[ Tech Square: DexLabs Headquarters ]

4:00 AM

"Computress, get the Offworld Plaza's Power Shopkeeper on phone." Dexter adjusted his glasses as he typed on the huge computer which brought out the footages from the cameras on a certain spot in Offworld Plaza. Another window flashed information of Raelin's friend, and another window popped up indicating that the requested DexBot was now on phone.

"Hello. How may I help you today?"

"Greetings. Requesting footage on your designation at 3 PM yesterday."

"Stand by."

Then another window popped up showing the area of the safe zone. Dexter's eyes stared at the two scenes, waiting for the phenomenon on question to happen.

A figure passed by on the left side of the monitor, "Computress, that's her right?"

"Affirmative, Dexter. My scans indicate that it is indeed Ms. Nina Wartumber."

He rubbed his chin as his eyes went from the running girl on screen and his close friend on the other, talking to someone he's probably instructing a mission on.

"Eddy!" a desperate voice resounded from the speakers. A Killowatt's attack on her head was as if directed to Ben, who's obviously not on the same scenario, as he mirrored the reaction the girl made. Dexter frowned.

Trying to keep his composure, Dexter's fingers tapped the table as he observed the Killowatts' attacks and how Nina's reactions perfectly synchronized with Ben's. He squinted his eyes as familiar green patches on the ground appear under the girl, "Eruption attack".

Dexter knew right then and there what would happen to Raelin's friend. He shifted his glance on Ben who was carried by the Plumbers and who, on perfect cue, also let out his painful shout right before Nina was teleported to the Plaza's Resurrect Em.

Dexter just stared at his monitor with his mouth agape. "What is the meaning of this?", he muttered to himself.



"Hey Dex, I'm heading out" she was by the door, facing Dexter's back as he went from one place to another in his headquarters, just another busy day for her guide.

"Farewell. And good luck" Computress answered, probably also on behalf of Dexter.

Raelin just pouted as she waited a few seconds to see if Dexter would give her even just a little response.

Convincing herself that it can't be helped that her best friend is such a workaholic, she shrugged and turn around-

"Do your best..." He said without even batting an eye on her

A small smile before walking outside, "I always do. "

" not get caught up in that Resurrect Em" he whispered to the pile of blueprints in front of him.

Ever since he watched what happens to someone before being sent to the Resurrect Em, he can't help but entertain the thoughts, "what if we never had those" or that the "fusions were indeed merciless" and fighting them every single day, going through 'death' every single day, he just wished this war is over.

And that she won't end up to a Resurrect Em... twice on the same day.



[ 6:00 PM ]

Raelin adjusted her earpiece as she smirked on her nanocom flashing her friend's name, "Say, Nina. How's it going with your boyfriend?" with teasing emphasis on the last word.

"He's not-"

"Yeeeeet!" She bursted out laughing while the girl on the other side of the line groaned as she rolled her eyes.

Attempting to change the topic and get back on Raelin, "where are you heading? Heard you had a date last night with your dear guide."

"Pipe it down, Nina. What if someone gets the wrong idea?" She tried to sound serious, good thing Nina can't see her failed attempt at hiding her smile.

"So, you did?"

Maybe she did, but Raelin knows too well Dexter doesn't see it as such, considering having dinner together and her regular sleep over in his HQ was a norm to them, probably.

"Hmm. Who knows? Lol, by the way are you in Offworld Plaza? Vilgax has some mission for me apparently."

"Go here then."



The two girls then released each other from their embrace "Ah, Vilgax has a mission for you? Apparently Vilgax is the new soulmate matchmaker now." It was Nina's turn to smirk on her pink tinted friend.

"Hey don't say that! I don't want to get to the Resurrect Em again today! Those Timber Creepers with their boss are no joke." She looked at her skirt. Visualizing the new cuts on her legs made her clench her fists. She definitely doesn't want a round two on a stamina draining event.

Nina held Raelin's fists, "are you worrying about the pain of your wounds? Or the possibility that Dexter may not be your soulmate?"

Raelin just sighed, "both? A-and girl, keep your voice down-"

"I am, Raelin."

"It's just, if ever he really is that, he won't believe it, right? He's probably searching for something to contradict what happened between you and Ben yesterday, if he had any free time, that is"

Nina smiled at her, patting Raelin's head, "you're thinking too much. And I'm not saying you go and be careless on your mission to see if he really is your soulmate, silly. Don't worry about it too much. You'll be fine." She assured her pouting friend.

