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In Agil's Bar.

"I'm really sorry Asuna! I'm sorry okay!" cried Rika as she did a dogeza in front of Kirito and Asuna.

Asuna still has a big pout on her face while looking the other way, Kirito is feeling a bit flustered and not looking at Lis with a slight blush.

The rest of the group are off to the side looking at the scene.

"That wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be." said Agil.

"You're right about that." Sinon commented.

"Geez! Kirito, this is your fault!" yelled Asuna.

Kirito could only look at her astonished at her. "What! My fault! Why is it my fault!?"

Everyone could only give deadpanned stares at him. The girls gave him much more intense stares.

"You got to be kidding me…" said Klein.

"I know he is one of those types of guys, but still…" sighed Agil.

"Honestly! Kirito he is too good at attracting girls to him." thought Asuna.

"In any case, you talk to Rika-chan. You started all of this." said Asuna.

Kirito could only sigh at his girlfriends logic. Although she does have a point. After seeing on how she feels about him on screen, it's only right for him to take responsibility. He walks up to Rika as she gets up from her dogeza.


Rika perked up a bit at her SAO name. Sensing a serious tone she looked into Kirito's eyes. Her own eyes glistening and body shaking a bit at what he is going to tell her.

"I'm really happy you feel that way about me, I really do. But….

Kirito struggled a bit to find the words. He didn't want losing Rika's friendship because he can't return them. So the only thing he could do was bow in front of her.

"I'm sorry! I love Asuna. So I can't return your feelings Rika!" shouted Kirito

The whole room was silent for a moment. After a while, Rika went behind Kirito and slapped him in the back. Kirito almost tripped, but maintained his balance and looked back at her. Rika was smiling at him. Kirito could tell that it wasn't a happy one but a sad one that she was giving him.

"Moron! Don't you remember what I said. I'm not gonna get in between you guys. Asuna is my best friend after all. I'm just happy being able to do that. Still…." Rika stops herself for a moment, trying to figure out what to say next. She turns around making sure that no one looks at her face as she looks up to the ceiling.

"Being able to answer to me honestly was more than I could ask for so…. t-thank you." Rika eyes are watering. She keeps her head high, trying to prevent the tears from streaming down.

"Lis." said Kirito.

Asuna starts walking up to Liz and hugs her. Rika is confused by the sudden action. "E-eh, Asuna. What are you doing?"

"I'm sorry, Rika-chan. For not seeing your feelings. I'm a terrible friend." Rika shook her head in denial to her. "That's not true! I couldn't get between my friends happiness. You have nothing to be sorry for!" shouted Rika.

"Rika-chan. I -"

"It's okay Asuna. If anything it's Kirito's fault for making things so complicated. You really have a troublesome boyfriend." Rika giggled.

"Your right." Asuna giggled.

The tension in the room went back to normal as the two laughed. Silica spots something on T.V cutting the bonding moment short.

"Everyone! Look!"

The entire room looks back onto the t.v as the episode ending finished playing, to find the familiar masked man showing his face again.

Returning to Elsa's concert a few minutes before the Inviter appears on screen.

A few guys in the audience are still giving pained wails at Lisbeth's confession to Kirito.

"Would someone please shut these guys up!" shouted Goushi.

"I agree, their crying is irritating." said Elsa.

"Now, now just give them a moment." said Karen.

"Ohhh, I can't wait to see what happens next!" said Saki.

"Me too! This suspense is killing me. This is just as bad as waiting for the next weeks manga chapter." said Shiori.

"Ah, I understand that really well." said Kana.

"There is one thing that is bothering me." said Moe.

The rest of the group were all looking at her. A bit embarrassed she hid herself behind Risa. "U-um, I was just wondering if any of this really did happen during the SAO incident."

"What do you mean? The guy himself the Inviter or whatever said he is going to show the truth of what happened during the SAO incident." said Miyu.

"Y-yes, but the show puts in a lot of details,even their thoughts. Something like that shouldn't be possible right?" said Moe.

