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"Heavily monstrous voice"

'Fox Thinking'




Chapter 2 - The Announcement

Less than half an hour after starting their relationship, Erza threatened Lucy, Happy, and Gray by saying, in a dark voice, with a glare, "If you want to live, you better not tell anyone about our relationship.

One Month Later at the Fairy Tail Guild Hall

Everyone is talking around the Guild, Mira talking with Levy, Natsu fighting with Gray, Lucy talking with Cana, and so on.

Now, back to Mira talking with Levy. In the middle of their conversation, Levy decides to ask, "Hey Mira, have you noticed Natsu and Erza acting strange around each other?"

"Now that you mention it, I have." Mira stated while cleaning her glass in suspicion.

Erza then walked into the guild, grabbed Natsu without bothering to hit him for fighting Gray, but still hitting Gray for fighting Natsu, and dragged him to the corner of the Guild, causing everyone to look at them. Erza then whispered something to Natsu, so that only he could hear it, and he suddenly went pale, bright red, and wide-eyed all at the same time, and called out, rather loudly, "YOU'RE PREGNANT?!"

Erza than thought to herself, 'I really should have told him in private, shouldn't I have?' and proceeded to look around the Guild.

Cana had dropped her barrel on Wendy's head, with her mouth agape, Wakaba's cigar had fallen out of his mouth, Macao had dropped his mug on Romeo's head, with his hand still in position to drink from it, Lucy had stared wide-eyed at the pair, with a barely noticeable smile, as she knew that they were in a relationship, Gray had frozen in the middle of taking his pants off, Juvia fainted from imaging having babies with Gray, Gajeel was frozen with a smirk, in the middle of eating a fork, Levy had fainted from shock, Mira had her jaw dropped, the Thunder Legion were all wide-eyed, Reedus, who was in the middle of painting Natsu and Erza, had frozen in shock, his pallet having fallen to the floor, Makarov had his mouth agape with beer from his mug still pouring into his mouth, which was now overflowing, and Happy had frozen in the middle of eating a fish.

Makarov then decided to approach Erza and ask, "What Natsu said, is it true?"

"Yes." Erza responded deeply blushing.

"Who the father?" Makarov inquired, to which Erza looked away, pretending to not have heard the question. "Who's the father? Please tell me." Makarov asked again, to which Natsu shakily raised his hand.

"HOW THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN?!" Everyone except Makarov, Wendy and Mira screamed, they just replaced the word "Hell" with "Heck".

"Well," Erza began, "do you remember when me and Natsu went home drunk from the party a month ago?"

"Yes, I remember having to cut you off or you would've died from alcohol poisoning" Mirajane responded.

"Well, after we left, we both ended up at Natsu's house," Erza continued, "while there, Natsu admitted that he like me, and I admitted that I liked him, and things just went from there."

"Well, that's understandable" Makarov stated.

"Oh," Erza said once more, "and we ended up in a relationship within ten minutes after we both had woken up."

"WHAT THE HELL?!" Everyone screamed once again.

Erza then grabbed Natsu's hand and ran out the door with him, while yelling, "If you want to know more about how it happened, ask Lucy, Gray, and Happy! They already know about it since they caught us kissing that morning, while naked mind you! Happy knows more than Lucy and Gray though, since he lives with Natsu!" And with that Erza and Natsu left the Guild for the day, heavily blushing all the while, while Gray, Lucy, and Happy proceeded to be practically bombarded with questions for a while, Happy for over an hour. And so, that is how Erza's pregnancy began.