It's a dream come true really.

First, traveling outside of the country, to the wilderness of Germany. Then it it was seeing actual vampires.

And then, it was Rudolph Sackville Bagge, the coolest and most lovely vampire he had ever met.

It was baffling that he'd been crushing on Rudolph and only now realized it.

Still, despite his shyness, he knew it was far better to make a move than wait for Rudolph. Better to try and possibly fail then to spend time regretting doing nothing.

He decided to go with a classic, gentlemanly way of flirting: the kiss on the hand.

"Hello mortal." Rudolph greeted him.

"Hello, vampire." He took Rudolph's hand and tried to gracefully kiss it.

It was more of an awkward peck really, but at least it was a kiss.

Rudolph looked confused, then began to laugh.

"What is it?" Tony asked.

"You, such a modern boy, flirting like my grandfather!"

"Oh. Uh, you don't mind?"

"No, mortal! At least you had the courage to flirt so brazenly! I could never."

"You like me? Like I like you?"


Overwhelmed by this revelation, Tony made a split second decision and kissed Rudolph. On the mouth.

At first the vampire was shocked, and stiffened. But he was ecstatic and soon returned the kiss.

When they parted, they just stood there, stunned.

"WILL YOU BE MY BOYFRIEND?" Rudolph yelled, a grey blue blush all over his face.

"YES!" Tony yelled back.