"She has a point. Being able to voice out people own thoughts shouldn't be possible. Technology today can show close-up to people and even hear them talking. Even if someone who is monitoring a world like GGO wouldn't be able to record this much." thought Karen.

"But why is it Kirito?" asked Karen.

"You mean why is the show focused on him?" asked Mi.

"Yeah. There were plenty of other people trapped in there. So why him of all people?" asked Karen.

"Well of course I can answer that!" shouted Miyu.

"He is the protagonist, the harem magnet, the hero, the- ow!" Miyu clutched her head as Karen smacked her.

"This is serious Miyu." said Karen.

"Did you really have to hit my sore spot?" asked Miyu.


"Everyone, look at the screen." said Goushi.

Everyone looks toward the screen after the ending finished to see a familiar masked man who started all of this.

"Hello people of the world! I bet you guys haven't forgot about me did ya!" The Inviter appeared once more with his familiar top hat and magicians mask.

"Its him." said Kirito.

"Oh man, I forgot all about him." said Klein.

"Why is he appearing now?" asked Asuna.

"I don't know." said Agil.

"Now, now, you are all probably wondering how exactly I'm doing this or how I obtained all this footage centering towards our little hero. Well I'm not telling. It's too soon for spoilers anyway right. Gotta keep you people in suspense after all." explained the Inviter.

"Moving on, our first half of the Arc is done so we will be done for the night. I'm a sensible person. You all got your own lives to take care of and all that. Still you people all wanted to know more about the SAO incident. So I delivered that to you and more coming to you soon."

"Anyway I understand that some of you are a little skeptic about this whole thing."

"Where is he going with this?" asked Goushi.

"You think what we asking about it before was all true?" asked Miyu.

"Probably." said Karen.

"Make no mistake." The Inviters tone becomes serious as he said that. "Everything that you all saw today was true. You are all free to doubt me, but what you all saw was the truth. It all really happened. If any of you still have any lingering doubts, ask our hero himself. He is still alive after the incident."

The Inviter removes his top hat and performs a bow to everyone. "Today's show is coming to an end tonight people, so sit back and wait for tomorrows broadcast at 5pm. Where we will finish up the other half of the arc. You are all free to stop me if you like. Or don't for your own personal interest. Either way so much chaos and mayhem will erupt all over world for the next few days. Till then Ta Ta!"

The screen turns static for a while until it turns back to a regular news channel. The entire world was silent for a moment, taking the time to process it all.

Until one person decided to move from her seat and attempting to leave the room. She is stopped by her friend Karen.

"W-wait! Where are you going?"

"Home, where else?" answered Elsa.

"Aren't you going to stay and finish your concert?" asked Miyu.

"After today, I don't feel like doing it now. Besides, its late now. Goushi!" Elsa yelled for him.

He perked up to Elsa asking for him. "Y-yes Elsa!"

"Cancel any appointments I have at 5pm and over. Also cut the time for the next concert tomorrow to 4."

"E-Eh!" Goushi is a bit flabbergasted on what she is asking of him.

"You heard me." said Elsa.

"B-B-but the the recitals, your lessons! The manager for the next concert won't accept this and they already paid to have you sing and play tomorrow!" shouted Goushi.

"I will take care of the him. You just focus on clearing out my schedule for tomorrow."

"Alright." With a sigh he got to work. He knows that she won't budge on this. Especially when it comes to SAO.

"If that is the case. The rest of us will head home. You coming Kohi?" asked Miyu as she heads to the door.

As she looks over to her, she see's her friend with a absent-minded look. Similar to a deep trance.

"Why did things end up this way? Is there any point in all of this? I don't underst-"

"KOHI!" yelled Miyu.

Karen snapped out her thoughts. "Y-yes, what is it?"

"Seriously. Get your head out of the clouds. You coming, so we can go home or what? What about the rest you?" Miyu asked Team SHINC.

