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Elizabeth moaned in appreciation as she took a bite of the pizza, a low, husky vibration deep in her throat. The mozzarella was deliciously sticky and still slightly warm from the foil packaging and then she was hit by the flavor of salted, smoky ham. It was a noise unlike Henry had ever heard before and had made him wonder what other pleasures made Elizabeth make noises like that, and if he could make her make them again. Preferably over and over again and in association with his name.

He watched as her eyes slid shut in sated bliss as she chewed, unable to concentrate on anything else other than this amazing young woman in front of him who he'd somehow had the fortune to get stuck with that evening. Best of all, she had seemed potentially interested in spending some more time with him and he wanted to make damn sure she knew of his intentions to take her on a date. He took a bite of his own pizza, unable to suppress the moan that escaped from his own mouth. It really was the best damn pizza he'd ever tasted.

'This is from Giovanni's, right?'

Elizabeth mumbled at him, her mouth full as she tried to hold her hand in front of it as she spoke. She was tearing into the pizza ravenously with her teeth and Henry felt guilty for only giving her half his slice.

'It is. It's the best damn pizza I've ever tasted.'

'So, so good. I actually went there earlier.'

'You did? And yet you ate mine…'

Henry feigned mock annoyance and hurt and it made her giggle a little, as bumped her against his. 'Hey, you offered it. Can't take it back now.'

He found himself staring at her mouth as she licked the tomato sauce from the edges of her lips, closing her eyes again as she savoured the last remnants of deliciousness, licking the crumbs and olive oil from her fingers. He watched, transfixed as she popped each finger into her mouth individually, not wanting to miss a crumb, her thumb lingering there as her eyes met his, then dropped to his mouth.

'It would be pretty foolish of me to deprive a woman of something she wants and enjoys.'

'It would be.'

He blinked slowly at her, the air around them seeming to crackle with an electricity that was nothing to do with the storm earlier. His eyes roamed hers, getting lost in their deep blue colour, searching out the brightness of their grey flecks. Their shoulders were touching and he swallowed thickly, his eyes still tracing around her face, between her lips, nose and cheeks and finally back towards those eyes again.

The silent seconds ticked by between them, the sounds of their deep breathing all that were audible. He reached a hand to her face and gently wiped tomato sauce from the edge of her mouth with his thumb, leaving his hand there for a second too long.

'You had some sauce there I…'

'Don't be foolish, Henry.'

He inhaled deeply, moving his head forward to respond but unable to as her lips met his, a gentle feather-like caress at first. It was a whisper of a kiss and she pulled back to look at him, finding his face impossibly close to hers with his pupils blown wide. His eyes were dark with a desire and intensity that made her stomach flutter and he reached his hand to her shoulder to tangle his fingers through her hair, pulling his mouth to hers.

His lips moved over hers so slowly it was almost agonizing, though their pressure was firm and his intent was clear. She couldn't help but moan against his mouth and the sound she made was enough to be Henry's undoing. He pulled her lower lip between his and opened his mouth to her, allowing their tongues to seek out each others'. His other arm had found its way around her waist and she mirrored his action, her fingers running up and down his back. He never wanted this moment to end, people talked about magic and fireworks and love at first sight and Henry had thought it all fantastical fiction, but what he was feeling now was unlike anything he'd ever experienced before. Her lips tugged at his and she couldn't get enough of their softness, their kissing hungrier as their mouths moulded together.

He pulled away first, but reluctantly as he rested his forehead against hers and pressed a kiss to the corner of her mouth, murmuring his words against her lips. 'I'd be a fool not to do that, I was just worried it was a little premature.'

'It felt right to me.'

He rested his face against hers and could feel her smile as her cheeks firmed up against his. She moved to nuzzle her nose against his.

'You're beautiful Elizabeth.'

She blushed, looping her arms around his neck and feeling the heat of his skin through the thin fabric of his t-shirt. She hid her face in his shoulder, embarrassed and caught off a little off-guard by the sudden compliment.

'You are. You're beautiful. I've been wanting to talk to you since you first came in here to study with me, I was just having trouble finding the nerve to do it.'

His sincerity and honesty took the breath she was holding right out of her chest and she dropped her arms from around his neck and twisted herself to face him.

