The fans of the stories by JensenDaniels32 were chatting excitedly about his upcoming story.

"What do you think that JensenDaniels32 is going to write about this time?" A random fanboy asked.

"I don't know, but I can hardly wait," A random fangirl replied.

"I wonder what elements it will contain," A third fan asked the first two.

The first two looked at each other before saying, "Oh, it will probably contain action, comedy, and romance."

"Oh, and let's not forget the sexual content," A fourth fan added as he also entered into the conversation.

"Yeah, JensenDaniels32 is pretty well-known for that," A fifth individual chimed in.

The four, along with all of the other fans, suddenly stopped talking and nodded in unison. Some people would consider this to be a very unsettling site, while others would find it hilarious. Regardless, it had no real emotional effect on the fans of JensenDaniels32, as he had already posted far more outlandish content within his own stories than the sight of everyone performing a synchronized action at random. They all could agree that the content of the first and second chapters of one of his stories, "AN IMMORTAL GOD AND HIS DESTINED ONES", was considered to be the most bizarre in the history of literature. Dumbellydoor (a.k.a. Dumbledore), a teletubbie with a crowbar and Sans Gaku (a.k.a. Son Goku)...

"What if it's another 'trollfic'?" Yet another fan asked.

This caused all of the fans to either burst out into hysterical laughter or to groan in exasperation and facepalm. The amount of "WTF" in those types of stories of his were legendary.

"What if he writes something completely unheard of? You know, something never done before?" Yet another fan wondered aloud.

"Like what?" Another nearby fan asked in curiosity.

Hearing this, all of the fans began to speculate. However, none of them could figure anything out until one fan had an epiphany a solid five minutes later.

With her idea in mind, she asked, "What if JensenDaniels32 decides to make a story entirely based off of something...ridiculous?"

"Such as?" Everyone else asked.

"Such as what he's doing now," She replied.

Confused, they all asked, "Could you please be more specific?"

"Well, I think the author is making a story based off of his audience's thoughts on what this new story of his is. In other words, everything we've said and done that has been written down here is what the story is about, " She explained.

They all blanched. "In other words..." One of them trailed off.

"The 5th wall has officially been shattered," She finished.