Well hello there! My other story (Miraculous Magic) is currently on hiatus while I focus on this baby. This is a total writing experiment and will only be about 7 chapters. I thank you all for being my guinea pigs. lol It's about 60% narrative and 40% chat/text based. As the story progresses however, the chat/text base plot will lessen, I promise.

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Marinette threw her large bag down as soon as she entered the apartment and dragged her tired feet towards the kitchen for a drink. She popped open a bottle of merlot and took a few gulps before setting it back onto the counter momentarily. With the sweet liquid sloshing around in her belly, she took her shoes off, abandoning them in the middle of the room before grabbing the bottle again and walking towards the bedroom. Normally she was more tidy, but today had been a long day and the fucks she gave were none.

Plopping down in a comfy chair in front of her desk, Marinette wiggled the mouse to wake up her desktop. She took a sip and she mused whether she was going to hop onto social media or log into KWAMI and chat with her guild mates. There wasn't a raid scheduled right now, but it should be like 11am over in Paris so hopefully at least a few would be on. It was the weekend after all...

Taking another sip, she clicked on the KWAMI icon and quickly logged in.


Ladybug has entered the chat.

[12:50am]Carapace: speak of the devil

[12:53am]RenRouge: Aye chica!

[12:55am]Serpentine: hey LB, surprised ur on

[12:56am]Reflekta: yeah, didn't you say you had lots to do today?

[12:57am]Ladybug: I was crazy busy. I just got home like 15 minutes ago. I'm tired, but

[12:58am]Ladybug: I wanna finish this beautiful bottle of wine and speak with my lovelies before bed.

[01:04am]Ladybug: Wait, did you just call me the devil? RUDE!

[01:05am]Carapace: ur mad that i called you a devil, but not that we were talking about u?

[01:07am]Ladybug: ….depends what you were saying. Lol

[01:09am]RenRouge: Nino made a new friend yesterday at the library and he plays KWAMI.

[01:10am]RenRouge: He's the same lvl as you LB.

[01:12am]Carapace: we played with him last night, and he's good!

[01:12am]Carapace: so of course I asked him to join our guild. I was telling him about our little family

[01:13am]Ladybug: Oh boy, is he still here...? Lol The family hasn't scared him off yet?

[01:14am]Serpentine: hey, the only peeps here right now are myself, my sis, CP, Ren, him and you.

[01:17am]Ladybug: ….Like I said, he's still here? Lol

[01:19am]Carapace: he was right before u got here. maybe U scared him off.

[01:20am]Carapace: say hi bro!

[01:25am]ChatNoir: Um, hey! Hi! Hello! Sorry, I'm farming for dragon scales.

[01:26am]Ladybug: Welcome stranger!

[01:33am]Ladybug: Oh god, we have another cat rogue.

[01:35am]ChatNoir: Meow-ch! You hurt my felines.

[01:39am]Ladybug: Did he just….?

[01:40am]RenRouge: He's punny.

[01:41am]Carapace: dude had me busting a gut at the library! we kept getting glared at

[01:43am]Ladybug: Not sure if they were glaring at the noise or the puns.

[01:45am]ChatNoir: MEOW-CH!

[01:49am]Reflekta: Hey it was nice meeting you Chat, but my brother and I have to pounce

[01:49am]Reflekta: Bounce*

[01:52am]RenRouge: Aaaaaand thanks for that unwanted imagine.

[01:53am]Reflekta: Blame Chat's puns. ANYWAYS

[01:54am]Reflekta: It's almost 2am. Goodnight

[01:54am]Serpentine: Night guys

[01:56am]Carapace: bye dudes

[01:57am]Ladybug: Bye bye. Text me in the morning so we can discuss lunch plans!

Serpentine has left the chat.

Reflekta has left the chat.

[01:59am]Ladybug: Hopefully they saw that. =/

[02:01am]ChatNoir: You know them IRL?

[02:03am]Ladybug: Yep. I try to visit them every time I'm in the States for work.

[02:04am]Ladybug: I know most of the guild IRL.

[02:04am]RenRouge: She grew up with Nino.

[02:05am]ChatNoir: Did you go to school with him? Do you still live in Paris?

