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Nothing happened. Lapis had had her eyes shut in fear, Lazuli was wincing in anticipation of lifelong imprisonment, but both eventually opened their eyes and frowned. Aquamarine stared furiously at the machine.

"I said fire!" She snapped, and jabbed the button again and again. Still nothing happened. The two gems remained intact and safely in their own minds. Lazuli couldn't resist talking to mask her terror.

"Maybe your big shot machine's run out of juice after all, Aqua." She said with a smirk. Aquamarine glowered and the gem holding Lazuli gripped her shoulder even tighter, causing her to cry out in pain.

"Cleary there's been some sort of malfunction." Aquamarine rose up from her perch, wings fluttering madly. "I shall go have a word with the creator." She whizzed over their heads and disappeared down the stairs.

Lapis and Lazuli let out long sighs of relief. They glanced at each other, and waited. They waited and waited, but Aquamarine did not make a reappearance.

"So, is she coming back or what?" Lazuli demanded, turning to face the gem holding her arm. "Well?"

"I don't think they can hear us." Lapis said, nudging the gem holding her with her foot. "I think they only listen to Aquamarine."

Lazuli frowned in concentration, lost in thought. Then she began to struggle against the other Lapis Lazuli's hold. "Come on, maybe we can get free and escape before she gets back!" She called to Lapis, and began to struggle even harder against her captor, with no effect.

"Their grip is too tight!" Lapis called back, struggling, but it did nothing. She was reminded horribly of when she was Malachite along with Jasper, those last few hours, struggling to regain control of herself...

No, this was different.

"Well then," Lazuli wriggled around to face the Lapis Lazuli holding her. "We've got to go for a different approach. Have you ever poofed a gem before?"

"Erm, no?"

"Me neither." Lazuli narrowed her eyes. "But I think it might go a little something like... this!" She reared up and slammed her forehead into the gem holding her, whose gem rested just below her throat. It had no effect. "Hmm, maybe not then." She turned to Lapis. "You try."

Lapis looked up at the blank faced Lapis Lazuli holding her. Neither of them had chosen this and she didn't want to hurt her.

"Err, maybe I won't." She said definitely. "Fighting isn't really my thing, especially not poofing gems."

"Well, this one's not budging." Lazuli said angrily. She slammed her forehead onto her captor again and again, with no effect. Then, with no warning, the gem holding her grabbed her by the throat and hurled her across the room with stunning quickness. Lapis gasped and struggled against the Lapis Lazuli holding her.

"Lazuli!" She cried, but to her relief, her new friend got up, slowly, clutching her head.

" Oww! " She gasped. "OK, that hurt!" She got unsteadily to her feet, but was clearly not in a fighting condition. The Lapis Lazuli advanced on her, ready to poof her into oblivion.

"No!" Lapis screamed, and she struggled even harder, trying to get to Lazuli, to defend her, to stop anyone from hurting her...

she felt the gem holding her give way. Lapis stumbled and fell to the ground. She turned to see the gem wobbling on her feet, then she pitched forwards and fell at Lapis's feet, unconscious. Lapis frowned, this never usually happened to gems, especially not with the minimalistic violence Lapis had used.

A short scream from Lazuli reminded her that this was a mystery to be solved later. she turned and charged towards Lazuli's attacker. She grabbed hold of the other gem and, with strength she didn't know she had, rammed her to the ground.

The gem fell with a shriek of pain and slumped unconscious to the ground. Again, with little effort required. Lapis frowned in confusion, and heard Lazuli get up behind her.

"Fighting isn't your thing, huh?" She said with a smirk. Lapis ignored her.

"They got taken down so easily." She muttered. " They shouldn't have been taken down so easily... "

But Lazuli had already moved on.

"Come on Lapis!" She commanded. "We need to get away from here, before Aquamarine gets back!"

Lapis have a shaky nod. "Yeah, yeah, let's go."


"You ready Dot?" Amethyst asked. Peridot gave a small nod.

"Yeah, I'm ready." She gave a steady nod. "Do it."

The small green gem stood in the middle of the crystal gems around her. The rules of tracking gems through the truest connection were simple, as Garnet had explained, it requires a fusion, a diamond, and some kind of gem weapon. Garnet and Steven were right on form and ready to help, and Pearl was providing her spear. Amethyst and Bismuth were stood nearby for damage control in case something went wrong.

With deep breaths and worried\confident glances all around, they began.

Lighting up her he gems, Garnet strode forwards, Steven mirroring her movement. The dance and magical moves they had to perform were far more complicated than anything Steven has tried before and he was determined not to mess it up. The presence of a diamond, or half diamond in his case, in the sequence was essential, and Steven knew this was the only chance they had at tracking down Lapis.

When the entire warp pad they were using was glowing with magic, Pearl stepped forwards. This was the hard part. If she got this wrong... the consequences would be disastrous. When her spear was ready, she took a step forwards, raised it above Peridot's head, and brought it down with force. Normally, the spear would go straight through Peridot's form, quite possibly cracking her gem due to it's placement, but something else happened. The spear began to glow and row hot in Pearls' hands.

"Keep it steady..." Garnet murmured. The spear began to vibrate, and then flew towards Peridot's gem. Peridot shut her eyes, waiting for the impact to crack her gem. But instead, her gem gave a faint glow, and the spear sank to the floor, creating a long blue strip, stretching across the floor and out of the house.

