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Rosaline, caught off guard, hurriedly ran after Stephanie. The vampire girl led her through the dark hallway until they reached the living room.

It wasn't a big party, she supposed, but more a celebration. With only Stephanie's closest friends; Raphael, Dru, Tavvy, Kit, Ty and her.

Raphael, busy re-pinning a fallen streamer, merely nodded to her. She waved at him, then turned to Kit and Ty.

The couple were busy fixing the TV (apparently it had broken down- again) and Ty didn't really notice her- Kit did, though, and gave her a smile.

Dru was in the kitchen, helping prepare food. She spotted Rosaline immediately and went over to hug her.

"Rosie! So glad you could make it!"

Rosaline smiled, hugging the older girl back. "Yeah, I got Dad's permission."

Then she spotted Stephanie, talking to Tavvy and remembered her present. "Sorry, Dru, just got to go give Steph my present."

Dru nodded and turned back to her work. Rosaline crossed the room in a few long strides, picking up her gift as she did so.

They both looked up as she approached, holding out her gift, wrapped in purple tissue paper.

"Hey, Tavvy," she greeted, throwing him a smile. They were friends, she supposed, but there was still a hint of tension between then. A couple years back, when Rosaline had been 13 and finally understood the magnitude of her parents' deaths, they... hadn't been on the best of terms.

Well, kind of on the worst of terms.

Tavvy had snapped at her, telling her that his parents were dead as well- shouldn't she be over it by now? He sure was!

Knowing -thinking -he was blatantly lying, she had mutely glared at him, tears still streaming down her face.

He'd then told her, quite bluntly, that there were more important things. Despite the fact that it might be true, she'd still gone pale with rage at his response.

Blame it on hormones, or simply just anger, but she'd slapped him.

Slapped him so hard there'd been a bruise on his cheek for weeks.

They'd made their peace last year, on a mission together, but she still hadn't quite forgiven him.

And he probably hadn't forgiven her either.