[02:06am]ChatNoir: Also, your work sends you to the states? What do you do?

Marinette stared at the rapid fire questions on the screen, bottle frozen at her lips. This guy was pretty eager to learn about her personal life and they'd just met. She felt like she'd already said more than she should have to the stranger, to be honest, but she blamed it on the alcohol. Working the kind of job she did, she liked being able to escape into the game were most people didn't know who she really was… She reached forward to reply, but Nino beat her to it.

[02:11am]Carapace: LB doesn't really like giving out personal info to newbies. she likes the mysterious edge.

[02:12am]Carapace: buuuuuuuuut i can vouch that she's not a creepy old dude.

[02:13am]RenRouge: Yeah, Nino even had a massive crush on her back in middle school. So did LaPaon, but you haven't met that guy yet.

[02:14am]Carapace: can we not talk about my past feelings?

[02:16am]Ladybug: Yeah, now he only has eyes for Ren. ;)

[02:17am]ChatNoir: Ren….? Interesting. I'm not judging if that's what you're into.

[02:17am]Carapace: !

[02:18am]RenRouge: OML! Hahahaha

[02:19am]Ladybug: Did you just…..call Nino gay? OMFG xD

[02:21am]ChatNoir: Ren is a male kin fighter right….?

[02:22am]Ladybug: hahahahahahaha

[02:24am]RenRouge: Don't believe everything you see online hun. I'm a woman, I just like playing as a male. Lmao

[02:25am]Carapace: i'm not gay!

[02:27am]Ladybug: There's a few people in the guild that are playing as the opposite gender.

[02:28am]Ladybug:If you can figure out who is what, I'll give you 10g for each correct guess.

[02:28am]Ladybug: Outside of the people present of course.

[02:29am]RenRouge: That's 100g! Way to just flex your money there LB! Some of use only have silver…

[02:29am]Ladybug: I only flex my wealth online. ;)

[02:31am]Ladybug: Hey, I'm going to change into pajamas and wash my face. Brb

Pushing away from the desk, Marinette stood up and walked towards her dresser. Pieces of clothing were quickly thrown everywhere as she walked. A content sigh passed her lips as she slid out of her bra. Clad in only panties, she dug around in the bottom drawer and fished out a pair of grey cotton shorts and a baggy green t shirt.

Marinette slipped into the new clothes and then proceeded to use the makeup remover wipes from her vanity. Once she was satisfied with her clean face, she snatched a hair tie and threw her hair in a messy bun before marching back over to her desk.

[02:52am]RenRouge: It's just her hands, it's fine.

[02:53am]RenRouge: But LB has some talented hands…. ;)

[02:54am]Ladybug: Um, wtf did I come back to?

[02:54am]ChatNoir: lmao

[02:56am]Carapace: i texted chat a picture of us to prove alya is female

[02:57am]Carapace: u were in it, but i cropped u out.

[02:58am]Carapace: well, most of u. ur hands are still in it lol

[03:00am]Ladybug: Alya, quit sexualizing my hands you'll make Nino jealous

[03:01am]Carapace: LB stfu

[03:03am]RenRouge: Aaaaaaaanyways! How was your first day over there?

[03:04am]RenRouge: Gimme the gossip from work. Did the Wasp show up?

[03:06am]Ladybug: unfortunately. She "accidently" spilled my ice tea all over me

[03:07am]RenRouge: Once or twice is an accident. This is like the 10th time.

[03:08am]Ladybug: Exactly. buuuut luckily in my line of business, I had a spare outfit to change intwo.

[03:09am]Carapace: i don't even understand what her problem is. ur super nice dude.

[03:10am]Carapace: even if u did do something to upset her, its been over 10 years

[03:12am]Ladybug: Right?!everytime I work with her mom, shes there.

[03:14am]Ladybug: I swear blondes drive me up the fuckingg wall!

[03:15am]ChatNoir: You don't like blondes?

[03:17am]Ladybug: I don't like rich french blondes yuck

[03:21am]ChatNoir: Oh.

[03:21am]Carapace: lmao

[03:24am]RenRouge: Careful LB, you're giving out a lot of hints about your work.