"U-um the rest of us will go home too." said Saki. The rest of the team nodded at this. Just as they are about to leave the room, they are stopped by Elsa.

"Wait! Before any of you go, be sure to come back here tomorrow."

Everyone gave her questioning looks as to why to come back to the venue.

"At this point we might as well enjoy tomorrow's show as friends. You already know that I plan on watching this. We can make this a hangout spot for now." answered Elsa.

"Why should we have to come here to watch what that madman is broadcasting?" asked Karen.

"Your curious aren't you?" stating Elsa.


"You are curious about what really happened during the SAO incident. You have questions that want to be answered. I can see it on your face. Don't worry you are not the only one." Elsa smiled mischievously.

"Even so, why do we have to come back here?" Karen asked.

"Oh come on Kohi! It's a get together for us girls! It'll be fun!" shouted Miyu.

"Ahem." coughed Goushi.

"And one guy. I'm in though and Kohi is too. I'm grabbing popcorn the next time we come back!" Miyu grabbed Karens hand and dragged her out the place.

"N-now wait a second! I didn't say yes! Wait- " Karen voice is drowned out by the crowd that are leaving the venue.

"Well come back too! I can't wait to see more of Kirito! Right team!" shouted Saki. The rest of Team SHINC nodded and proceeded out the door, leaving Goushi and Elsa by themselves.

"This is going to be a lot of fun." smiled Elsa.

After the Inviter's finishing announcement.

The rest of everyone in the pub could only stare in silence as the news broadcast was playing on screen. They got out of their stupor after a moment and began talking among themselves.

"Your kidding me! He's going to broadcast again!" shouted Klein.

"Kirito-kun, what should we do?" asked Asuna.

"Our plan is still the same. The rest of us guys will head to Alfheim to talk with Yui to see if she has found anything." replied Kirito.

"Meanwhile, the rest of us will have a girls night out to Karaoke." said Lis.

"Your paying." said Suguha.

"What! Why am I paying!" shouted Lis.

"Remember what you did to my Onii-chan." said Suguha.

Silica interjected in angrily. "Our Onii-chan."

The rest of the girls all looked Lis. Getting the message she conceded.

"Ah okay! But you all pay for your own drinks and food." The rest of the girls all nodded in acceptance.

"Wait. How are the rest of you guys going to go out there. The moment you are spotted outside, someone will recognize you." said Agil.

"That's true." said Suguha.

"If that's the case, someone will have to go out to get some disguises for us. That applies only to people who haven't been seen on T.V yet." Sinon said

As Sinon was pondering, she looked at the rest of the group to see all eyes on her. She became nervous knowing what was coming next.

"W-what!? Oh you guys are not saying-"

"I vote for Sinon-chan to get our costumes." said Asuna.

"Seconded." said Klein.

"Here is my credit card." Asuna said as she was giving her card to her.

Knowing that she has no choice. She conceded and pointed at Suguha. "If I'm doing this I'll need some help. Come on Suguha."

"I was up there on the screen too!"

"Yeah. You had 1 second of screen time. Now come on before it gets even darker." refuted Sinon.

Suguha pouted but complied. After an hour later, they managed to get some disguises.

"Sunglasses and hats?" questioned Kirito.

"You'd be surprised how much people wouldn't notice you with just those. Plus you guys have your winter gear on already to blend in with the crowd. Besides we can't be too inconspicuous." Sinon answered.

"I suppose we don't have much of a choice." said Lis.

"Okay, let's come back here tomorrow at 4. This place may be one of our safe places for us and it wouldn't be good if we are all separated." said Kirito.

Everyone else nodded at that and they all left the bar one by one.

"This is getting crazy, Why is this all happening? What is this guys end game in all of this?" Kirito continued to have these thoughts as he was heading home.

Asuna and the rest of the girls arrived at the Karaoke place near the pub. They all started taking turns singing and having a good time, forgetting about the stuff about the Inviter. The only one who hasn't sung yet was Asuna.

"C'mon Asuna! You are the only one of us that hasn't sung yet!" said Silica.

