"Greetings." A female voice?

"Huh? Computress? Where's Dexter?"

Computress glanced at her master who's lying on his bed with a painful expression he's never had before.

"He's unable to talk to you as of now. He may be able to attend to you in a few minutes."

Nina narrowed her eyes, "Did something happen to Dexter?" Dexter saw this coming so he motioned Computress that he'll take over. Slowly, he tried to steady himself while sitting and enduring the pain on his leg.

"Salutations. How may I help you, Nina?"

"Dexter." Nina looked at her friend who's being cured by the medic. Setting aside the urge to confirm if the phenomena happened to Dexter, she decided to tell what she's calling for in the first place.

"Raelin had a second visit on the resurrect Em and is badly injured. She's still unconscious. Medics said she'd have trouble with her leg for a while." If Dexter was holding a phone, he might've dropped it. He looked at his throbbing leg. But aside from his confusion on the happenings, realizing his best friend got caught up in a painful accident, "Where are you heading? Please send her here in DexLabs. We'll take over the medical assistance."

He heard Nina instruct the driver of the ambulance, "Copy. We'll be there shortly." Dexter was about to hang up when, "And Dexter. I'll be staying there for a while too, I need to talk to you." And she ended the call.



"Thanks for your help, guys. Have a safe trip, and tell Ben I'll be back later." Nina waved goodbye to the Plumbers and waited for them to actually depart before walking to the large computer where Dexter is standing.

"Did something happen to you a while ago?"

Dexter adjusted his glasses, "What made you think there is?"

Nina was trying to look behind the thick frames of his glasses, trying to read his expression, "Why are you unable to get the call earlier?"

"What do you want, Nina?"

"Are you Raelin's soulmate?" For a while, Dexter widened his eyes. He had been avoiding that fact for the past 30 minutes.

His silence was her cue, "Is... Is your left leg hurting badly?" Dexter bit his lower lip. Bingo.

"Excuse me, Dexter." Confused on the girl's remark, he turned to his side to look at Nina who's about to touch his left leg. He tried to avoid the touch by facing the other way but Nina knew he'd do that so she made her movement fast and grabbed his leg harder than expected.

Dexter hissed as he fell to his chair. "Well, aren't you overly sensitive, Boy Genius?" Nina sat on the chair in front of him, crossing her arms "So sensitive that you perfectly mirror Raelin's injury."

Dexter sighed in defeat. He doesn't have any contradiction up his sleeve. He's been busy making a new weapon a while ago only to feel like he's been attacked on all directions all at once out of nowhere, and with no opponent in sight. Next he knew was he fell to his knees on the feeling that something cut his leg but there's no hazard nearby.

If that's what exactly happened to Raelin he definitely had nothing to say to deny the fact in front of him.

Swallowing his pride, "So what if I am?"

Nina smiled, feeling achieved that she somehow made him believe of the soulmate thing. "Don't ask me. But if you deny any further, you might end up hurting Raelin." Dexter looked at her as if he's questioning her statement.

"Well then. You better go tend your lady." Dexter adjusted his glasses again. But Nina saw it as him hiding his flushed face. He walked to the clinic with Nina as she also wanted to see how her friend is doing before she left.

Convinced that Raelin is in a better condition, Nina was escorted by Computress leaving Dexter and Raelin in the room. Before leaving, Nina also told Computress to give the two newfound soulmates some alone time.

[ DexLabs Clinic ]

9:00 PM

Dexter sat beside Raelin's bed as he looked at her sleeping face. Her breathing was now stable, she looks so peaceful despite the number of bandages around her arms and leg. Had there be no Resurrect Em's around, he probably lost her. The feeling is new to him; the thought of him losing her was much heavier to his chest than he expected. Suddenly being afraid of the thought, and being thankful that she survived, he held her hand with both his hands. And on impulse, he kissed her knuckles. "Please wake up already, Raelin." And he intertwined his hand with hers, his head dropping to her bed, falling asleep.



[ 11:00 PM]

Dexter flinched when he felt the grip on his hand tighten. Is she finally awake?

He squeezed her hand while observing her who's finally moving. He hoped so hard that she'd finally open her eyes.

"R-Raelin?" He leaned closer to her ear as he wiped her messy bangs away from her face.

