POV Tinel

After I teleported us to the burrow, I set Charlotte down in her cot again, to tend to her wound.

But when I looked at her hand expecting to see the charred skin with blisters, what I saw was nothing but her pale olive skin.

'Probably a benefit to being a what she is' I thought absentmindedly.

The fact that she turned into a Strigoi is pretty jarring, even now still I can't believe it.

'Poor girl, can't seem to catch a break. First, her parents die second the man who appears to have an obsession on her is taunting her in her dreams and now she's become a Strigoi'

Sigh 'No little girl should have to go through this'

Whimpering brought me from my musing, looking down I saw Charlotte holding her stomach.

'She's most likely hungry, she spit those berries out so I assume that she can't stomach normal food. Strigoi require blood, so I must hunt a human for her.'

Resolving herself, she decided to go into a human village.


Hiding in a bush by a path near the city, she waited.

Waited for an opportune moment to strike down a person, hopefully, a person who's done evil.

Hour, after an hour, still no humans.

'Where are all the humans' I thought irritated 'must've been here for ages now, not to mention that I have to get back before night comes'

Tapping her fingers on her arm impatiently, she felt herself getting irritated.

'might as well hunt for one, rather than wait for one to show up on a silver platter'

But just as I thought this I heard two pairs of footsteps running down the path.

"Catch me if you can!" "no, wait!" looking down the path I saw two children running towards me.

'Damn it why are there children out here, shouldn't they be in the village?'

'Kidnap one of them for Charlotte' a voice said darkly in my head 'they'll just grow up to ruin the wilds'

'But they're just children' I thought adamantly 'Charlotte's also a child, but she's starving as we speak' the voice replied

Torn I failed to notice that the children were running further away.

'Make your choice!' the voice blasted, before leaving me in silence.

'It must be done. For Charlotte' images of Char clenching her stomach in pain rung throughout my head.

Making my resolve, I teleported to where the children were at.

Thankfully they didn't hear my appearance.

"Hey, Johnny, let's go back ok? I feel as if someone's looking at us." The girl said frightfully "Why? Afraid of the ghosts? Oooh!"

ignoring the children I slowly walked from bush to bush, getting closer to the arrogant child.

"There's no such thing as ghosts! It's just, I can't help this feeling, it's as if someone's watching us" "Lighten up Rose, maybe staying in the house for too long set your brain on overdrive. You need to learn to relax-"

They were oblivious to the branches joining together until it was too late.

Two pairs of dark oak branches picked up the young boy by the throat, closing his esophagus rendering him unconscious.

The little girl opened her mouth to scream, but my treants were quicker.

"There, with these two Charlotte should be satisfied for a while"

"now let's skedaddle before we get any unwanted company" I ordered the two brutes.


We arrived back at the burrow just as the sun was setting 'now let's get these two tied up and ready to bleed'

Teleporting the both of them, into the burrow took some of my strength, as I was not used to moving more than one.

Shaking my head of all thoughts, I set up vines to tighten on the children, so that they wouldn't be able to break free.

'There, all preparations complete. Now all that is required is to cut one of their necks to draw the scent of blood out.'

Drawing a blade made out of earth and wood is no easy feat, as it takes immense concentration, that and only dryads who've lived as long as I did can materialize one.

I walked up to the unconscious boy and flicked my wrist at his neck, what greeted me was a trickle of bright red blood.

'Now we wait'

POV Charlotte

'Waking up sucks, why do I have to wake up when I could just sleep.'

Blinking the sleep from my eyes, I looked around the familiar surroundings until a smell invaded my nose, it smelt of strawberry pie that my mother used to make.

Looking around hastily I saw Tinel with two other people, blinking, I saw two people who looked to be a couple years older than me bound up.

"Tinel, who are they" at my words I saw Tinel turn away from the two of them quickly 'Whoops I startled her'

"Don't just speak out of nowhere little blossom" "Hehe can't help it" I rubbed my head

"But Tinel who are those two?" I asked curiously

"These two are your dinner" 'dinner huh... wait! What!?'

"What do you mean dinner" I squeaked out

"..." Instead of words I saw her force the boy in front of me, as she did I smelt the same smell from before.

Feeling drool I quickly swiped my hand across my mouth, until I felt a ravenous gnawing at my gut at the sight of the boy's neck, where there appeared to be blood.