Asuna was fidgeting in her seat as she is a bit embarrassed to sing. "I've never sung before."

"Nonsense! All of us had a turn already and I think you might have a good voice." said Lis.

"You don't have much of choice now, even I had to do it." said Sinon.

After a bit of peer pressure from her friends, she could only sigh in acceptance to her fate. "Alright but only one song okay." she replied.

"Yay!" the rest of the girls cheered.

Asuna picked up the mic and selected the song. She cleared her throat as she got ready to sing. As she started to sing, the rest of the girls who have had excited faces slowing morphed to bewilderment and shock as Asuna kept singing. Once she was done she looked back at her friends. A questioning look passed over as she gazed at her friends expressions.

"Is something wrong?"

"W-well it's not that nothing is wrong. It's just-" Lis stopped herself wondering how to explain it to her.

"You sound exactly the same as the woman who was singing the opening song of the show." said Suguha.

Surprise etched onto her face at what Suguha said. Asuna started to quickly deny it.

"E-E-Ehhh! No way! I don't sound like her. I've never even sung once in my life!"

"It's true. I recorded it just in case. Listen." Sinon said as she played back the recording.

As Asuna listened to the song she sung. Realization dawned on her, she does sound like the person who sung the opening. "No way!"

"If this is the first time that you sung, then maybe it was just someone else right?" stated Sinon.

"Y-yeah! That's gotta be it" said Silica.

Silence enveloped the room. Tension grew as questions popped into their heads. The one to break it was Lis.

"This is getting creepy."

"Agreed. I think we all just head home." said Asuna.

They girls all started going their separate ways as they all headed home. However, all that left them was more questions towards the SAO show and the Inviter.

As Kirito went back home. He was greeted by his mother as she hugged Kirito. "I am so happy you are home! Are you alright!? Did anything happen to you!?" said Midori.

Kirito could only pat her back to soothe her. He tries to get out of her grasp. "I'm fine. You saw the show right?"

Midori nodded at that. "I saw it at work. You went through so much I had no idea!" she continued hugging him squeezing him tight.

"P-please mom! Let go. Suguha will be back home soon. I need to go to my room okay." said Kirito.

She offered a worried look to him. "What do you plan on doing?"

"I need to look into this. I"m involved in this whole thing whether I like it or not. So I need access to my computer please." Kirito asked.

Midori was hesitate in letting Kirito getting more involved in this. But she has no way of refuting him. "Alright, but please don't do anything too dangerous. The news are in a complete frenzy and I don't want you going out too much for your own safety. Please."

"Okay I will." Kirito let his mother go and proceeded to head to his room and get his gear. "I wonder if Klein and Agil are already there. We said we would meet up at Woglinde. Going to any of the towns would be risky."

"Link Start!"

Kirito logs into his ALO avatar. He looks through his friends list and see's Klein and Agil. Their markers are already heading to Woglinde. "Okay best get there as fast as I can."

He activates his wings and flies through the skies. After 5 minutes he makes it to the familiar grassland region.. "I'm here first, I suppose I'm a bit lucky my last logout spot was close to here."

"HEY! KIRITO" shouted a familiar voice in the distance.

He turns around and see Klein and Agil flying towards him along with a familiar Pixie next to them.

"YUI!" shouted Kirito.

"PAPA!" Yui landed, smacked dab on Kirito's face.

"Ah, I'm sorry papa!" screamed Yui as she flew out of his face.

"It's okay."

Kirito see's Klein and Agil disguised with some decoration gear. "What are you guys wearing?"

"While we were waiting for you, we decided to get some gear to disguise ourselves, while we look for info around town."said Agil.

"So what did you guys found out?" asked Kirito.

"It's a huge gossip fest in the towns. That show is all they ever talk about." said Klein.

"There even online forums about it as well, its nothing but chatter" said Yui.

"Yui. Is there any way we can pinpoint the source of these broadcasts?" asked Kirito.

