Dance With the Devil


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This story is what happens when you talk to Innortal for months about ideas while listening to Breaking Benjamin's "Dance With the Devil" song on repeat and an idea sticks.

This is your only warning! There is high amounts of violence, naked boobs, sexual themes, gore, bare breasts, bad jokes and did I mention boobies? Anyway, if any of that offends you, too bad, I don't care.

Stealth Edit: For those of you who came here after I changed the crossover to High School DxD, note that this is a multi-crossover that started with Ranma 1/2 and Darkstalkers, and yes, there's a character named Lilith in Darkstalkers and in High School DxD. Go figure!

Eight years ago, Makai

"At last!" Jedah, the blue-skinned Devil grinned at his latest masterwork. "I knew that I could easily convert that wandering soul into a physical body." He looked at the naked body on the table in front of him. A slender, petite female with short, purple hair was laying on her back, her eyes closed. "Time to wake up... Lilith." He didn't know why, but the name felt... Appropriate.

Blinking her red eyes, the naked girl sat up and turned to face Jedah. "Huh?" She looked at him, around the weird room she was in, there wasn't much there, just walls all around them and then down at herself. "...Where are my breasts?" She patted her chest and found to her annoyance that she was flat as a ten year old boy.

"Really? That's the first thing you ask about?" Jedah was amused as she used her power to call up a red leotard, red boots and blue leggings, on her back popped out two bat-like wings with a smaller pair attaching themselves to the side of her head. He knew they were just magical bats that she made out of thin air with her magic.

"Succubus, duh!" Lilith huffed and leaned forward. "So why did you make me flat-chested and... Why am I so short?"

"Well, for one, some guys like lolis with big butts."

"My butt isn't..." Lilith trailed off as mirrors formed around her, letting her see her butt from all sorts of angles. "Okay, so maybe my butt is big, but I still want big boobs!" She glared at him as the mirrors disappeared.

"Secondly, the body is your ideal form."

"Then where are my boobs?!"

Jedah rolled his eyes at her. "Maybe because your current soul is young and you might be child-like? Or maybe the lack of breasts means that you're free of expectations. I do not know. Besides, you could easily be a man if you wanted to."

Lilith blinked and tapped her chin. "Maybe, but I figure it wouldn't be that easy."

"Of course not, I'd have to help regulate the energy."

Lilith giggled as a thought came to her. "You make it sound like you'd be shoving your dick up my ass to help me become a guy."

Jedah stroked his chin. "Hmm, tempting as it is to take your anal virginity," and really, what kind of Demon WOULDN'T want to take a succubus's virginity? It was a pretty rare thing indeed! "I'm not really too interested in that right now."

Lilith stretched and sat back down on the table. "So..." She trailed off realizing something. "You never told me your name."

The Demon grinned at her. "My name is Jedah, future ruler of the universe."

"Sure, sure, whatever." She waved him off. "Listen, is there a way out of here? I want to go exploring."

"Makai?" He shrugged and was about to point to the door behind her.

"No, the human world, I want to see what's going on there."

"First thing you want to do after getting out of Belial's seal is see the human world, huh?" He shrugged and pulled out a scythe, slicing the air next to the table. "That should send you to the human world. Don't blame me if you die up there."

Lilith grinned and got up. "Thanks! Bye bye!" She waved before skipping into the hole in space and time.

As she disappeared, Jedah frowned to himself. "I don't think my portals flashed like that." Oh well, at the very least he'd have something new to research. After all, he wasn't going to let a research project as powerful and valuable as Lilith run free without some sort of surveillance on her at all times.

*Meanwhile on Earth*

Eight year old Ranma Saotome sat in the middle of a circle his father was drawing with chalk. "Are you sure this will work, pops?"

"Quiet boy! I know what I'm doing!"

"Did you make sure to see if there was a third page full of warnings this time?"

"Of course!" Genma said as he held up the book in question. "See? Just a single page of text, three pages of images and no warnings." He rolled his eyes as Ranma snatched the book from his hands. "Sit still, I'm almost done, just need to finish the symbol here and... Done!"

"Hey, pops, it looks like there's a page that's missing." Ranma said as he held the book open.

"Bah, don't worry. If this works then you'll be able to get a lot stronger with no worries."

Ranma nodded and threw the book over his shoulder. "Can you even do magic?"

"No." Genma admitted, causing Ranma to fall over to his side. "But that doesn't mean this won't work. I figure I can cheat if I use Ki." Energy was energy after all, what was the worst that could happen?

Ranma shrugged, it couldn't be worse than the Nekoken after all.

Genma's first warning that something was wrong was when the circle started to flash different colors, had he used magic it would have been a single color. His next warning was that black lightning crashed down out of the clear sky, crashing down on the edges of the circle and blowing him back. "BOY!" Genma quickly got to his feet and gasped as a black pillar of energy surrounded his son. "Hang on, I'm OOF!" Genma groaned as he slammed into the pillar and bounced back. "...I made a terrible mistake."