'B-b-blood?! Why am I hungry at the sight of blood!' memories of my mothers stories began to pop into my mind

A monster who drinks the blood from the children who stayed out at night was always told to me by my mum, I always thought it was rubbish, but now.

Now I'm starting to believe that this monster exists, and that monster being 'me'

"Charlotte is everything okay?" I heard her ask me in worry

But I couldn't hear her, as I felt the hunger grow within me like a forest fire, behind my gums I felt a burning sensation.

Screaming out I faintly felt someone holding me, but the pain robbed me of all my senses.

Finally, I felt no pain, breathing a sigh of relief I turned to look at Tinel until I saw her looking at my mouth

I croaked a response "what is it?" I asked weakly

"Y-your teeth" At her reply I put a hand up to my mouth and felt two sharp canines protruding from the back of my front teeth

'!' I quickly retracted my hand, closing my jaw I felt the two retract.

"What going on with me Tinel," I asked panicked

"Don't worry it's just a side effect from you turning"

'Turning? What am I t-turning into?' as if hearing my question I heard Tinel give an explanation

"A Strigoi." At my confused face, she elaborated "A Strigoi is an immortal mon-being who rose from the de- *ahem* who slowly turned into a vampire, The Strigoi need blood in order to survive"

Her pauses were suspicious, but I just accepted her answer.

"D-does that mean I have to kill?" I heard my small, quaky voice

"Unfortunately yes" feeling an ice cold feeling go over me I looked down with tears in my eyes

"B-but I d-don't want to h-h-hurt people" feeling my heart stop at this revelation "I don't want to be a monster"

I felt sobs wrack my small frame, until a familiar scent invaded my nose.

"I know love, I wish there were a better way for you to live. But there's nothing we can do, trust me, I would very much give my life to revert you"

Her words calmed me down a tad.

"O-okay, b-but I still don't want to eat people" at my words I saw her narrow her eyes

"Love, you need blood in order to survive, and you can't just drink a little too, I saw the look in your eyes."

"B-but I don't want to kill" I argued weakly

"We must do what we need to do in order to survive, so you will have to kill to live love.""

The look in her eye was nothing but love and support, despite my reservations, I want to survive, to see life, I need to take life.

Feeling my resolve I looked at Tinel in the eyes and gave her my answer

"I-I want to live" my voice was strong for once although it didn't last

Her smile made me feel safe and warm, I saw her turn her head to the boy.

"Here, he will sate your hunger"

At her words I felt that same gnawing at my stomach.

Walking up to the unconscious boy, I felt my mind telling me that this is wrong, and I agreed, but the smell of the blood invaded my mind, making all resistance futile.

I faintly felt the slight pain burst from my mouth, but I ignored it, rather I was intoxicated at the smell of the blood

I felt myself lower my lips to the boys neck, where the blood was tickling down and tasted the blood with my tongue.

Explosions of sweet flavour came bursting onto my pallet, wanting more I sunk the two large canines into the boys neck.

Pausing as the boy gave a slight shudder until I continued to drink the marvelous liquid.

'More, more, MORE!' I continued to drink until I felt a barrier

Irritated I tried to push through the barrier, it gave slightly, growling lowly I pushed with all my might until the taste came once more.

"Charlotte that's enough" a voice brought me from my high, looking up I saw Tinel looking at me with worry.

"What, why?" I replied childishly

"Because you already drained your victim" at her words I felt a small prick stab my heart.

Looking at the boy, I saw his once vibrant skin was now sickly green and his cheeks once pronounced were sunken.

Feeling the urge to throw up, I quickly rushed away from the scene with tears in my eyes.

Images of the dead body assaulted my mind, and the worst of all is the fact that I enjoyed it.

I was on my knees throwing my guts up when I felt a hand on my shoulder

"Are you alright Little Blossom" I saw Tinels big brown eyes staring at me with concern.

"N-no I'm not alright!" I said loudly "I just took a life and enjoyed it!"

The images of the boy returned into my mind

"w-when I was drinking his b-blood, everything tuned out and a-all I heard was this monster in my head telling me to eat more" I felt my words die at the end

"I'm the same as that man-"

"No! Don't you compare yourself to that- that monster" I heard her yell with passion

"You're killing to live, that monster killed for fun, so long as you continue to live You. Will. Not. Be. A. Monster."

