A Drunk Night Between Salamander and Titania

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Chapter 1 - The Morning After

The Morning after the Day Team Natsu got back to Fairy Tail after the Tower of Heaven

Natsu groaned as he started to wake up. His head felt blurry and he couldn't remember anything. When he opened his eyes and saw a bright light, he hissed in pain. He then tried to sit up up, but something was stopping his right arm from moving. He then looked to see realized that it was Erza's arm and his eyes widened in shock. He then looked around the room and saw clothes strewn about, his and Erza's by the look of them. His face then became a mixture of as red as Erza's hair and as white as Makarov's when he realized that he was naked in bed, with an equally naked Erza, which happened because he happened to like Erza, but was also terrified to death of her. There were 2 questions that he couldn't quite remember the answer to: Why is Erza in bed with him? And why are they naked?

A few minutes later, Erza groaned as she started to wake up, her head no better than Natsu's. She then opened her eyes, and hissed in pain and covered them as a bright light made contact with them. She then looked around the room, which she recognized as Natsu's having been there a few times herself, and her eyes widened in shock when she saw both her own and Natsu's clothes littered about the room. She then turned to see Natsu both clearly scared and blushing deeply. She then said, "Natsu, why am I in your room?... And why are you blushing?"

Natsu then decided to say, "All that I remember is bring you to my room, since I don't know where you live, and…"he trailed off, and he pointed at her chest, which was bare, with no sheets covering it.

"Don't look!" Erza shrieked, and promptly covered up her chest. Natsu then suddenly blushed and Erza asked, "Did you remember something, Natsu?"

"N-No?" Natsu stuttered.

Erza then glared at Natsu and said, very menacingly, "Tell me, Natsu."

"Ok, but I can't exactly tell you, but I'll say it again." Natsu informed Erza.

"What do you mean?" Erza questioned.

"You'll understand once I finish telling you." Natsu explained.

"Ok?" Erza said.

"So where to begin…" Natsu started "Well, I'm not really sure when it started, but throughout my time at Fairy Tail, I've started to feel a certain way about someone, and it all culminated with my desire to save you at the Tower of Heaven. God, I wanted to say something so badly back then, but I just couldn't do that, with everyone there and everything. And then, I finally said it last night when we were drunk, which I'm sure that you'll remember at some point. Well, here it is, what I've realized, is that, I like you, Erza Scarlet."

Silence for a few moments. And then, Erza stuttered, "Y-Y-You l-like m-me?!"

Natsu nodded. "I know you probably don't feel the same way, but I just had let you know. I can deal wi-" Natsu went wide-eyed when he was suddenly cut off with Erza kissing him on the lips. For a second, he was too shocked to respond, but then, he quickly deepened the passionate kiss between himself and Erza, the Titania.

Eventually, they both ended the kiss, gasping for air. Natsu was the first one to speak, "Y-Y-You like me?!"

"Of course I do, idiot." Erza said.

"So, uh, do think that…" Natsu trailed off.

"Do I think that what?" Erza questioned.

"Do you think that you would be willing to be my girlfriend?" Natsu finally asked.

"Of course I would, you idiot!" Erza exclaimed.

"Really?!" Natsu exclaimed.

"Really." Erza said.

"I'm so happy now" Natsu said, and promptly kissed Erza on the lips. A kiss which she returned.

Once they separated for air, Erza said, "I don't think that I want to tell the guild about our relationship just yet."

To which Natsu responded, "Well, I think it's too late for that."

Natsu then pointed to the open door where, Lucy, Gray and Happy were watching with mouths agape. Erza then requipped a sword and screamed, "Get out of here or die!" To which, Gray, Lucy, and Happy ran.

Once they had left, Erza said, "You know, I have no feeling in my legs, so I couldn't have run after them anyway. And I'm naked."

"Really?! And they probably thought you would requip before you chased after them." Erza and Natsu then spontaneously burst into laughter, and laughed and made out the morning away. And thus began the relationship of Salamander and Titania.