'I never… I thought you'd be interested in me.'

Henry looked aghast and rested his hand on top of hers. His thumb was rubbing over her knuckles as her fingers played with his. He couldn't work out why she didn't see what he saw in front of him, a fiercely beautiful, intelligent woman who was an excellent conversationalist. He'd just have to spend all his time getting her to believe just how fantastic she was.

'Go out with me this weekend?'

She loved the way he asked her as if she'd say anything but yes to him. Her stomach fluttered again and a sensation of warmth and content spread through her veins to her chest. She squeezed a hold of his hand tightly. My God she really liked this guy. He was everything she'd built up in her mind whilst she'd been sat studying with him the last few weeks and she wondered if this was some weird dream she'd suddenly wake up from. She reached her free hand and pinched his arm, her fingers nipping at his bare skin.

'What are you doing?'

'You felt that?'

'It kinda hurt!'

She shoved him in the chest with both of her hands but he grabbed onto them and held them there to keep his balance. Her fingers couldn't help but run over the rivulets of muscles in his chest as she felt him breathe deeply at her touch.

''Marine wounded by girl in study room lock-in.' I can picture the headlines now.'

He laced their fingers together and dropped both their hands into his lap. 'Why'd you pinch me anyway?'

'I was just making sure this wasn't a dream.'

'If this is a dream it's the best one I've had in a long time.'

'Me too. And the answer is yes by the way. I'd love to go out with you this weekend.'

Henry smiled at her and she mirrored his expression back at him. She had a date this weekend and couldn't believe how well this evening was going, despite the fact she was probably going to end up sleeping on a study room floor freezing cold and goodness knows what she'd do if she really needed the bathroom. Their fingers tangled together and let go of one another, their touches gentle against each other. Elizabeth had always loved holding hands and the way Henry's loosely covered hers and stroked them made her heart swell at how wanted she felt by him.

'My arm still hurts by the way. It really is quite painful.'


'Yes, really.'

A devilish glint flashed across his eyes as they bantered back and forth, his fingers drawing circles on her palms and making her wonder if he could draw those feather-light circles in other places on her body too. She swallowed.

'What would make that better?'

'I think I'm owed at least a kiss, for medicinal purposes at the very least.'

Elizabeth bowed her head over and placed a soft kiss onto his forearm. Henry untangled a hand from hers to run his fingers through her hair and she smiled against his skin, placing a kiss at his elbow before locking her eyes with his again.



He tilted his head towards her and captured her lips in his, his kiss hot and searing as his tongue quickly found hers. She wrapped her arms around his neck and tugged at the strands of hair at the nape of his neck, pulling him impossibly close to her and making him moan against her. His hands roamed her back and ventured under his sweater to dance his fingers up and down her spine and she shivered against his mouth, craving him and unable to get enough of him.

He slowed down and she noticed, disappointed as he eventually and reluctantly pulled his lips away from hers, breaking their kiss.

'We should…' his breathing was heavy as he shook his head to clear the lust that was fogging his brain. 'We should slow down maybe.'

He stood from his desk and walked around a little awkwardly, his erection feeling constrained by his jeans and his skin feeling incredibly hot despite only wearing a t-shirt. He paused as he pulled back the curtain to peer out of the window, sheet rain still pounding away at the glass. It was like the floodgates in the sky had opened, and it was seemingly fitting that the analogy fitted with exactly how he felt about Elizabeth. Something had opened a gate inside of him and he simply couldn't get enough of touching her, of kissing her. He had shocked himself with his own thoughts and of just how much he seemed to like this girl. She was beautiful but she was fun and she managed to get him engaged in conversation but riled and hot under the collar at the same time.

'I'm sorry,' he heard her whisper from the other side of the room.

He looked over to see her, hugging her knees against her chest and resting her head on top of them. He made the few short strides back to her and placed his hand against her cheek, his thumb rubbing the sensitive spot behind her ear.

'You have absolutely nothing to be sorry for. I was enjoying that, very much.'

'Then why did you stop?'

'Because I really… I just… I want to… I want you.'

He stuttered out the last words and looked at her as she wriggled towards the edge of the table. She spread her legs and he stepped into the gap between them, allowing her to run her hands up and down his arms and feeling the goosebumps rise there.

'I want you, too.'