Feeling her hug me tightly, I felt my tears get absorbed into her shoulder.

So we just sat there, me clinging onto her while she hummed a tune that sounded like a warm autumn day.

"What are we going to do now?" I asked curiously

I heard her barely acknowledge me, looking up I saw her sleeping.

'Dryads sleep?' Shaking my head I decided to explore the cave for a bit, as every time I woke up, I passed out due to exhaustion.

As I explored I saw another person in this cave, walking up I noticed that it was a her.

'Must be for me' I thought plainly, although slight disturbed.

She's beautiful, looking at her Auburn hair and freckles.

I poked at her cheek to get a feel for her cheekbones but stopped when I felt her stir, stepping back as she fluttered her eyes around the cave.

"W-where am I" I heard her quake fearfully, she tried to move her body but the vines that ensnared her didn't budge.

"H-hello? Johnny? Anyone?" didn't she see me? I'm literally in front of her

'It must be a power from being a Strigoi' I deduced 'what else can I do' my musings were brought to a close when I heard an intake of air.

Looking at the girl I noticed that she was looking directly at me 'but how?'

Then I looked up and saw the moonlight shining down on me from the crack in the ceiling.

'So that's how she saw me' but her voice cut me from my thoughts

"W-w-what are you!" I heard her shout weakly

Raising my eyebrows I walked closer to her, but her squeak of fear stopped me "I'm a human like you" I replied innocently

"N-no humans don't have glowing eyes" she retorted back with fear

'Oh yeah forgot about that, wait why did I say I was human?'

"Why am I tied up?" she gave a grunt as she tried to break free "and why are we in a cave" she shot out quickly

Mum always said not to lie "Because you're my food" I replied with childish innocence

At this the girl stopped struggling in favor for gapping at me

"F-f-food?!" she yelled "Shh! You're going to wake up Tinel" I chastised her.

"W-who's Tinel?!" she replied afraid

Who is Tinel to me? Hmm, she saved me from the monster and she's there for me all the time.

'A sister? No doesn't feel right, how about a mother?' at this thought I, felt as if a puzzle piece clicked within me.

"She adopted me as one of her own, so I'm her daughter!" I mused the last part aloud

"W-what what're you saying?" I heard the girl say "Wait where's Johnny he was there when we got attacked"

At the tilt of my head I asked "Who's Johnny"

She told me how he looked like with him having Brown hair and hazel eyes, feeling my eyes widen and my heart drop to my feet I looked down

"Why are you looking like that, what'd you do to Johnn-" her voice cut out as I looked to the side, where a body now identified as Johnny lay.

She followed my sight and squinted, barely making out the silhouette of a body before her eyes widened "No, no that- that's, no, No!" she yelled "Johnny!" she cried out

"Stop joking around and wake up" desperately she crawled to him "Hold on Johnny I'm coming"

Feeling the urge to hide away I walked to a wall and slid down, whilst looking at the scene playing out with wide eyes.

She managed to get to the body while bound "Johnny wake up" she said hoarsely, rolling the named boy over, what she saw caused her to scream.

Johnny, sunken cheeks, gaunt eyes and sickly green skin.

I vaguely heard Tinel wake up, but my mind was chanting 'Monster' over and over.

Clutching my head, I pulled my legs up and hid myself from reality.

Mum always said that hiding would make the monsters go away, so I closed my eyes and covered my ears.

For what felt like an eternity, I finally looked up and saw Tinel forcing the girl into unconsciousness.

I stared with empty at the girl as she clawed at the piece of vine strangling her, until she ceased struggling.

Afterwards, I saw Tinel walk up to me slowly with her hair bangs blocking her eyes from me, she knelt in front of me and looked at me.

"Char-" but I cut her off "Is this how my life will be from now on, making others suffer so that I will live?" I replied with a broken voice

"Mum always told me to treat life with value, and to not hurt people, but with what I've become, I'm forced to take lives and loved ones away from each other."

I hugged my knees tight "maybe I should just die" I voiced aloud.

I felt my body being pulled into a familiar embrace, unsurprised until I felt a drop of water splash on my hand.

Looking up slowly, I saw the disturbing sight of Tinel crying.

