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"Dad? Hey Dad, where are you?" Rosaline shouted. It was her friend Stephanie's birthday today, and she wanted to get some advice on her outfit before she left for the party.

She heard his reply. "Magnus isn't here, Lina, if that's what you're wondering."

Rosaline sighed, and headed downstairs. "No, Dad, I meant you. If I wanted Papa, I'd say so."

Alec looked up from his recently broken bow to see Rosaline descending the staircase. "You want me to evaluate your outfit?!"

She sighed. "Was it that obvious?"

Alec grinned. "Well, you wouldn't be coming down in all your finery for nothing!"

Rosaline had to laugh at that. Next time she wouldn't underestimate her dad's observation skills.

"Well come on then, let me look at you," he said, motioning for her to twirl.

She spun, making sure to let her dad see her complete outfit. Rosaline was especially proud of herself tonight- it was common knowledge that her style was more casual chic then party glamour.

She'd borrowed one of her Aunt Isabelle's dresses, a pretty dark blue dress with a flower print. She was nearly the same size as her now, and so had also borrowed a pair of black wedge boots. Rosaline had added her own twist with a denim jacket, and black watch & hair-tie around her wrists, right and left respectively.

She'd been really confused at what to do with her hair, until Cristina had stopped by. Apparently she'd been pretty good at doing hair when she was younger, so she put Rosaline's thick, wavy, unmanageable black hair up into a quick pencil bun (with two unsheathed seraph blade, because why not?), with a couple strands falling around her face. Then Aunt Clary had come by (who knew she was so good at makeup?) and highlighted her brown eyes with something that made them pop. Add that to a couple of runes on her, hidden by foundation that matched her naturally tanned skin, and she was good to go!

(The runes were Angelic Power, Equilibrium, Speed, Strength and Clear Sight. Duh)

And naturally she'd gone, and they'd all come by, without her dad noticing. Magnus had been out all day, dealing with some mishaps, so Alec had been pretty buried in his work. But he didn't have to know that- any of that.

Which brought her back to the present. Twirling in front of her dad.

Alec clapped. "You look very nice, Lina. You good to go?"

She nodded, pointing to her hidden runes. "Angelic Power, Equilibrium, Speed, Strength and Clear Sight. Unsheathed seraph blades hidden in my bun, Valkyrie in the sheath attached to my dress and two hunting knives, one silver, one iron, hidden in thigh sheaths."

At the last bit, Alec shuddered. "I remember Izzy threatening to use those sheaths," he mused. Then he straightened up and said, "Okay, you're good! Hope you have a good time!"

Rosaline smiled, kissed him on the cheek, and walked out the front door.

There she snapped her fingers, and a small bloom of purple fire appeared. She wiggled her fingers and the fire turned itself into a pretty purple flower, which she put on her jacket.

This gift of magic was from Magnus. He, obviously, hadn't wanted Alec to know.

"Thanks, Papa," Rosaline whispered to empty air.

Then she strode down the street to Stephanie's place.

It was past sunset, so the vampire girl could go outside easily. And that's exactly what she did, flinging herself at Rosaline with a squeal and a massive hug.

Rosaline returned the hug warmly. "Nice to see you too, Steph," she said, ruffling her ash blonde hair.

The vampire smiled. "You too, Rosie." Then she turned abruptly, walking up the steps. "Well? What are you waiting for? Come on in!"

More information about Stephanie can be found:

- In (Wattpad user) princessmellifluous 's book "incantare | the mortal instruments"

- Or in an up-and-coming backstory of both Rosaline and Stephanie that will be published by both princessmellifluous and me! (title yet to be revealed)