding to speak up; this was making absolutely no sense whatsoever, "But-but I don't think she could-"

Gantu quickly turned and stared at 609, his eyes narrowing at his interjection, "Actually Heat, it is happening regardless of what you think; at least twenty experiments have been reprogrammed by these three to slave away on this planet. What do you have to say to them, including some of the ones I've personally managed to reclaim?"

609 instantly averted his eyes from Gantu and stared at one of the lights off to the side; he didn't like the look he was being given nor the feeling of guilt that was coming over him. He shouldn't have said anything if it'd get him this kind of bizarre reaction; he felt his fur beginning to stand up in unease at the onslaught of questions-if he could even call them that-he couldn't describe them, but they sounded awful in response to a small one like his own...

"How about you answer him, asshole?" 617 snapped, angry at Gantu's targeting of 609, "How the hell is this kid responsible for flat out reprogramming us? Last time I checked, 609's right-that's next to impossible to do even for Jumba, so what's she doing to them?"

"It means what you might assume." Gantu said matter of factly, turning back to 617.

"Oh, that's cute, because we don't KNOW what's going on you dick!" 617 shouted, causing Thresher and 609 to jump in surprise, "You activate us and tell us all this shit, you're an ass to 609, you call us by these weird fucking names, what the fuck is going on?!"

"Alright then." Gantu's voice hardened as he scowled down at 617, "Plasmoid, your fellow experiments are being turned "good"-or reprogrammed to not want to cause chaos like you're all created to do, not even to defend themselves. I've been able to recapture some from them, and was able to do so with ease, since they usually do nothing to fight against me."

617 turned silent at this and Hammerface's mouth fell open in horror. 609 looked to Thresher for some kind of explanation, being lost on what the other two had realized. However, Hammerface spoke up, his voice trembling slightly, "So they're being brainwashed."

"...Admittedly-you could view it as that given original programming. They're turned "good" and put to work on some part of this planet, often taking demeaning jobs." Gantu said, "I know of a particular one who makes an Earth food known as "milkshakes" all day, yet he was designed to create earthquakes."

"…513?" 617 asked quietly as 544 fearfully stared at Gantu. Despite staying silent, he seemed to recognize who this particular experiment was.

Gantu nodded gravely, "This is why I took you the moment I found your pods. Had you been found by this girl or 626, the same fate would've befallen the four of you."

"There is hope however," He said, glancing at the now terrified 609 and Thresher, "We can still rescue these experiments, including the ones that have been captured by these three. I would like you four to help me on this mission in finding the experiments still deactivated and rescuing the ones who have been put to work on this planet. In exchange, you are free to use your abilities however you wish and have full reign of this ship and the surrounding area."

Finishing his explanation, Gantu stood back and crossed his arms at the four, "So, do we have a deal?"

The experiments glanced anxiously at each other; 609 hugged himself, placing his back against the container and staring at his right antenna. He flicked at it anxiously; he didn't like Gantu's tone-it was really forceful, similar to how Jumba sounded when he demanded he practice his abilities. But at the same time, there was at least some reason behind this with experiments being captured and brainwashed on this unknown planet-and by the very person who made them no less.

He heard Hammerface sigh, "We don't have a choice-don't give us the impression. But I agree to this..."deal", as you put it."

"I'm in too-fuckin' prick thinks he can just make us to cause chaos and then yank us out of it?! Fuck him-and fuck whoever that 626 bitch is too." 617 snarled, startling 609, as he looked over to see 617 was near ready to blow his way out of his container. 617 paused at 609's movement, having sensed it out of the corner of his eye. "Agh-sorry-you're in too though, right 609?" He asked, trying to lower his voice to accommodate him.

"I…uh-yeah-I mean yes-yes, I'm in."

He'd stumbled over his words, but 617 took it in stride, squinting and giving him a wide smile with his ears drawn back. 609 had known him only a short while in the lab, as 617 was extremely successful and was always being trained by Jumba, but they'd always been on good terms; 617 standing up to Jumba for 609, and 609 keeping him warm with his thermal abilities when the lab became too cold. 609 smiled back at 617; it felt good to at least have him to talk to, even if the situation they were in was so serious. 617 turned towards Thresher, tapping the side of his container with his front leg to get his attention, "Hey-what about you? You haven't talked throughout this whole thing by the way-you okay?"

Thresher's stalk eyes swiveled towards 617 for a moment, then turned away to gaze at the floor. 609 could see he was uncomfortable-he'd been staring out the windows of the ship the whole conversation, and seemed to refuse to look at anyone. It was understandable given the situation and truthfully-none of them really knew each other save 609 and 617, but it was still a bit strange. A full several seconds passed before Thresher finally gave a small nod in agreement, still staring at the floor of his container.

