[ Tech Square: DexLabs Headquarters ]

9:00 PM

"Dexter, Miss Raelin is outside, requesting permission to-"

Dexter groaned as he raised his hand which stopped his computer assistant. Knowing too well that he can't send his childhood friend away, he nodded to Computress, "Let her in. It's always like this"

The opening of the sliding door was heard, as well as approaching heel clicking steps, but Dexter was still focused on the huge monitor in front of him, scanning the divisions in the screen for any abnormality. It has been quite a while since Numbuh Four called and reported about the almost unstoppable spreading of Fusion Matter on the river. Thinking about what could've happened made him tensed until a pat on his shoulder landed, making him flinch.

"Sorry I'm a little bit late. Dinner?" She smiled as she lifted the plastic on her hand containing takeout dinners from the Burger Frenzy.

"Raelin, I'm busy. You go eat fi-"

"Ah? Busy being a CCTV? Come on, it won't hurt to eat sometimes. This is exactly why Auntie told me to keep an eye on you." They both rolled their eyes at each other "Come on! We'll eat here in front of your beloved monitors"



"Hey Dex, did you know? Ben found his soulmate" as if her statement was that surprising, Dexter choked on his meal, making the girl chuckle and Computress immediately offered him a glass of water.

"What makes you think soulmates are real?" He raised an eyebrow as he stared at her in disbelief.

"Well if you've been keeping a blind eye on the stories, I'll be so kind to narrate it to you." She smirked which earned her a challenging look from her best friend as if to tell her, "convince me"

"They said that if your partner almost or actually 'died'..." she motioned her fingers imitating a quotation mark, thanks to Resurrect Em's Grim donated, they were able to say those things "... the second time the same day, the significant other feels the exact same pain the other one is feeling."

"How is that even painful, Resurrect Em's are there to keep you alive!" Dexter rebutted as he took a large bite on his meal.

She cleared her throat, "'to keep you alive', Bestie, NOT to keep you uninjured." He grimaced on her remark, both on what she just called him, and on the thought that she might be thinking he's not aware of the fact.

His silence was her cue to continue, "I know you were aware of that, genius. But have you ever tried going through that Resurrect Em? I have, but only once a day. I just came back from there before going here. Tell you what, the wounds still sting." Her attempt to make it sound light failed as the Boy Genius rushed up from his seat and stood beside Raelin.

She let out a nervous laugh as she raised her head to meet the worrying gaze of the taller boy.

"Raelin. Show me the wounds" Dexter tried to look stern but his frown and tensed breathing said otherwise.

Sighing, she rolled the flowy white sleeve of her Seol top to reveal the deep cut of her arm, her blood dried up around the wound.

"Have you got this cleaned?"

"Chibi* Numbuh One helped me endure most of the pain." She looked away from him and her gaze landed on Computress, possibly waiting for an order from Dexter.

(* Chibi = Little)

So it goes, Raelin was sent to DexLabs' clinic and was attended to by the Medic DexBots, with Dexter standing beside her bed.

The air was thick, Raelin decided to break the silence, "And as I was saying!" she started off with her voice a bit louder than normal "Nina was on her way to Offworld Plaza when..."



[ Nina's POV (3rd Person POV): that same day, 3:30 PM ]

Nina was almost there, she could see the protective barriers of the Space Port. She was near on completing her mission with Vilgax. Running her fastest, her vehicle rental just expired a while ago, she hoped the Killowatts won't show up on that same spot. Crossing the border of Steam Alley to Offworld Plaza, she let out a sigh of relief as she ran, "thank you, whoever you are that killed those handfuls.".

Not until she was hit by Fusion Matter from behind which made her fall to the ground. Shaking in horror, she turned her head towards what she thought was gone 30 seconds ago; a mob of Killowatts and their boss, Surging Killowatt. She tried to run again, but her wounds from her recent 'accident' that led her to Steam Alley's Resurrect Em hasn't totally healed yet.

Nowhere near top condition, she stood up and switched from Pistol to Shattergun, summoning her Numbuh 5 nano in hopes of extending her stamina. She shot the group as she walked backwards, but one gunshot couldn't equate the fourfold attacks she received.

"Drop kick!" Nano Numbuh 5 tried to aid the panting heroine. Her Teal Filigree Shirt was now dripping in blood as her previous wounds reopened and there added new ones.

"Eddy!" She shouted desperately, feeling her eyes closing and the blood from her head tempting her right eye to close even more. As familiar white light shone upon her and she felt a little boost of stamina from her healing nano, she noticed large green patches under her.

"N-numbuh Two!" she opted to run.

But she couldn't anymore.



[ A few moments earlier, Ben's POV (3rd Person) ]

Ben was just talking to another hero as he sent them out to stop some mini Terrafusers from causing any more damage in the infected zone. A few moments after the person headed to the Space Port, he suddenly felt immense pain on his head, causing him to groan and kneel to the ground. The nearby KND Operatives and Plumbers went to him, asking what happened.

"I- I don't really kno- ack!" It was as if Four Arms punched him on the gut, he growled to the ground even more, unable to talk anymore. The Plumbers carried Ben to the nearby vehicle to get him checked, when just as they entered the vehicle, a thud was heard outside.

There's Nina with her crying Numbuh Two Nano beside her unconscious bloodied body under the Resurrect Em.



[ Transmission established:

Tech Square: DexLabs Headquarters

10:00 PM ]

"If that isn't what the stories are saying, then what was that?" Raelin then looked beside her only to be greeted by an impassive look from her best friend.

"Seriously, Dexter? All that story telling for this?" She pointed her index finger to his face as she then crossed her arms to her chest, blowing strands of her blue locks out of her face.

Unsure of how to refute the happenings, the Boy Genius gave out a sigh of defeat as he put a hand on Raelin's bandaged arm. "Let's call it a night, shall we?"

Not wanting to argue with her tired guide anymore, she ruffled his hair as she got off the bed and followed Dexter to his room.

"Sorry for making you worry, Dex" she mumbled under the blanket, their backs facing each other.

She felt him turn around, he's now facing her back. "I'm not worried about you, stuuupid. I just don't want any more missing heroes."

Her lips formed a smile as she hid her chuckle. Taking a deep breath, she also faced him. Her eyes widened on how close he was. She found herself lost in his blue eyes for a second, " what are Resurrect Em's for?"

"What I mean is, you could be missing if, maybe, one of Fuse's minions captured you or something. I wouldn't want that." She blinked, absorbing his words.

He then turned around again, clutching the blanket to his chest "...I mean, no one would want that. Now go to sleep, stupid Raelin."

She bit her lip as she faced the wall again. Shutting her eyes and whispered between smiles, "Yes, my dear guide."

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