Feeling my heart twist, I decided to hug her tightly.

"Tinel, I want to be free from this place, could you teleport me away?" I asked in an even voice.

Immediately I felt her hold me tighter "N-no, I won't let my daughter go," she said between sobs "I'm sorry for encouraging you to kill, I should've sought out a better way."

I felt tears burn in my inhuman eyes "H-hey, T-tinel" sniffle "am I really human anymore" I asked weakly

I felt her shake her head

"Am I alive?" I asked in a whisper

Scared of her response I began shaking

"No" I felt my reality split "But you are alive!" I heard her exclaim loudly

"You may have risen as a Strigoi, but you're my daughter first, Strigoi second!"

"I don't care whether you're alive or dead, whether you've killed millions I don't care."

"You're my daughter and I'll love you regardless of sin"

I found myself letting out a loud cry in my mother's arms.

I let out all my grief and regret.

Now I can finally mourn the life I lost.


POV Charlotte

It's been two months since my first two kills, as I've found out, I can live off of two humans for a good amount of time, how I know this, well let's just say that starving yourself works at times.

While killing still saddens me, I can't fight against my nature, so I built memorials dedicated to those I've killed.

I don't doubt that the numbers will increase over the years, so dealing with the bodies by myself would be too time-consuming.

So I had enlisted the help from my mother, so now I can relax knowing at those I've killed will move on down into the realm of Hades.

My mother also saw it fit to make me knowledgeable in the pantheon, which will be a big help in the future.

Now I'm getting hungry for human, so lets dig in, eugh still not comfortable with killing.


Outside of the settlement of New York

Having mother dearest allow more to go out by myself took a while, as I had to convince her that I wasn't off to kill myself, goodness, luckily she couldn't resist my pout.

No brain stick to the mission, we need to find a lone human.

Closing my eyes and taking a deep breath and breathing out slowly, I activated one of the skills that I learned over nights of utter boredom, greater sight, as its name implies it gives me greater sight.

Looking around the outskirts of New York I hoped to find a lone adventurer, but right now I'm having no luck.

As I was about to head closer into the city I saw lone cabin with a person sitting by the window writing on a parchment and quill.

'Found you' I thought childishly

'This will be my first kill by my own hands, no Tinel to subdue them, just me' despite how nervous I felt, I felt like I could do it.

Remember Tinels advice about acting like a lost child, '!' aren't I already a lost child? Stop it brain, we're just using it to trick him.

Shaking my head, I remembered everything about being a Strigoi, I cannot enter a home unless invited in, I can mind control but I have to have already bitten my prey, stake to the heart can kill me, but beheading won't, the sun is also a no-no

Bonuses are me having the ability to transform into a monster, which I can't do yet, invisibility, same as transforming, being able to hide my red glow as well but for my iris, I can't.

Clearing my head, I pretended to act like a lost little girl, hiding the glow from my pupils, I walked in front of the window, tripping on a stick 'Intentionally'

I saw the man's eyes widen in surprise before I saw his lips move 'damn it, there's more than one' I grimaced

I saw a candlelight shine from the other side of the house before I finally lay my eyes on my prey.

An aged man whose entire face looked like a dried prune, shaking head I heard him call out "is anyone there?" To which I replied with a weak "H-here"

Seeing him draw closer I took notice of the person he called being absent 'now's my chance' I thought hastily

Feeling my fangs tingle in excitement from their hiding place I ignored them opting to stare at my prey, who is finding a way to get to me.

Finally, after a period of time, he was in front of me, resisting the urge to smirk I opted for a fear-stricken face.

"Little lady are you alright?" I heard him speak in concern "do you need anything" he said while kneeling at me.