Yui gave a downfallen look,telling them that the news wasn't good. "I tried Papa. When those screens appeared in the sky I tried looking all across the network. I'm so sorry papa. I can't find it." Yui teared up a bit a that.

Kirito gave a comforting pat on her head telling her that it was okay. "It's fine, we will find some way to find him."

"That means we are back to square one again." said Klein.

"If that is the case. What do we do then?" asked Agil.

"We will try again. Don't worry we will find a lead on him. We are going to have to brace ourselves for tomorrow then."

The next day. November 8, 2026.

The events that happened yesterday shook the entire world. The news of the SAO incident that happened on screen spread like wildfire. The new reporters in Japan are currently searching for Kirito and his friends.

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Office.

Dairy Log entry 146

"To whoever is reading this. My name is Yamamoto Nobu or as you better know me as Grimlock. Yes I'm the man that killed his own wife. The despair I felt being trapped in that death game changed me and made me irrational. My wife however was different. She managed to overcome it and adjust her life there. When I saw that detective boy and girl there on screen. I was reminded of the younger days with made me realize how foolish I was. I wish them the best. I know their relationship will not turn out the same as me and my my crime is open for the world to see, my life is over. My friends, family, and co-workers will never associate with a killer like me. I only have one desire left. I know I don't have the right to ask you of this and this may trouble you. But please bury my body beside my wife. All that I own will go towards my family. So I ask you whoever you are, please honor a foolish husband's dying wish."

"Sincerely, Yamamoto Nobu/Grimlock"

Kikouga finishes reading the final entry to Grimlocks diary. He sighs as he looks back to Flynn standing across from his desk. "I suppose we should tell his family at the very least. Anything else they decide will be up to them."

"Yeah. I was surprised when I saw that as well." said Flynn.

"Provide a copy of this for our records and give the diary to his family when you can Commander." asked Kikouga.

"Understood Sir. But may I ask something?" asked Flynn.

"Of course. What is it?"

"I understand that you were in lead Investigator of the SAO Case. Now with this broadcast, many of the higher ups are telling you to stay silent in this whole debacle. The paparazzi are going crazy across the Diet building and other areas."

Kikouga clicked his tongue in frustration over it. "Indeed. Just when things were finally calming down about the SAO incident, this happens. I took painstaking measures to make sure not much was leaked out other than the necessary info to the public."

"What are your orders then?" asked Flynn.

"I'm already working on Anti-hacking measures can assume that this individual is a top tier hacker or has accomplices with those skills at his side."

"I bet the prime minister is already blowing his top about this." commented Flynn.

"He already has. Just hoping he has it better than I do." said Kikouga.

"Things will only get worse before it gets any better." said Flynn.

"Indeed it will."

National Diet Building.

In main office of the building. One man stands beside his desk peaking out in that glint of light that shines through the closed blinds. He is a bald man with aged wrinkles on his face and brown eyes, age 35. His name is Mr. Gekido. Prime minister of Japan and a father of two kids and a beautiful wife. He is a man that loves his country. He gets a bit too passionate at times during his speeches. But he is a man that will do anything for the sake of his country and his people. In his office are his secretary and a few personal, lined up awaiting directions. However the entire room is silent with tension as the prime minister paces while peeking through the blinds occasionally. Finally he speaks.

"One day…. one day is all that it took….." The room was still silent as Mr. Gekido spoke.

"All it took was one day FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD TO TURN UPSIDE DOWN IT'S HEAD!" He turns and smashes his fist down onto his desk.

The secretary tries to calm him down before he gets any worse. "Sir! Please calm down! Your blood pressure is rising again!"


One of the military personal stepped forward. "Rest assured Sir, we are doing all that we can. Unfortunately, we have trouble convincing the other Major members to change their decision. They don't understand the significant damage the it will do. So far he has only shown the SAO incident. But if were to use it to spread Japanese Gov't secrets-"


The rest of the people in the room have questioning looks on their faces.

put his hand over his face as if he is in sorrow. "My own kids are starting to become fans of that show."

