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Steven's brow lowered, his eyes glistening with attack mode. He and the crystal gems had been trying to best this enemy all afternoon and it was proving quite the challenge. But he was not giving up.

"Come on guys!" Steven exclaimed, standing up. "One piece left! Search EVERYWHERE!"

"Come on man, give it a rest." Amethyst sighed, rolling over on the couch and falling off. "This got boring, like, five hours ago."

"Technically it was three." Garnet straightened her visor.

"One last piece Amethyst." Pearl commanded. "For Steven."

"Yeah yeah." Amethyst rolled onto her side.

"It'll probably take until evening." Steven stood with his hands on his hips. "But no matter what, we will complete this cookie cat jigsaw and-"

"Found it." Amethyst called, reaching under the sofa.

"Oh, that was easy." Steven took the piece and placed it in it's place. "Nice. Now we can marvel at the sight of three cookie cat kittens playing with wool." He smiled fondly at his frozen friends.

"So, what next?" Amethyst asked no one in particular. "No plans, cool, I'm off to my room!" She got up and began to head towards the temple doors. When she was about the cross over the warp pad, however, it suddenly activated.

"Whoa!" Amethyst exclaimed, stumbling back. "Now who could that be?"

The warp stopped to reveal Peridot, but something was clearly wrong. She was breathing heavily and shaking, and stumbled forwards, collapsing into Amethyst's arms.

"Dot!" Amethyst exclaimed. "Are, are you alright?"

Garnet and Pearl were on their feet at once, ready for an enemy to follow Peridot through the warp. None came however, so they gradually lowered their weapons.

"Peridot, what's wrong?" Steven asked nervously. Peridot looked up at him, her eyes filled with fear and fatigue.

"L, Lapis..." She whispered, and poofed in Amethyst's hands. The quartz neatly caught her, and everyone else crowded round.

"What was that?!" Pearl exclaimed.

"I don't know." Garnet looked towards the warp pad. "But I think we should go check out the barn."


The barn had been recently rebuilt by Lapis and Peridot after they had reformed after the wedding. Steven and the rest of the gems had returned from their diplomatic mission to Homeworld with limited success, they hadn't been able to enlist White Diamond's help, but they had escaped with their lives. The crystal gems had managed to slip back into their usual routines with the odd corrupted gem problem here and there, but Blue and Yellow Diamonds were managing to keep the armies of Homeworld at bay.

All this ran through Steven's head as the four of them arrived at the barn. Everything looked more or less normal, but that was just on the outside. Steven dreaded seeing the inside. He was beginning to enjoy this quiet period.

"Yeesh, what happened in here!" Amethyst exclaimed, sticking her head around the door. "They get into an argument or something?"

"Oh no!" Pearl exclaimed, looking about.

The barn was a mess, water dripped from the ceiling, the CPH posters were all waterlogged and torn, the meep morps were scattered and the TV was smashed.

A quiet whimpering came from Lapis's hammock. Steven hurried over to see Pumpkin cowering inside. He picked her up, stroking her soothingly.

"Shh, it's OK." He whispered. "But where's Lapis?"

"I don't think she's here." Pearl muttered. "Oh what a mess! What could have done this? Certainly not a corrupted gem, it would still be around here somewhere!" She looked about nervously.

"And if they poofed it, Peridot wouldn't have bothered to come get us." Garnet frowned. "No, this is something else."

"But what could it be?" Steven said, coming over, Pumpkin still in his arms. The vegetable suddenly started wriggling about, and jumped out of Steven's arms, over to a pile of collapsed meep morps. She started digging around in the rubble, barking.

"What's she looking for?" Amethyst wondered, and the crystal gems helped the search.

"Looking for this?" Steven scooped up an old tape recorder. Pumpkin barked excitedly. Steven looked down at the item in his hands. The recorder itself was all smashed up, but the tape was intact.

"Maybe they were recording something when whatever did this," Pearl gestured to the barn. "Arrived. This could give us a lead!"

"Shall we watch it?" Steven asked Garnet.

"Not here." The fusion said. "Something feels off about this place. We should get back to the house and see what's on this tape."

As the group headed towards the warp pad, however, someone was watching them. A pair of blue lips curved into a smile and the figure moved from the bushes smoothly, her long blue skirt rustling slightly.

"Gotcha." She whispered, and a pair of watery wings spread. The gem took to the sky.


The crystal gems gathered in front of their TV, and Steven inserted the tape. Nervously, they began to watch.

After a few second of static, the image appeared. Peridot and Lapis sat with their backs to the barn door, Pumpkin on Peridot's lap.

"Hello loyal watchers of our newly founded blog, Camp Pining Clods." Peridot happily announced. "Today we will be discussing, Paulette, inconvenience or plot device? I say both!"

"And in response to the questions left on our last video," Lapis said in her usual bored tone. "No, we are not married, yes this is a living vegetable, not an animatronic. No, we are not hippies. No Ronaldo, you cannot make a guest appearance or upload our videos to your blog."

"Oh cool, they have a youtube channel." Steven said happily. "Aww, collaboration."

"How do they use a tape to upload something to the internet?" Pearl muttered.

"Beats me." Garnet said with a shrug.

"So anyway," Peridot continued. "I would like to express my opinion on Percy and Paulette's relationship-" A crash came from outside. The pair stiffened and turned.

"Erm, excuse me a second," Peridot stood up and went over to the barn door. A blue hand instantly shot out and caught her by the front of his shirt. "Argh, LAPIS?!"

Lapis gasped and turned around, raising her hand. A tall column of water rose from behind the camera, but was instantly met by an identical comlumn of water. Pumpkin barked and scurried towards the camera. The screen dived into static. The crystal gems stared for a few seconds before Garnet reached out and turned the TV off.

"What the heck was that?!" Amethyst exclaimed.

"Maybe a gem mutant?" Steven suggested weakly. Pearly shook her head.

"Gem mutants don't have hydrokinetics." She said.

"A corrupted Lapis Lazuli?"

"No, I don't think-"

"That was no corrupted Lapis Lazuli." Garnet stated, clearly thinking hard. "That was an ordinary Lapis Lazuli. That's why Peridot sounded so surprised when she shouted Lapis's name."

"But there are no other Lapis Lazulis on Earth." Pearl said in a worried tone.

"There aren't any Lapis Lazulis on earth." A voice cut in. The crystal gems jumped and turned around. Peridot, whose gem had been placed on Steven's bed for safekeeping, had reformed without anyone noticing.

"Peridot, you're back!" Steven exclaimed. "Wait, what do you mean?"

"I meant what I said." Peridot stood up on Steven's bed. "There were so many of them, all at once, we couldn't fight them all! They managed to get me, and they took Lapis with them, off into the sky!" Peridot sat down, resting her chin on her hand. "I managed to warp before I poofed and... well, we're here now." She sighed. "I'll never see her again!"

"Don't say that!" Steven put a hand on her shoulder. "We'll get her back. Right guys?" He turned to the other crystal gems.

"Right." Garnet agreed.

"Of course." Pearl nodded with a smile.

"Lets go kick butt!" Amethyst punched the air. Peridot smiled.

"Thanks guys."

"No problem." Steven put a hand on her shoulder. "That's what crystal gems, and family, are for."

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