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Harrison's POV

Harrisom followed his house through hallways to a picture of a dark-haired woman with blue eyes and a midnight blue medieval dress.

She smiled at the students, "A question you must answer if you wish to enter. 'This thing destroys all. Dries Rivers, kills kings, crumble mountains to dust. You cannot escape it, you cannot trick it, and you cannot stop it.' What is it?"

"Time," Harrisom answered not even a moment after she finished talking. His quick response gathered a few looks from his housemates but Harrison kept his eyes on the portrait. The woman gave a smile in his direction with a nod. The portrait opened to show a set of stairs going up.

He again followed the others. The stairs admitted them to a large room with couches, tables, and a lit fireplace giving off comfortable warmth. Books lined every inch of the walls on shelves. Six older students stood in front of the first years drawing Harry's eyes to them.

"Welcome to Ravenclaw tower. I am Kindra Countly." The girl gestured to the boy next to her, "This is Marklin Hacher. We are the fifth year perfects."

Harrison only half the rest of what she said and what the others said. He studied the room more. The fireplace was between two stairways. A large couch made of dark blue fabric sat in front of the fire. Two chairs the same color as the couch sat on either side facing the fire. Two tables with four wooden chairs were on either side of the room leaving room in the middle to walk without bumping into others sitting. Large pillows were settled around the edges of the room to provide more seating.

A lone silver fabric chair in the back corner to the left of the door caught his attention. It had a small silver lamp sitting on a dark wood side table to provide a silvery glow to the dark corner. From where the chair was it could see the whole room, even if the door would open anyone coming in would be seen. Harrison instantly claimed that corner as his in his mind.

He was pulled from his observations as the others split into boys and girls. Harry followed the boys up the left stairway by the fire. The first landing had six doors on it, three on each side of the stairs. Harry noted the two name-plates on each door.

The perfect that came up with them explained that to get into their rooms they needed to only touch their wands to their name-plates. One door connected to two separate rooms that they were free to decorate any way they wish. The rooms they have are the rooms they will have for their seven years of school. Every year the rooms will just move up a floor but the rooms will not be changed from the way they were left the previous year.

He waited for the boy who was sharing his door to go first. He touched his wand to his name-plate, whispering in German silently thanking his aunt for insisting he learn the language, "Open."

The name-plate gave a soft glow showing that it accepted the password. It opened without a sound. Harry shut the door and surveyed the room. It was bare but it was a workable size. It had a full sized canopy bed on the left-hand wall made of dark mahogany wood. On it hung blue curtains, heavy and able to block out the light. The sheets, blanket, and pillow were the same color blue as the curtains. His trunk was set at the foot of his bed, unopened and still locked. A door was set beside it, which led to his bathroom.

The window overlooked the lake and in the distance, he could see Hogsmeade. He turned from his window to look to his right. A desk made of the same dark mahogany as his bed sat against the wall across from his bed. It had three lockable drawers on the right side of the chair. The single key to open them all sat on the desktop. Four shelves were above the desk anchored to the wall, three feet in length each.

All in all the room mean perfect for what he needed. Unlike what he heard about some of the other houses he would not have to share a room. Gryffindor and Hufflepuff from what he understood put students in groups of five to a dorm. That would have been a nightmare trying to study or work on alchemy. Too many prying eyes that wouldnt leave him be. Not to mention that Granger girl.

For the love of science he hoped that he did not have classes with the Gryffindors. Harrison knew that girl's type. They believed that they were the smartest and anyone who got better grades than them must be cheating. It was pathetic to be honest.

Pushing the thoughts of the Gryffindors he got ready for bed. Tomorrow would be the first day of classes and he would need to be ready for whatever they threw at him.