"What?" His men replied.

"You heard me. Both Lily and Ken are becoming fans of that blasted show. They said they are going to watch it as soon as possible." said.

"Sir. Don't worry. We will address this concern as soon as we can." said the secretary.

The prime minister put up a fake smile towards his men. "Oh I have a more immediate concern. I will deal with my kids. What you can help me with….."

moves toward the blinds and move them to the side quickly revealing rows of reporters being blocked by the police. Hordes of them can be seen through the window.


In a random online chat forum.

Single4life: I'm I the only one here?

Idol*girl has entered the chat.

Idol*girl: "Hi! I'm here. Did you see that amazing show yesterday! Oh my god Kirito is so cute and cool!"

Single4life:"Yeah, we all saw it. The entire world saw it. It's all over the news. I can't wait to see more of it. Including Lisbeth-chan! She is really cute! She can hammer my sword anytime she wants XD!"

Ms. Shotacon has entered the chat.

Ms. Shotacon: "Gross!"

Idol*girl: "Gross!"

YesYesI'mKazuma has entered the chat.

Single4life:"Hey Kazuma! I haven't seen you for a while."

YesYesI'mKazuma: "Sorry. My retarded childhood friend has been making me go play with her in some fantasy game. The Demon lord and the hero trope kind."

Idol*girl:"That sounds fun though. I can play as a bard and sing all day to your party."

Ms. Shotacon:"I can probably find some cute boys playing there too."

YesYesI'mKazuma:"Having you guys there would only add trouble to my current party rather than help it! I have to deal with a terrorist Loli and some broad who is disappointed there is no increase to the pain shock settings. My childhood friend is no better and is a huge narcissist who fancies herself as some beautiful goddess. Goddess my ass! "


Single4life:"That's not important. What is important is the Inviters next broadcast today. My entire school is going nuts. I'm definitely going to watch it!"

Mr. Lolicon has entered the chat.

Mr. Lolicon:"Did you say Loli Kazuma!? That reminds me. Silica-chan is so cute! I want to rub myself on her cute little cheeks!"

Ms. Shotocon: "Your the most disgusting brother I've ever had."

Mr. Lolicon:"As if you are any better! You corrupt young boys and turn them into little toys for you!"

YesYesI'mKazuma:"Why are you guys my friends?"

Idol*girl:"cause we all hang out at the same school silly. You must be pretty stupid to not realize that!"

YesYesI'mKazuma:"I'm going to dropkick you. Mens chivalry be damned."

Single4life:"Okay guys enough. Lunch break is almost over. I'll see you guys later. Oh and Kazuma, please treat Aoi-chan at least a little better."

YesYesI'mKazuma:"No way in hell."

Outside the Music Club

Rei Satou, owner of the music club and old acquaintance of Elsa Kanzaki is currently on her way to her club. After that fiasco from yesterday and having her entire club turn into a hangout place, she got tired from all the chaos that happened last night. After prepping herself for the morning, she can finally turn her club back to normal. That's what she thought, until she found a couple people outside her club.

"This place is still in the middle of opening. It will be available in a bit if you wait for 10 minutes."

A couple of the guys there looked a bit uncomfortable, as they wondered what to say to the owner. "um… that's not the only reason why we are here. We were wondering if we can hangout again at this club to watch the next Inviter's broadcast."

"What?" Rei said surprised at the sudden request.

The group puts their hands in a prayer begging her to let them stay in her club.

Rei sighed at the trouble that they are causing her. "I can't do that. My music club is not some sort of bar or karaoke joint. Your gonna have to go home and watch it or-"

"Just wait a moment!" someone shouted.

Rei turns around to see a blonde haired woman in a red dress along with some young butler by her side. She has long hair done in princess curls, with amber eyes. She looks to be some noblewoman of some sort. The butler beside her is dressed in a classic butler attire, with blue eyes and short brown hair.