"So you are all in agreement. Well done men, you've done a great service to your fellow experiments." Gantu pressed a button on the front of the ledge holding the four in their containers, causing them to shoot upwards and away from the four experiments.

609 watched as the containers receded through holes momentarily opening up in the ceiling. He could sense some heat coming from there, as well as the sound of soft humming running through the machinery. He turned to the others and attempted to talk with them, seeing as 617 was already focused on Thresher and himself and Hammerface was making his way over to them, crossing his arms and momentarily shooting Gantu a distrustful glance. However, before he could say anything, he was stopped by Gantu, who put his hand out to get their attention.

"Glad to see you've already begun to get to know each other, but now that you've agreed to this, I may tell you something much more important; the specifics of this mission-one of many you'll be taking in the future in regards to this planet and your fellow experiments."

With that, he abruptly put his arms behind his back, causing the four to exchange skeptical glances. The experiment I have showed you, as you are now aware, is known as 626. He along with the girl I mentioned prior and your creator have taken it upon themselves to capture the rest of the experiments scattered around this island. At the moment, I do not know how many these three have captured, but I estimate the number to be twenty, or around it."

"So you don't know then. That's nice." Hammerface said sarcastically, "Anything else "important" we need to hear, or is that it?" He put his fingers up in mock quotations as he asked, the other three snickering behind him.

Gantu scowled in mutual irritation at Hammerface. He'd never seen such a sardonic 0-series; it was actually a little jarring to meet one who was this insolent given the rest of the members he'd previously encountered. Angry as he was, and as much as he was satisfied the four weren't too skeptical of him-his brainwashing story had worked incredibly well which-something he was surprised at but proud of, 033, or now "Hammerface," was clearly the one he'd need to watch. Something on his file in the computer had caught Gantu's attention, namely several statements about the experiment's history in the lab, none of which were flattering. "Uncooperative", "Demands order", "Controlling", and "reminiscent of ex-wife" weren't things he'd heard from any other experiment's entries...let alone an ex-wife comment.

He'd have to contact Hamsterviel; something was wrong with this particular experiment for the computer to make those statements.

"...Anyways, as for where we are, this planet is called "Earth", and we are currently on one of its many islands. This "Earth girl" I speak of is vastly involved in convincing experiments to take these such menial and degrading jobs. Your mission around her is to simply not allow her any of your time. Don't attack her, but don't speak to or allow her anywhere near you. She's dangerous and behind many of these reformations, so be careful around her."

"Your main mission is to capture 626; Jumba and this Earth girl rely on him to capture experiments so they can manipulate them, and he is her closest friend. Capturing him will shut down the other two and prevent them from being able to catch any more experiments without extreme difficulty."

Gantu placed his hands on his hips and stood back, watching the four as they listened to the lengthy retelling of his mission-now partially theirs as well.

"We start training tonight. I have business to take care of, so it can't be for long. However, I've found the perfect target practice for the four of you until you have the time to do so with each other."

At hearing this, 609 suddenly picked up on something coming from the ceiling; it sounded like whistling-that or muffled singing in a high, nasally voice. It appeared to be traveling across the upper level of the ship, heading towards the elevator.

He swore he saw Gantu smirk at it.

"Ready for a little target practice men?" Gantu asked, turning towards the four. They grunted in approval, 609 nodding as much as his head and floppy ears would allow. He'd been wanting to use his power-the lights had been a nice source of energy even if they weren't releasing any heat. At the moment, he only had his inner heat energy to go off of...which was plenty enough, but he still would've liked some extra.

Gantu pressed another button, this one next to the ledge where they'd been activated, "Commence attack."

The door of the elevator opened to reveal a very pudgy experiment carrying a bunch of sandwiches piled on a plate and holding another in his free hand. He clearly hadn't expected to see them as he grinned and held up the sandwich to greet them, "Hey guys, want a tuna-"

The experiment cried out and ducked as 617 immediately shot several blasts of plasma directly towards him, barely dodging them as they flew over his head and exploded against the wall of the elevator and the plate of sandwiches he'd been carrying.

"…Melt?" he finished, staring in shocked confusion at the now molten bread and lettuce of the top few sandwiches.

617 wasted no time; he grinned and charged up, firing more blasts of red plasma at the experiment, who yelled and threw the sandwiches off his plate, holding it in front of him as a shield as 617 continued to fire.

"Cut it out!" He yelled, peering over the top of the now charred plate. Gantu ignored the experiment, instead turning to 609, "Heat, would you do the honors?" Gantu asked, gesturing towards 625.