Looking up I saw his eyes widen a tad before he schooled his emotions "N-no" I said in a breathless voice "these men attacked my parents when we went on a walk" I said hastily "I saw them staring at me weirdly"

I took notice of how his mouth dropped slightly 'almost there old man, go on buy my story' "then when the turned their heads I ran for it" faking a few tears "they chased me for a while, but I was faster"

"Please sir you have to hide me!" I nearly yell with fright

I saw his expression waver "Come with me little one" as he turned his back I smirked 'too easy'

As we got closer to the door I hesitated 'what if he doesn't let me in? No, he has to' he noticed my hesitance

"Are you alright miss?" I'm taking too long! "Yes but, i-is it alright if I can come in? Surely I'm bothering you" I asked politely

He smiled "Yes it's alright, can't exactly turn away a beautiful girl like you now, Martha come meet our guest"

An old woman comes shambling from the kitchen dressed in a flowery dress with an apron on "Oh is it that person you said who fell at our window, my she's pretty, but what happened to your eyes?" she asked with her eyebrow raised

Quickly coming up with an excuse "My p-parents took me to a doctor in the city, when I was a baby, they found a sickness in me that caused me to become hurt when in the sun." I lied deftly

Thankfully the old coots bought my story, the man whispered to his wife "Martha the poor girl's parents just got murdered, apparently the men chased her which is why she's here." "how awful, my to lose her parents at such an age."

Getting irritated with their chatting I asked if I could use their washroom "I want to freshen up" agreeing they gave me directions.

Getting up I followed their directions and came across an old type of toilet system, shaking my head I walked to the mirror and let my eyes glow for a bit.

'So tiring' I felt my time come close to an end, 'I need to control these humans to let me in every night'

Steeling my resolve I came up with a plan to control the old woman first, have her help me in the washroom.

Opening the door slightly I politely yelled for the woman that I require assistance, hoping that my plan worked I waited for her to reach the door.

"yes dear, what do you need help with" doing my best embarrassed impression "I-how do you use this?"

I unlocked the door to let her in, seeing the door open enough to let her in, I saw her hobble into the washroom.

Just as she started to explain how the toilet worked, I quickly subdued her.

Thankfully she didn't put much resistance, just as she was about to fall I sunk my two teeth into her neck.

Feeling the familiar taste, I almost lost control and drained her right here, instead, I drank only 5% of her blood so I could influence her actions.

"Is everything alright in there?" I heard the mans worried voice, Forcing the old woman to tell him at everything is alright went according to plan.

"Alright just thought I heard something" I heard him walk away from the door, breathing a sigh of relief I looked at the old woman who had a glazed look on her face.

Ordering her to return to the dinner table was easy, as she immediately shambled her way to the table as a zombie.

Looking in the mirror, I saw the glow in my eyes increase in power. 'So blood increases the intensity of my pupils good to know' clearing my head, I hit my pupils again.

As I walked back to my seat I took note of how the controlled human was acting, not eating, rather she was staring at her plate with a glazed expression.

I looked at her husband and noticed that he was basically oblivious to her actions 'hmm, certainly strange' clearing my head, I checked my internal clock 5:29 am I have till 8:00.

Time to end it here I thought quickly.

"I should get going now" I announced plainly, this drew one reaction, surprise

"Go? Back into the forest where there are people hunting you?" He asked astonished

"I believe that those people called off the search, besides I bet my mother's sister is looking for me" I said hastily

He looked skeptic, and just as he was about to ask me why I willed his wife to step in for me

"Leave her alone Harold, I believe that she wouldn't lie to us" she said is a monotone voice

The man named Harold looked at his wife in surprise "Err, no-but" he stuttered

"Be a gentleman and show her the door would you" Martha replied in monotone

"yes dear" I looked surprised at the amount of authority she had over Harold.

'A strong woman, no wonder her blood tasted of coffee' I mused as I walked to the door with Harold until he stopped us at the door

"Are you sure your aunt is looking for you?" he asked with uncertainty "yes I'm quite certain" I reply with confidence

He sighed "come back if you can't find her alright" he looked at me with a critical gaze "Alright sir" I reply with innocence.

As he opened the door, I walked out without a single glance, until I felt his eyes leave my form.

'finally' I thought I relief 'felt like I was getting grilled for information'

I heard a pop from behind me 'No way she followed me'

Lo and behold, standing there is Tinel who had a look that told me to 'explain myself or get locked up'

"Hi mum", I said loudly, It had it's desired effect as Tinels face crumbled from a stern face to a jello statue

Hiding my giggle behind my hands I explained why I was coming home late "and so he looked at me incredulously and his wife just started blankly, it was strange." While I recounted the events to her I noticed the sun about to rise.

"Tinel. Sun" I warned lazily

She then teleported us back to the den.

But just as she was about to raise hell on me, I passed out. 'Perks of being a Strigoi, sleep time is definite' then all went black.

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