"My apologies. I couldn't help but hear that you won't let anyone spend time in your lovely establishment in order to see more of the Inviters broadcast. Correct?" said the blonde haired woman.

"Yeah, that's right. And who are you supposed to be?" Rei asked.

"Oh right, introductions are in order. I am Lady Elsie Von Lucescu, I came here yesterday to listen to Kanzaki-sans concert. This here is my personal butler."

The young man bowed down in a formal greeting to her. "Ah sorry! My name is Tokunaga Tadashi. I'm sorry for my lady's forwardness!"

"That's enough from you!" Elsie yelled.

Tadashi put his hands up in mock surrender. "Ahaha, my apologies milady."


Rei felt a bit entertained by their little banter. But kept that to herself. "So what is it that you have a problem with?

Turning her eyes back to Rei she begins to voice her complaint "You shouldn't turn down these young commoners in wanting to see Kirito-samas splendid figure. If fact, I'll even compensate should they be a nuisance."

"Kirito-sama?" Rei thought.

"Even so, I can't really make my club as some sort of hangout place. Why would you want to help them out anyway?"

"It's a nobles duty to help the common folk. How can I call myself a noble if I can't afford to help people who support our country." Elsie declared.

"What a pain. But it seems she's not a bad person" thought Rei.

"Regardless I can't-" a phone call interrupts the two. It seems to be from Rei's phone.

"Excuse me, give me a moment." Rei walks a ways away from them to see that Elsa was calling her.

"Hello. Hey I'm a little busy at the moment. "…chatter…" Yeah I'm about to open the club today. "…chatter..." This noblewoman named Elsie-san or whatever is asking me to- What! You too! "..chatter.." Ugh fine. I'll do it again for today." she sighed again as she hung up her phone. She comes back to Elsie and the campers.

"It seems that Elsa is coming again today to watch the show as well. She won't be here till around 4. The club is open to everyone for everyone to hang and get ready for the Inviter's show." Rei said.

The campers all cheered thanking Elsa for allowing them to come in.

Relief went to Elsie's face as she gets to watch SAO again. "Isn't that great milady." said Tadashi.

"Indeed. After canceling our tea time, I was going to ask Elsa-san for recompense for that. But this is acceptable." Elsie said.

"Hey guys! We got the ok to come in!" shouted by a random camper.

A bunch of people start appearing around the corner and started swarming in through the club door.

Shocked by the amount of customers coming in, she starts tries to put order to the entire thing. "Wait! One at time people! I haven't finished setting up the place! Don't start shoving me out of the way!

30 Minutes later

"I thought I was going to die!" Rei said exhausted by the work the amount of people that poured in.

"I thank you once again for allowing us to be here today. May I ask if there is a VIP area for me?" Elsie asked.

"What an irritating woman!" Rei thought.

"It's this way. You can have a front row seat to the whole thing." Rei said.

"Why thank you! Now I can see the splendid figure of Kirito-sama even more. Of course more of Asuna-sama as well." She sat down to her table along with her butler. Tadashi gave an apologetic look to Rei.

"Thank you Rei-sama. Would you both like some tea?" asked Tadashi.

"Yes please. 3 spoons of sugar for me." said Rei.

"You know what always like." said Elsie.

"Of course." Tadashi starts getting a tea set ready for them.

"What's the point of coming here early at all? Wouldn't you guys come later at the appointed time." asked Rei.

"Indeed we could. However the excitement of waiting for an event has it's own value. It also gives us time for us to prep for it." said Elsie.

"It's still early regardless." said Rei.

"Oh no. It's actually a good time, because I have a proposition for you." Elsie said.

"Oh, and that is?" Rei asked.

Elsie starts whispering in her ear. Rei looks a bit shocked at what she is suggesting . "Why do this anyway? What is in it for a rich girl like you?" Rei asked.

"I already told you, its a noble's duty to help the commoners. My people should be coming soon. I'll leave it to you to direct them. You will make a profitable business deal here. You have my word." said Elsie.

"Fine, it's a deal. I will start telling the rest of my employees on whats happening." said Rei.