He guessed this was his name now? It was weird to have someone refer to him as something different than his number and this would definitely take some getting used to, but he supposed it'd work. 609 raised his ears as he smiled up at Gantu, then turned towards the experiment, who already looked unnerved and was repositioning his plate.

The blast of heat energy 609 released was enough to burn a hole through the plate, the experiment nearly dropping it as he peered through it at them, "That's not funny!" He yelled, noticing 609's smirk.

"Thresher, you could use some exercise, jump in at any moment." Gantu said, 609 and the others watching as the silent experiment jumped forward with surprising speed, extending his spiked, mace-like tentacles towards 625-who barely managed to dodge and hide under a storage container-which was destroyed in a matter of seconds.

"I'm serious!" He yelled at the experiments, only for Gantu to cross his arms and glare at him, "It's good to see that you've finally become useful, 625." He said.

609 could hear the venom in Gantu's voice; it was similar to how he'd talked to him earlier when he'd questioned him about the experiments' situation, and he couldn't help but take a step back and glance worriedly at Gantu upon hearing it. Hammerface must've noticed as well, because he whirled around in suspicion, "And you mean that by what? From how he's reacted to us, he didn't even know we were here, much less that we'd be practicing our abilities."

Gantu turned his glare straight towards Hammerface, "I think you may want to stop asking questions for the time being-in fact, since you clearly think you know more about this situation than I do, why don't you participate? Your file says you're a powerful and successful zero series experiment after all."

"That's not going to work on me-"

Hammerface was suddenly interrupted by a loud yelp. He spun around to see 625 had been thrown into the wall by Thresher and was now curling up, placing his hands over his eyes as the octopus-like experiment began to charge towards him. Breaking off his growing argument with Gantu, Hammerface ran past 609 and 617 towards Thresher, "Hey-hey that's enough! Get back!" He yelled, darting in front of 625 and spreading his arms wide to defend the pudgy experiment, "Turn around, and head back to the other two."

It took 609 a couple of seconds to see why Hammerface had dove in front of 625, but a glance to the ground beside Thresher revealed a tuft of yellow hair along with a couple drops of pink blood speckling the floor. He felt a chill run up his spine and instantly turned away, a sick feeling beginning to grow in his stomach. Thresher glanced over and winced at the sight, turning his eyes towards the ground in shame.

Hammerface turned and glared at Gantu, "Training is over."

"Actually, I get to decide when it's over-since I'm leading you, Hammerface." Gantu snapped.

"You said I'm a zero? I'm a household helper, so I'm doing my job, you cretin. Go take care of whatever idiotic business you have and leave us alone! I'm handling this so-called "training session" of yours for now." Hammerface snapped.

Gantu glared at Hammerface, but backed down, taking a step away from the four and crossing his arms, "Alright, fine, have it your way, the uppermost level of the ship has some sleeping quarters." He stormed past them, traveling down the elevator and leaving the five experiments to themselves.

Hammerface glared after Gantu and shook his head in disgust before turning to 625 and offering his hand to the trembling experiment, who'd managed to get himself into a sitting position during the confrontation, "Can you stand? Or do you want any help?" He asked gently, hearing Gantu continuing to storm in the background on the level below them.

"I-I think so," The experiment slowly raised himself up, placing a hand against the storage container to steady himself as he did so, "well-I uh, I guess I'll need to make more sandwiches, right?" He asked, offering the four a small smile.

Hammerface frowned at 625; he'd been cut up on his head and arm from Thresher's attack and he was placing a hand on his wrist-a sign it may be sprained. Whoever this experiment was, he was clearly trying to hide how injured he truly was despite the obvious sight of his cuts and a few singe marks; one of Plasmoid's blasts must've hit, "Well then 625, you should forget about the sandwiches and come to the upper level with us-I don't know what's going on here, but we're not being told what's really going on, and you need to be treated for your injuries."

"Well, actually I'm fine-six series and all ya know, so I don't need any help." The experiment said, beginning to walk away from the four. However, 625 only managed to take a couple of steps before wincing in pain, holding his wrist against his stomach. "…Or not."

Hammerface wordlessly took him by the shoulders and guided him back towards the other three. Everyone looked scared and tired; Plasmoid and Heat were still staring at both him and 625's injuries in silent horror, and Thresher was still gazing at his feet and away from them, ashamed of managing to injure 625. 033 sighed; he felt the same, and worse yet, he didn't know who these four were. Their designs all screamed that they were Jumba's, but they must be highly advanced-and inexperienced given what he'd seen of them. "Okay, Thresher? Don't be upset at yourself. I don't think anyone realized this was going to get out of control the way it did."