His eyes widened as he noticed that her eyes are slowly opening.

"Dex?" And without hesitation, he wrapped his arms around her shoulders, his other hand caressing her hair. Confused on her guide's actions, her hand just landed on top of his head. "Um, hey?" She closed her eyes, smiling. "I'm back."



Despite the war against fusions, it is a relief that there's still food establishments that are open 24/7. The two decided to have dinner on the clinic's bed.

Raelin almost had her last spoonful of food inside her mouth when she dropped it in shock. "What makes you think you could win against such an outnumbered fight, Raelin!?" Dexter raised his voice. He then cleared his throat and tried to keep his cool back when he saw her drop her food.

"Well, it has to be done. Why would I run away from this war?" She tried to reason out. She did think of it that way, anyway.

"Despite knowing that you'd end up with those injuries? That you might end up dying?!"

Raelin sighed before meeting his gaze. She was shocked to see his expression. He's definitely mad, terribly mad. But as she takes into account the look in his eyes, that teary eye is worrying in the guise of anger, or a mixture of both.

"B-but Resurrect Em's are there to keep me alive."

"So you're definitely okay with the pain you took during your fight? You're fine with the burning feeling of fusion matter or having deep cuts on your leg so long as you get out of it alive? Is that it, Raelin!? " Dexter's temper got the best of him again. But instead of being bothered on his scolding, her mind took his words differently.

"How did you know those as if you're the one who's attacked?" Silence fell between them. They both looked dumbfounded; Dexter realized that his worrying got the best of him, and Raelin had tears forming in her eyes. She was just talking about this with Nina earlier that day.

She knew her tears we're welling up. She just doesn't know what to say or how to react. Her emotions are a mess; will he accept their fate and go the route she dreamt of? Or will he still deny this since this is not something science would agree on. Afraid of the latter, she immediately wiped the tear that escaped her eye. Seeing this, Dexter didn't know how to approach her anymore either.

He avoided her gaze, he looked guilty. Raelin saw this as a confirmation of her latter thought. She felt bad for being happy that he's her soulmate. But would it just end there? Would they be able to keep their friendship? Would I be able to handle not having him on my side anymore?

She just stared at him. Tears prompting to fall again but she just waited on his answer. Dexter scratched the back of his head, "You are not stupid to figure that out, Raelin."

She bit her lip, preparing herself for the worst case scenario she'd get upon hearing his response. "So, do you accept it? Or will you... deny it?" Her voice faded out.

Being the man of science he is, he wanted to prove it wrong... or right. But seeing this as a way to the next level they both secretly wanted…

He scooted closer to her, putting his hands on her cheeks, locking their gazes on each other's eyes.

He moved closer, closing the distance between their faces. "D-Dexter?"

An inch apart. Dexter stopped to stare at her wondering eyes. They can feel each other's breathing against their face. Closing his eyes as he exhaled,

He kissed her forehead

And pulled her to an embrace. That means? But she's too surprised to utter those words.

Never did she thought they could be this... intimate.

Dexter felt the heat from his cheeks going down, but he decided to stay on the embrace. "What if I lost you there? If there's no Resurrect Em's I probably won't be able to do this. Nor discover that..." He stopped himself. A bit too late, indeed.

Raelin pulled out of the hug, her eyes full of anticipation and she didn't bother hiding her wide smile, "That!? Come on, Dexter, are you a coward?" She teased.

Annoyed that he would lose on her teasing, he tried to think of a way to get back to her.

But failed doing so.

"Ah, what a coward." She smirked.

"So, Sir Dexter, Raelin's guide, Sir." She chuckled, he raised an eyebrow on her. "Do you now accept the fact that I'm your soulmate?" She leaned to his face, enough to not bump his glasses and to intimidate him so he won't notice the blush on her face.

Tossing his hostile facade, he turned the tables. He leaned forward and as expected, she retreated. "And if I do? Do you?"

Raelin let out a sigh of relief. She knows the odds are with them. Gathering her courage, "I do."

Dexter lowered his head as he smiled. He stood up from the bed and patted her head, "Likewise." He helped her up and decided to spend the night in his room, in each other's embrace.

It was definitely worth the pain.

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