Cause I felt disappointed that there wasn't a scene between these two. Takes place after the funeral in "What Will Define You". Belongs to Dick Wolf and NBC.

After the funeral, Katie followed Kelly to his home.

"How are you holding up?" she queried.

"I'm okay. How are you holding up? I know it's gotta be weird, considering that you didn't know him very well and the accusations I made when we first met and-" he began to say.

"I'm fine, Kelly. And I know that you've been keeping busy trying to find the medal I had, but you don't have to be strong anymore. It's okay to-"

"I'm fine. I talked to Boden, Stella, and my mom. I got everything squared away even the guilt I was feeling about our last conversation." As he talked, Kelly tried to step away, but Katie grabbed his wrist, pulling him towards her, causing him to look at her in surprise as she fixed him with a disapproving look. "What?" Why can't she leave it alone? I need to be strong for everyone so that they can get through this. They're gonna need me at my best for a while. Mom's a wreck, his ex-wives will be-well, most won't care for the most part, but they need me to step up, he thought. Everyone else was losing it which meant that he had to be the one to keep it together. Damn it! Didn't any of them keep an eye on him? Katie fumed. Okay, she wasn't expecting the ex-wives or girlfriends, or whatever the hell they were to Benny to care about that and Stella had been trying to find the medal for Kelly, but couldn't his own mother even see that he was in pain?

"It's okay to break down."

"I'm fine. I found the medal Benny wanted to be buried with, the funeral went according to plan, and-" A sob erupted from Kelly's throat as he turned away from his half-sister. Damn it, he couldn't do this! He couldn't deal with this!

"Don't turn away from me," she said, squeezing his shoulder.

"I'm uh…not really good company right now," he managed to say. For an answer, Katie just took Kelly to the couch and sat on it, pulling him close. Kelly sniffed and before he could stop them, tears began to fall and he leaned into Katie who just held him.