Then they heard the door open, "Hey ladies, what's up?"

"Ah! Ben! I'll be off now" Raelin stood up as she hugged Nina and whispered her thanks to her and... "Have fun"

"Why you little..." Nina pushed Raelin out if their hug as she threw a light punch on the shoulder of her laughing buddy.

"See you around!" And she left the soulmates.



[ Offworld Plaza Infected Zone ]

7:00 PM

"Why are you doing a mission for Vilgax? He's an alien, like Fuse!" she rolled her eyes on the interruption in her nanocom, "Shut it, Mandark, I know what I'm doing." she snapped back as she jumped up the platforms to get to where the said absorption point is and place the condenser there. Aren't they worrying too much? She's just trying to help lessen the infection from spreading, right?

"Mandark, who is rarely right, happens to be right in this case" she wondered how they knew what each other is up to, and that's the thing she found suspicious. Shrugging her shoulders, she decided to ignore their attempts on making her drop her mission as she ran towards the spot-

-which is none other than a small area surrounded by Sawbreakers, definitely a good spot to place a condenser and just run away...


Inhaling deeply, she summoned her favorite nano in hopes of getting this first task done, fast and with no injury.

"Dex, we gotta get there, setup the condenser and glide outta there to get to the next one, you got it?" ignoring her strong heartbeats and shaking hands, she readied her Shattergun just in case.

"Just... In case" she exhaled.

Taking slow steps backwards, preparing for her long jump, she then ran as she jumped from the edge of the platform, "Glide!" she frowned as she saw through her peripheral vision that they noticed. Of course they would.

Landing on the exact spot, she tried to setup the condenser, "Now use the Fusion Condenser on the absorption point." She heard Vilgax thru her nanocom.

But surrounding attacks won't let her. Multiple attacks all at once drained her stamina, she knew she won't make it, she knew she won't be able to condense the spreading fusion matter, not if she tried to hold them back.

Stubborn as it may seem, "Numbuh One!" she immediately jumped out of the center of the mob, as she felt that her energy is replenished, to be able to shoot more of the Sawbreakers.

"Four arms! Get them!" switching from her healing nano to her leech nano gave her hope of possibly winning this obviously outnumbered fight. Her white top is now bloodstained, her pain tolerance dropped massively as she felt fusion matter burn both her arms.

"Numbuh One! A little help here!" But the nearby Sawbreaker managed to corrupt its fellow Blaston. Using its star-shaped saw, it managed to get a cut on her leg making her fall to the ground.

Still raising her Shattergun, she tried to shoot the remaining Sawbreakers, but the moment she pulled the trigger, her remaining stamina was never enough to handle the group attack.



A SACT agent immediately called for backup thru the DexBot on the warp gate, "This is from the Space Port, requesting medic to get Ms. Raelin Ionaboskov to safe zone. She was found unconscious and badly injured in this area's Resurrect Em, over."

"Copy that. We're on our way. Over and out." Ben then nodded to the DexBot and looked at the Plumbers and KND operatives on alert, "Plumbers, get an ambulance. KND operatives, we clear the area of Killowatts." He glanced at Nina who had a worried look but still waiting for an order, "You go with the Plumbers and take care of Raelin. Notify her guide about this."



[ Inside the Ambulance ]

"Raelin, can you hear me? Please respond. I'm calling Dexter ASAP" Nina tapped her friend who, to her dismay, didn't even move a muscle.

On the verge of crying on the sight of her friend, despite knowing she'll be fine, those injuries will take time to fully recover.

She tried her best to compose herself and be able to tell Dexter about the incident.



[ Tech Square: DexLabs Headquarters ]

"Dexter, come in! This is Nina Wartumber! Please respond!" Upon hearing a familiar voice, Dexter reached to his coat pocket then a floating cube flashing Nina's contact information appeared in front of them.


Ceiral's Blabbers: Yes, the mission is Bet on Ben (Part 3). I actually got the inspiration for this fanfic after my character died on that same scene on that mission. I thought of changing the mission to a harder one but retaining the mission I got the idea of soulmates AU from felt dearer and right to me.

Also, Nina's character is inspired by my sister's character in game! I just changed her First name and modified the last name *winks*. Hello if you continued reading this lol. And thanks to Shirou Luffy's walkthrough of this mission on YouTube! I get to have the exact lines of Vilgax, Mandark and Mojo thanks to their video.

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