Whether Thresher heard him or not was unclear, but the other two exchanged worried glances, Plasmoid shifting from one leg to the other and Heat pulling at one of the antenna on his arm. 033-he refused to call himself "Hammerface"-whatever that so-called name was-could still hear Gantu stomping on the lower level, seemingly ranting to himself about the failed training session.

He grimaced at the noise before turning to the others.

"Everyone up to the upper level. I want us as far away from the idiot down there as possible."

It took Hammerface a couple of tries to reach the upper level of whatever ship this was, four unknown experiments he now supposed he was in charge of in tow, one injured, another immeasurably guilty, and the last two too scared to even speak with each other despite their familiarity with one another. Reaching the top floor revealed a single pilot ship and several blankets and pillows messily strewn about on the floor beside it. Hammerface curled his lip in revulsion; he'd been created to do household chores and maintenance; seeing this pathetic excuse of "sleeping quarters" as Gantu had put it was insulting.

Opening one of the cupboards revealed he'd managed to find some of the ship's medical supplies by a stroke of luck. Sitting 625 down one of the blankets, he opened the kit and began to dress the cut over his eye, the other three watching him do so in silence. Hammerface decided now would be a good time to try breaking the ice and potentially-getting some information from 625 as to what was actually going on in whatever this place was.

"This'll sound a bit stupid, but are you feeling alright? You look pretty shaken up."

'…I dunno, I just got attacked by you four for insulting someone about fifty times my size, I guess I might be a little freaked out." The experiment said, clearly irritated by the question.

"I was just asking, 625." Hammerface said, "I should've stepped in before it got to this-this wouldn't have happened on Kweltikwan."

This got the other three's attention, "Wait-you lived on there? We never got to see it because Jumba was banned from there a while before we were created." 609 said, happy to sense a change of subject.

"I know. I was there for said banning. And his horrible wife throwing him out." Hammerface turned to 609 and saw he'd turned his gaze down to the ground once again, "Oh...I'm sorry. I just didn't realize this would get dangerous like it did, especially since he clearly didn't tell 625 anything about a training session."

609 looked at 625 as Hammerface continued to work on him, "So why were you the person he chose for this "target practice"?" He asked, "It didn't look like he told you anything about us, much less being target practice or anything."

"I didn't know he'd do that!" 625 cried, "You'd think he'd be used to me telling him he's a failure but no-he's gotta go ahead and bring you four in to take revenge for him!" He crossed his arms and glared at the floor, "He couldn't even use his stupid plasma cannon…"

"Wait-so we were pulled in for asshole down there to get revenge on you." 617 said, raising an eyebrow at 625, 'And for you insulting his sorry ass until he snapped."




Everyone started slightly at Thresher's low, nasally voice as it rang out through the still air of the base. He looked around for a second before turning a reddish-violet, "It is. And I'm...I'm really sorry."

"Eeh…Apology accepted?" 625 shrugged, "I did tell him his life was a boring failure, but I dunno what his issue was to actually go out and get you four to go after me."

Hammerface got a pack of bandages out and began wrapping 625's head, "Do you mean to tell me he regularly acts like this?" He asked. This conversation was now very worrying; 625 was obviously highly resilient, but he only came up to Gantu's ankle as did the rest of them. To hear he was getting regularly treated so poorly by Gantu was concerning given at this point, the five of them had nowhere else to go. Even if Gantu was lying to them-something 033 strongly suspected-this was an unknown planet they would have a lot of difficulty navigating if they ever escaped.

"Well, no-but he does tend to chase me around when I get him mad enough. Don't worry-I'm resistant to it so it doesn't do anything; I actually have all of my cuz 626's powers."

"That doesn't justify it." Hammerface finished bandaging 625's head and pointed to his arm, "How's that? It looks to me you sprained it judging from how you're holding it."

625 held out his wrist, Hammerface wrapping another bandage around it, "Well, no obviously, but I have my own ways of getting back at him. I even lasered his butt while he was napping once." He grinned, but stopped when he saw Hammerface giving him a frown, "...Look, I can handle it alright? And also-what about you? I heard Gantu blabbing about getting a powerful 0-series, so I guess you're it judging from your head there?"

Hammerface sighed, seeing he was getting nowhere on the issue of Gantu mistreating 625, "He's not wrong; I'm 033; I'm the second successful experiment with physical strength, and I was created to do household chores and lab work. Spent years looking after Jumba's home before he was banned from Kweltikwan and got his divorce."

"I was deactivated then, so I didn't meet anyone past a mid-three series until now." He smiled wryly at the four, "I'm my own time capsule at this point."

