Three Harmony residents ask themselves an important question.

Circa 2002.

What does he see in her?

From the moment she came back into town trouble began to brew.

Even though she was on the arm of his long lost brother, the light that shined in his eyes let

Beth Wallace know that she was in trouble.

No matter that he had spent the last year falling in love with.

Or at least pretending to.

In a matter of days he was chasing her again, plotting and scheming to make her remember their "epic" love story.

And Beth was thrown into the background again just like when she first came crashing into Harmony.

Beth just couldn't understand what he saw in her.

She brought trouble everywhere she went.

Always the damsel in distress, always needing him to save her.

Was that what he saw in her?

Should Beth become more needy? Dye her hair blonde?
No, it was pointless. He'd always put her needs first.

Even now when they were both pregnant with his child.
What about her made him ready to risk his life at every turn?

What about her made his eyes shine so brightly, joy radiate from his every inch of him?

The moment Beth told him that she was pregnant, she watched the same joy fade.

It was in that moment Beth realized that whatever it was that Luis saw in Sheridan, he would never see the same in her.

Circa 2003.

What does he see in her?!

Those were the thoughts that raged through Kay's mind only days after the birth of her daughter.

Blonde and blue eyed, her cousin had blown into Harmony and changed everything.

She'd taken Kay's mother and the love of her life.

Kay was the one who'd been there for him all their lives.

She'd been his best friend, the one who knew all his secrets, all his hurts.

And he'd thrown all that away for a stranger.

Kay had done everything she could to destroy their relationship.

Sold her soul, disguised herself, slept with him and even gave birth to his first child.

Only for him to marry that stranger only days after their daughter was released from the hospital.

Now every time Kay looked at her miracle daughter, the one thing that would tie her to Miguel forever, she realized that she'd also tied herself to Charity.


Circa 2003.
What does he see in her?

She'd had asked herself that question a million times since they'd left Los Angeles.

Theresa told herself repeatedly that he'd only married her because she was pregnant.
Now that their baby had died (it was an accident!) she'd thought he'd come back to her and they'd be a family like she'd always dreamed.

But he looked at her with disgust, as if this terrible tragedy was all her fault.

His wife had made it clear that their marriage was over but still he wouldn't come back to her.

What was her hold over him?

Was it guilt or obligation like she'd always believed or was it love?

Did he really love her more?

It was all she thought about when they packed up and left Harmony.

She wanted more than anything to reach out to him to let him know she still loved him and that she was sorry for everything that happened.

But she couldn't, they'd disappeared and no one would tell her where they went.

When they returned within a year with a brand-new baby, she had her chance.

She was delighted when a letter arrived from the Crane Estates, believing that Ethan had finally forgiven her.

Her delight turned to shock when she stared at the restraining order barring her from contact with Ethan, Gwen or their new baby Jonathan.

Her family and friends kept telling Theresa to leave Ethan alone, that he had made his choice.

Maybe someday Theresa would be able to move on, to find love again but she'd never understand what he saw in her.


AN: Was thinking of redoing this from the perspective of some of the scorned men of Harmony. Thoughts? Also updated HEA, check it out 😊