"Many thanks." Elsie sees Rei off to the back stage area.

November 8, 2026 4:15 pm

"Eh!" everyone in Karen's group said as they look at the outside of the music club.

The music club has a some construction workers building on top of the club sign along with them refurbishing some areas as well.

"Well this is a surprise." said Elsa.

"What's going on here?" asked Karen.

Just outside the entrance Rei spots Elsa and her friends and waves to them. "Hey! Over here."

"What's with all these construction workers?" asked Miyu.

"Well Ms. Elsie Von whatsit came to me with a proposal. She would remodel my entire club if I let people including herself come over to hang out at my club to watch that "show." replied Rei.

"Right. That woman." said Elsa.

"Someone you know Elsa-san?" asked Saki.

"Yeah. I often have tea time with her sometimes. She became an instant fan of my music. She is the daughter of a noblewoman. Her father is the owner of the "World Gear" company." replied Elsa.

Shock ran through the rest of the group as they digest this information.

"WHAT! You mean that "World Gear!" The company that helps with producing the latest VR hardware and computers!" shouted Miyu.

"Yeah that's the one. She is quite an irritating woman sometimes. Thinks of herself as some sort of ideal noblewoman." Elsa replied.

"Isn't she some amazing person then!" said Risa.

"You didn't tell her we are here right?" asked Elsa.

"Why does that matter?" asked Mi-chan.

"I'd rather not deal with her right now. Do you mind taking us to the backdoor entrance? It should lead us back to our room from before." asked Elsa.

"Rei could only sigh at Elsa's selfishness. Alright, alright. I'm going to make a killing with some of these customers. Follow me then.

As Rei leads them back into the room, Miyu starts taking out the microwave from her backpack. "I'm all set up. I got some popcorn if you guys want some." said Miyu.

"I'll have some!" said Team SHINC.

"All we do is wait now." Goushi said, wondering on what's in store for them today.

November 8, 2026 4:40 Agils pub.

Kirito and his group arrived at Agils pub. Taking off their disguises they made themselves comfortable, while Agil starts get some food and drink to them.

"Hmm? What's wrong Klein?" Kirito asks him across the table. Klein looks a bit tired as he lays his head down on the table.

"I had to call in work today. When I called my boss the first thing he asks me was "I saw you on TV on SAO! Once you come into work, please come into my office! I have many things I have to ask you!" I told him real quick that I'm not coming to work today and hung up immediately. Ugh, this is starting to become a pain!" shouted Klein.

The rest of the group felt bad for Klein for his dilemma. Everyone except Sinon and Suguha fears of being recognized in school easily.

"I know how you feel, I had to skip school today as well." Silica said.

"Well we would be pretty popular. Especially Kirito and Asuna here." Lis pointed out to the two.

"I don't even want to think about it." said Kirito.

"Me too. I would feel really uncomfortable going back to class." said Asuna.

Sinon turns on the T.V and starts watching the news. The group sees the Prime Minister leave the building with dozens of reporters surrounding him asking questions.

"Sir! Any thoughts about this Inviter person and his connection to the SAO incident!"

"What are the police and military doing about this global hacker. Word is that his broadcast is over the world!"

"Why were the details of the SAO event kept from the people. We have the right to know!"

" . Do you believe he is somehow related to Kayaba Akihiko?"

starts getting into his limousine with his guards blocking the media from getting closer. "This Inviter person is a terrorist and a menace to society. Rest assured, that we have preventative measures towards this person. I love this country and I will not let this madman-" The news gets cut off to the familiar looking static screen. It changes back to the familiar masked man with a top hat.

"Hello everyone! Missed me! Oh who I'm I kidding of course you did!" said the Inviter.

"It's that guy again." said Sinon.

"So they couldn't stop him." said Kirito.

"Sorry about this, but I'm going to cut this short. I bet everyone wants to see what happens next. I gotta please my viewers after all! So let's begin the next arc of Sword Art Online!"