Inside the pillar, Ranma stood up and looked around nervously. He wasn't scared, not him, no siree! Just because every part of his body was tingling and crackling with energy didn't mean that he was scared.

"Hi!" A pair of red eyes and a smiling face said as a person with purple hair and wings appeared next to him.

"H...HUH?!" Ranma yelled and fell on his butt, just in time for the energy pillar to dissipate.

"Boy! Are you... What?" Genma stared at the person that wasn't there before. "Who are..."

"Ahhahahahaha!" The person yelled and stretched. "I wasn't aiming anywhere specifically, guess you summoned me for some reason, huh? Name's Lilith Aensland, Succubus of Makai and I guess I'm here to grant you a wish."

"Succubus?" Genma gulped, he had summoned a Demon? And a high-tiered one at that? His dreaded Master, may he forever rot, had mentioned that Succubus Demons were among the most powerful of supernatural beings and that they ate men's souls and lots of stuff that was so perverted that Genma blocked it out.

Right now he wished he had paid more attention to what his dreaded Master, may he forever rot, had said about the supernatural.

"You summoned me?" She pointed at Genma before looking at Ranma and licking her lips. "Well, I am pretty hungry. Sorry boy, no offense, but you're the sacrifice."


"Get away from, OOF!" Genma grunted as the Succubus kicked him in the gut and sent him flying into a tree before a bunch of bats came out of nowhere and pinned him to it.

"Sit down!" Lilith glared at him as the wings on her back transformed into large hands and held Ranma up. "Don't worry, as soon as I'm done with him, I'll grant you whatever wish I can that's within my power." Looking at the struggling boy, she licked her lips and hovered up to him. "Now then, time to dine."

Ranma shook his head, his eyes tearing up as she kissed him. He could feel his life being drained away by the kiss. "NNNGGGG!"

Suddenly Lilith stopped and broke the kiss, tilting her head. "What the..?" She frowned and looked at Ranma a little closer before turning to Genma. "What the hell? Why would you summon me and offer him as a sacrifice?" She pointed at Ranma. "Seriously, I'm confused."

"I didn't know it would do that! I was trying to make him stronger!"

Lilith scratched her head and looked at Ranma before nodding. "Alright then." She dropped Ranma and recalled the bats back to her body before sitting down next to him. "Sorry about that, if I had known, I wouldn't have done that."

Ranma scooted back. "But you tried to..."

"Yeah, you're really tasty, but wow, I've never met someone as young as you with that much life force and magic before!" Lilith got up, bouncing in excitement. Granted, they were the first humans she had ever met-second and third beings aside from Jedah, but that was all semantics, and they didn't need to know that-helped make her more mysterious. "Usually everyone like you is at least an adult or a Darkstalker and has natural abilities! You're human!" At least she thought he was human.

She pouted as Genma grabbed Ranma and ran off. "Well then, guess it's hide and seek, huh?" She tapped her chin and decided to follow them invisibly. This could be a lot of fun!

A week later, as Genma was sparring with Ranma, the two stopped as they heard a giggling.

"So that's what you're doing! You're fighters!" Lilith said as she formed out of Ranma's shadow, causing the boy to jump in shock and surprise. "Can I join too?"

"Uh... What?" Genma was dumbfounded, he had thought the Demon had went home after he didn't see her for a week.

Lilith grinned at Genma. "I might be a succubus, but I do love a good fight. I need to get stronger too! Help me get stronger and I'll teach your son how to use magic to help his fighting."

"But you..."

"Misunderstanding." Lilith waved Genma off. "Don't worry, I can hide in your son's shadow when you move."

Genma looked at Ranma, who was understandably worried. "You're just going to drain my son again, aren't you?"

Lilith shook her head. "Nope, I thought you wanted a wish and were sacrificing someone as payment." She shrugged at the looks she was getting. "That's how it worked in the old days."

At least that's what the information Jedah had shoved into her brain when he made her body was telling her.

"Besides, I'm bored!" She whined. "Think of it like this, if I'm too busy training him to use magic and getting stronger than I'm too busy to drain him. Otherwise..."

Genma was concerned, the girl was a powerful Demon and had already demonstrated that if she wanted to she could have drained him and Ranma dry and they couldn't do much to stop it. On the other hand, she could sense Ranma had magic of some sort. "...Boy, this is your choice."

"...I can do magic?"

Lilith shrugged. "Some people, even if they have the aptitude for it, can't use it. I can at least teach you how to tap into it."

"No more draining kiss thing?"

"No more Drain Kiss, I promise!" Lilith nodded. No way she was going to give this up, this kid had enough potential that he might one day be able to challenge Jedah, unless that fool got himself killed before hand.

Besides, she mentally grinned, it would be *FUN* to sculpt him into a lover that had the size to satisfy her and any woman he bedded and the skill to back it up.

Notes: Well, this isn't something you expect every day, huh? I should note that there will be more crossovers in the future.

I should mention that Blood That Flows is on indefinite hiatus. I can't get anything going with that story right now, so I'll put it off, my muse is burning hot on this story, so I'll write on this one.