"It worked!" Amethyst breathed. "It worked! That was awesome!"

Pearl let out a sigh of relief.

"That was exhilarating." She sighed. Steven stumbled over to the couch. "I... I gotta sit down. Phew!" He mopped his brow.

"Good work everyone." Garnet said with a smile. "Peridot?" She turned to the green gem, who was staring at the blue line stretching along the floor.

"That was amazing!" She whispered. "I've never seen anything like it."

"Neither have I." Bismuth said with a small laugh. "And I've been around for thousands of years!"

"Well, I don't think this has been done in thousands of years." Pearl said, looking at the blue line. "Do you think this leads to-"


Everyone in the house jumped about a foot in the air. Steven sighed and went over to the door. "What do you want now Ronaldo?" He asked as he opened it.

"Well, I was just up in the lighthouse, keeping watch on the skies for the protection of Beach City, and I saw something weird on the-"

"If you're going to say moon, yes I know the barn's gone." Steven said with a sigh. Setting up a method of tracking Lapis had taken a lot out of him and he was ready to take a nap.

"No, well yes, it is on the moon, but it's not the barn! It's the moon base!"

Steven frowned, suddenly a lot more alert. "What about the moon base?"

"I was just observing it through the telescope, looking for signs of alien life, and guess what I found!"

"Just cut to the chase Ronaldo."

"Alien life!"

Steven gave a small gasp and everyone in the house turned towards them, suddenly paying attention.

"Please continue, Fry Human." Garnet said.

"Well, they were too far away to see clearly," Ronaldo said proudly, glad that his efforts were finally getting some attention. "But they looked like humans, clearly a clever disguise. Fortunately for the earth, my eagle like vision proved to be even clever. Their true species was revealed by their colour. Get this, they were blue!"

Gasps filled the cabin.

"Blue..." Steven frowned. "Lapis Lazulis!" His eyes widened. "Ronaldo, how many were there?"

"Well, at first there were only two of them, and then they were joined by loads more!" Ronaldo moved his arms around to exaggerate. "I tried to count them, there must have been at least fifty of them up there. Unfortunately, they were moving around too much for an accurate number, and I thought alerting the crystal gems was too important to wait while I counted."

Steven looked along the blue line protruding from Peridot's gem. it stretched off into the distance, but maybe, just maybe it stretched all the way to the moon!

Pearl was clearly thinking the same thing.

"We need a ship." She said, frowning in concentration. "Bismuth, do you think-"

"My thoughts exactly, crystal gem." Ronaldo cut in. "I've already taken the liberty of contacting NASA, as this is clearly a matter of international security." All of the crystal gems rolled their eyes.

"And why, is that?" Amethys asked sarcastically.

"Because," Ronaldo pushed for dramatic emphasis. "They were building a doomsday weapon! Clearly they have been plotting to destroy us since the beginning!"

"A doomsday weapon?" Pearl wondered aloud. She laughed. "What gives you that idea?"

"Well, I saw these bright flashes coming from the moon, just before all the other aliens joined the two out there already. Clearly failed attempts at an attack. If we hurry, we can get there before-"

"Lapis must have been trying to signal us!" Peridot exclaimed. "Those bright flashes would have been caused by reflecting the sun off the metal of the moon base!"

"That's clever." Bismuth gave a nod. "But how are we going to get up there? There's no way I can build a ship that fast."

"And Steven's legs will conk out for a short distance journey." Amethyst said. "They's probably crash into the moon!"

"What about lion?" Steven asked. "Do you think he'll be able to carry us all up there?"

"Maybe... Pearl murmured. "But he'd probably need to make two trips and when he stops to rest, he'd be open to attack."

Steven winced. "Okay, maybe not lion then. But can't we-"

"AS I SAID," Ronaldo managed to force his way back into the conversation. "I took the liberty of contacting NASA. I explained to them what I saw and I'm sure they'll call me back soon with a rocket at the ready!"

Steven facepalmed. "Ronaldo, how many times have you called NASA?"

"Including this one, seven hundred and fifty three."

"OK, and out of the seven hundred and fifty three, how many times did they call you back?"

"Twice, once to reject my application, and another to tell me to stop calling them." Ronaldo said proudly.

"Do you see the problem here, fry boy?" Amethyst asked. "We can figure this our on our own, no big."

"Yes, thanks for your help Ron- whatsit." Pearl said, already thinking about something else.


"Sorry Ronaldo, maybe next time." Steven said, and politely shut the door in his face.

"Clearly what we need is a small flight ship." Pearl continued. "Something fast and relatively easy to pilot, like..."

"A ruby ship." Garnet said suddenly.

"Hey, I think Homeworld left us a few, Amethyst said. "You know, incase any of he corrupted gems wanted to go back!"

"Excellent." Peridot said, parking up at once. "We'll borrow a ruby ship. We'll need to pack supplies for Steven, extra weapons and Garnet can pilot!"

"I can try." Garnet said with a positive smile. "Crystal gems, we leave in an hour!"

"Can I call Connie?" Steven asked. "She'll probably get mad if I go off to space without her again."

"Of course Steven, Connie will be a great asset to the team." Pearl said with a smile. "With luck, we may be able to rescue Lapis by this afternoon!"

With luck. Luck that the crystal gems currently, did not have.

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