Time skip to New Year's Eve.

after that evening where Helga sucked his dick, he's became aware that she doesn't remember, he realizes it's probably a good thing but he also wishes she would Remember so he can return the favor.. he knows it's different for girls but he knows it can be just as enjoyable when recieving it as a women and giving it to the women but he doesn't want to scare her off.

Pheobe decides to pay Arnold a visit. She lets herself in and goes up to his room before entering she knocks "come on"

"hi.. Arnold, we need to talk.."

"sure.. what about?"

"well,this is so embarrassing for me.. about that night I caught you and Helga."

"Oh.. what about that night.?"

"well.. Helga asked me if it was a dream or if it was real"

"Ohh, did you tell her it was just a Dream?"

Pheobe shakes her head "No.. I told her the truth.. and she reacted better then I'd imagine her reaction would of been.. she.. she wants to know if you enjoyed it?"

Arnold blushes "yes.. I had to go finish uhmm she was just about done if you didn't walk in she would of made me come"

"Okay that is TMI Arnold" she laughs "but I did ask so it's alright"

"so why are you asking?"

pheobe bluhses now "Helga wants to do it again, she said that she wasn't sure if it was real but if it were she enjoyed it and she admitted she was wet on the way home and she told me she wants to taste your uhmm yeah... that is where I draw the line"

"oh what have we gotten ourselves into.."

"Arnold she is waiting in my car.. if you want I could tell her to come up?"

Arnold blushes "but my parents are downstairs..."

"yes but no one can hear you they are busy"

Arnold gets the hint, they are busy in their room

"send her up"

arnold shuts off the tv but before he does a interesting news report about a rapist in jail.. he was released because his religious conseouler deemed him saved and pure. As they are reporting he reads the name of the rapist "Simon Smith released from a Orlando jail he was sentenced to 5 years and to register as a sex offender when he raped his girlfriend last school year., his conseouler has deemed him saved and because of this and good behavior he was released on a bond"

"that has to be him, I can't let her see this" he shuts the tv off just as he hears a knock on his door "uhm come in?"

a shy looking Helga comes in "hey"

shes wearing a low cut tank and shorts and he gulps.

"so Pheobe said you wanted to talk"

"yes, sort of.. I mean I don't want to just talk though..."

"okay but we do need to talk first"

"I agree...I'm ok now arnold I want us to be together.."

arnold grabs her hand "are you absolutely sure you can handle this.. I will wait"

"yes, I've wanted you for a while"

"but what if we do end up going all the way and you have a flashback"

"I think for now I need to be on top..ln control..?"

arnold silently agrees that's not a bad idea "Okah but if at anytime your not comfortable we can stop immediately"

"yes sir" Helga laughs

"so we are together now?"

"I think so.."

helga leans in to kiss arnold but he stops her "wait.. you don't need to do anything helga..it's not a requirement.."

helga looks down sadly whispering "you don't want me?"

"yes I do but it's not something I want you to do just because everyone does"

"but I'm ok to do some things.."

Arnold gulps "ok.."

she leans back down to kiss him and pushes him down on the bed so she's on top.

as they get heated she tries pushing his jeans down he helps her but hesitants. He doesn't want her do this just because everyone does it

he wants it to be when she is ready, like completely healed

but as he's trying to think of a way to stop this from going further he feels her mouth circle his dick and he moans in pleasure, he still wants to make sure she's ok and tries to get her to stop but she just looks at him and moans and he looses it