"Nice-I'm 617; I was created to fire explosive plasma." Plasmoid said, grinning back at Hammerface, "And he's 609-he's like the laser version of me." He jabbed a foreleg towards 609, who started and placed a hand to his antenna, pulling at it slightly, "Well-I can absorb and release a ton of heat energy through this organ on my head. Jumba told me it's a thermal laser, but I'm not sure about that-it feels more like fire to me whenever I use it."

Hammerface nodded at the two, turning to Thresher, "And how about you?"

"…544." Thresher's voice came out even lower and softer than before. It was apparent he was withdrawing from the conversation.

"Alright-544." Hammerface said, only for 617 to cut in again, "That means he's designed to destroy environments-and while we're on that, us in the six series are supposed to help in armies."

This surprised Hammerface, who's eyes went wide, "Helping in armies? He actually went that far?"

609 raised an eyebrow, surprised despite 033 admitting to being deactivated for a long time, "What do you mean? I thought he made each series to build on the last one. With ours he kind of went all out every time he made one of us."

Hammerface returned 609's confused look, "I was deactivated around the four series, so it's surprising to me that'd he'd make experiments able to destroy entire civilizations and planets." He zipped the kit closed and placed it in the cupboard, walking back to organize the blankets and pillows on the floor. "Alternatively it did lead to three series I have yet to meet, so I'm not complaining about it."

He glanced out the window as he walked over, seeing dark, immobile forms of alien plants and mountains against a navy blue sky. A single moon surrounded by a scant number of stars and clouds shone just behind the top mountain.

"Anyways, it's night on this planet, which means we're going to need to get used to the time zones here. 625, you can go wherever you want since you know this place better than us, though I'd stay away from the bottom level for obvious reasons."

"Hey-no need to tell me, I've got my own place on one of them anyways. But thanks for the help patching me up." 625 walked to the elevator, waving to them with his uninjured hand before traveling to the level below.

Hammerface arranged the blankets, placing the pillows out at the tops, nodding to the other three, "I don't know what time it is here, but let's get some sleep for tomorrow; if today was like this, then tomorrow's probably going to be harder for us."

The base of wherever they were was relatively quiet save the hum of machinery and a slight breeze rustling the large plants outside, 609 finding it hard to sleep with the deluge of new information and sights he'd experienced within the past few hours. He rolled over in his makeshift bed to look outside the window through the stand of the shuttle, seeing the single moon higher above the mountain and the plants swaying in the breeze. His memories of the old lab were still vague, but he got the impression it'd been slightly more quiet there. He hadn't seen all of it since his deactivation was earlier than usual, but the image of the local nebulae and stars outside its windows came to mind in contrast to the thick, dark blue atmosphere of the planet.

He suddenly heard a low whisper from behind him, "Hey, 609-you still up?"

609 looked over to see 617 curled up next to him, watching him worriedly. He nodded in answer to the scorpion-like experiment. 617 gulped and gazed around at the large ship looming over the four, "We need to get out of here. I don't like that Gantu guy-especially not after how he treated you and 625. And also…" He wrinkled his nose, "What was up with the names from him? If he thinks I'm being named after some stupid solar phenomena, he's fucked."

"I don't know. He called me "Heat" and that's...pretty uncreative." 609 said, "Maybe they're just codenames? At least, I kind of want to think of them as that. Our numbers are our real names and I don't want to look at what he gave us as anything other than that after what happened with 625."

"Maybe. He was so weird about them too-all that "Heat" and "Plasmoid" shit like he was forcing it on us."

"Yeah. I don't want something like Heat as my name, especially when it's going to be yelled at me…we should keep them separate-use our numbers instead of weird stuff like "Heat" and "Plasmoid"."

609 yawned, the heat-he wasn't going to be looking at that word the same again-was making him drowsy. Normally it did the opposite since he was a thermal experiment, but he'd used some of his stored energy in the training and it'd come back fairly quickly with the blankets they'd been given. Now, it was just making him tired like it did for most other experiments. "I feel bad for 033-getting well…that as a name…"

617 giggled, "Worst one of us…then there's you, Thresher, and then me. Lot of creativity if I've ever seen it." He sighed and repositioned his head, turning it towards the elevator door, "Anyways, I wanna go outside and look around tomorrow. But still-we gotta get out of here, maybe even take that ship above us if 033 knows how to pilot it."

"Yeah. Get everyone else and just run-that's pretty much our end goal right now…" 609 trailed off, pulling his cover over him, "I'll try looking outside with you tomorrow."


609 raised an ear in acknowledgement, turning onto his back and closing his eyes to the dark outline of the ship looming over them.