A/N: Request for KatWrech

Nightmares were nothing new for Rudolph. He and his family had been hunted by the same clan of vampire hunters since the 16th centuries. Dreaming of getting staked, beaten or burnt up by the firey sun have been typical fodder for his slumber.

And the events of the past few days had surprisingly not helped. Sure, they'd taken out Rookery, but a nagging worry that he'd somehow survived getting crushed by a cow or that he had a relative who'd come for revenge still poked at his brain.

He tried to sleep.

But his brain fucked him over anyway. He dreamed of Rookery brutally killing his family, without mercy, him casually striding through gore. He hardly even cared when Rookery killed him, but when he attacked Tony. . .

He stayed in his makeshift coffin for hours after he woke up, feeling colder than usual.

Finally he couldn't stand it, and he flew out of that closet, and onto Tony's bed, practically tackling the mortal. He held him close, finally bawling.

"Dude! What's wrong?!" Tony yelled, holding him back.

"ROOKERY! HE STILL HAUNTS ME!" Rudolph sobbed.

"You mean, you still need to realize that he's not a threat to you? Or literal haunting?"

"The first one."

"Oh thank god. Listen, I know this might be hard, cause you're an immortal vampire. But I am right here, to hold and protect you."

"Thanks, friend." Rudolph smiled, his tears slowing a bit.

"Of course, friend."