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Petunia's POV

It had been just over ten years prior that Petunia Evans now Dursley was first introduced to magic. Her younger sister Lily was a witch. At first she like her sister was amazed at the feats with magic. Try as she might however Petunia was unable to do magic like her sister. This left her bitter and angry.

A school friend of hers told her about something she could learn. Like herself her friend was not magic but had a sibling that was. Its name was alchemy.

At her insistence her parents allowed her to go to school to be an alchemist. As Lily was learning to be a witch she was learning to be an alchemist. Unlike for Lily she did not have to take to take seven years of schooling.

Petunia was able to graduate as a fully certified alchemist when she was fifteen. It was one of the few times that her parents paid attention to her alone. Where Lily wasn't stealing the spot light from her.

It wasn't long after that, that her parents were killed. A Dark Wizard as Lily called him. Their parents were killed because she was a witch. After the funeral she cut off all ties with her sister. Petunia wanted nothing more to do with her sister. For once her sister abided by her wishes. There was only one exception when Lily married James Potter. Petunia of course ignored the invitation to the wedding.

After that she didn't hear from Lily again. Two almost three years passed after that. Petunia married Vernon Dursley and they had a son. Dudley was a perfect angel.

Then on November 1st her whole world changed again. On her doorstep was a basket with a baby in it. She immediately brought the basket inside. When she searched the basket she found a letter in it. She immediately opened and began reading.

To Mrs. Petunia Dursley,

I regret to inform you that last night your sister Lily Potter nee Evans was killed by Lord Voldemort. James Potter was also killed in the attack on the house. Due to protective magics cast by Lily your house is now protected until her son turns of age.

In this basket is Harrison "Harry" James Potter. You may treat him however you like. As long as he is able to come to Hogwarts when he turns month you will get a stipend to be used however you please.


Albus Dumbledore

Petunia bit her lip until she tasted the metallic taste of blood. If this was back before she became an alchemist she probably would have hated the boy. However Harrison was the last remaining part of her sister. Now that the Dark Lord killed her.

Petunia wasn't going to mistreat Harrison. When he was old enough she would train him to be an alchemist. That way when the time came he could choose. To be an alchemist or to be a wizard. Like when Lily was young there would be accidental magic to contend with. It would be a process just like everything else.

Harrison's POV

For as long as he could remember he lived with his Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon. Vernon Dursley was a midlevel admistrator at a drill company. Petunia was a certified alchemist who did all kinds of jobs both for the government and companies.

He had a cousin named Dudley but they were more like brothers than cousins. Harrison had the second bedroom which was slightly smaller than Dudley's. He didn't mind though. It was filled with books and toys.

Books interested him more than the toys did. Even from a young age he wanted nothing more than to read as much as he could. Despite his love for books he preferred practical alchemy. Making his own transmutation circles was his main focus.

Dudley preferred fighting and his alchemy reflected that. He had a combative alchemy that he was designing a circle for his boxing gloves.

His aunt worked in the main England Alchemist Library. She helped alchemists studying for the certifications and licensing exams. It was a job that paid almost as well as Vernon's. So they lived comfortably.

For Harry there was only one thing he disliked. It was how bad his eyesight was without his glasses. If his glasses were to break he would be helpless. Alchemy could only help him to a point in that instance. To make new glasses he would have to draw a transmutation circle. With how bad his eyes were that just wasn't possible.

Any surgeries to fix his eyes would have to wait until he was eighteen. They weren't possible with how much his eyes were changing. He could wear contacts but even the prescription in that would change often. With his alchemy he could change his glasses so that he could see as needed.

It was in his experimenting with his glances that he found he could etch a transmutation in them. That in turn led to the discovered he could use alchemy at a distance. The first day he tried it had been with Petunia and Dudley.


Harrison stood in the backyard with Dudley beside him. The slightly older boy had just finished trying his new transmutation circle. It failed again but it seemed to be closer than his last try. Harry for his part etched a transmutation circle into the frames of his glasses.

Petunia said with a faint smile, "Alright Harry let's see what you can do."

This was a regular occurance for the three of them. Once a month they would show off what they had learned. Dudley was still trying to perfect his circle.

It would be awhile before it was complete. Combat alchemy was always the most difficult. Especially when one was trying to create an entire new branch. Most alchemist that specialized in combat alchemy were licensed state alchemist and worked for the military. There were only a handful that weren't in the military. Harry was sure that was Dudley's end goal.

Petunia would show off some basic transmutation circles. Occasionally she would show they an intermediate one. To the two boys it felt like she was trying to protect them.

Harry sometimes would show off a new creation he had made. This time however it was an actual event. He had realized what he could do with it by accident.

He said calmly, "Aunt Petunia you might want to step back. I haven't exactly got this down to a science yet."

She raised an eyebrow at him but she did as he bid. Then he focused he power into the transmutation circle. Then he pictured what he wanted in his mind eye. It was a simple figurine of a dog but the position was most important. It was six feet in front of him. Far from where his short arms could reach.

He felt energy draining from him as the equal exchange. Slowly a light formed on ground six feet from him. A dog figurine appeared from the light. By the time it was complete Harrison was almost completely drained of energy. The upside was that he succeeded.

He fell to a knee barely staying awake. Petunia said sounding extremely surprised, "Ranged transmutation. That was only a theory but you were able to complete it. Well done, Harry. Well done."

End of flashback

That was his best day of his life and so far nothing surpassed it. That was until today. He was sitting at the table waiting on the morning post. It was his birthday and they were going to the zoo later.

Dudley brought the mail in and handed him a letter. It was surprising because he wasn't expecting any mail for at least two weeks. He had a pen pal in the state alchemist core. The man was currently first lieutenant and was in Germany on assignment.

The envelope was too heavy to be military paper. Their letters were never this heavy. So he was intruiged about who could be writing him.

On it read:

Harrison James Potter
Smallest Bedroom
4 Private Drive
Surrey, England

What was this? How did someone know exactly which bedroom was his? Could they be watching the house? He should tell his aunt.

Turning the envelope he was intruiged by the crest on it. A red H lay on the envelope.