[03:26am]RenRouge: If Chat is smart, he'll be able to figure it out. ;)

[03:27am]ChatNoir: I'm feeling really attacked right now!

[03:29am]Ladybug: its the wine, its starting to hiit me now

[03:30amRenRouge: I can tell, your not being your grammar nazi self. Lol

[03:31am]Ladybug: shhhh

[03:34am]Ladybug: well, i did say i was gonna staay until i finsihed my bottle.

[03:35am]Ladybug: aaaaand its all gone now

[03:35am]RenRouge: Yeah, just like you. lol

[03:36am]RenRouge: You drank it too fast and you're going to regret that in the morning. Go to bed girl!

[03:38am]Ladybug: okay mom…. I love you guys!

[03:39am]Carapace: goodnight dude

[03:39am]RenRouge: We love you too. Goodnight Bugaboo!

[03:40am]ChatNoir: And I love you random citizen! Lol Sweet dreams. :)

Ladybug has left the chat.

Marinette sighed as she drummed her nails across the table to her left. She'd pulled an all nighter last night and she was just ready to catch some zzz's. Luka and Juleka had come to the airport to see her off. Hugs were exchanged, a few kisses on the cheek, the usual 'come visit again soon!'. She was beyond glad that her work in L.A. was done, but it always made her sad to say goodbye to the siblings.

Once upon a time, when their family lived in Paris, she had dated Luka for a few years. He was a fantastic guy and she couldn't have picked anyone better to lose her virginity to. But he grew busy with his music and Marinette was busy with her fashion degree. When his family decided to move to California and Marinette decided to take an internship in Beijing, they broke up, but remained close friends.

She sighed again, looking out the plane window at the sunrise. She was hoping to have a peaceful flight back home, but of course Chloe and her friend Sabrina sat 2 cubicles back talking loudly for everyone to hear. Her mom must have taken off in their private jet, otherwise Marinette doubted she'd see the blonde on a normal plane, regardless of the fact this was the first class section.

The plane started to move and the stewardesses gave the usual safety instructions while Marinette slipped her earbuds in. It'd be a couple hours before they landed in New York and switched planes; might as while get a few hours of sleep. A thought passed her mind and she quickly sent out a text to Alya before shutting her eyes.

Marinette D-C
Thurs 16/05/20XX
Hey, my flight is getting ready to leave L.A. I have a layover in New York, then it's home sweet home.

Alya C
Thurs 16/05/20XX
Hey! I just got off work! I'm assuming you're going to sleep on the way to New York so text me when you land babe!

Marinette D-C
Thurs 16/05/20XX
Right you were my friend. Gotta try and get my sleep schedule back on track with Paris. I'm only halfway home and I already feel jet lagged. My phone says it's 1:24pm, New York says its 4:24pm, and Paris says its 10:24pm. My head hurts.

Alya C
Thurs 16/05/20XX
It'll hurt your head more if you take multiple days to fix the clock on your phone like you did last time. Lol I'll be there to pick you up from the airport when you finally get back. I'll also bring some of my mom's cooking for you to eat for breakfast.

Marinette D-C
Thurs 16/05/20XX
Don't worry, I just fixed my clock. I'm already on Paris time. Also, YOU ARE THE BEST! I'll see you in about 9 hours! 3

Alya C
Thurs 16/05/20XX
I know I am. ;) I'm gonna head to bed. See you in 9 hours.

During her layover, Marinette just wondered around the airport to kill time. She was still really tired, but like she told Alya, she was trying to get her sleep schedule back in sync with her hometown. A few shop workers greeted her and she smiled back at the familiar faces she saw. It was only to be expected at this point. On an average year, she'd pass through this place at least 8 times and spend countless hours walking around. And even if she hadn't been a frequent flyer, they'd still probably recognize her from her appearances on T.V.

With that thought, Marinette tugged her hat down further to hide her eyes and walked back to her gate to wait for priority boarding.

Alya C
Fri 17/05/20XX
I'm here, in the usual spot.

Marinette D-C
Fri 17/05/20XX
Just grabbing my luggage and I'll be there. 3

Despite definitely feeling jet lagged, Marinette felt great to be back. She loved her job and she loved seeing new places, but nothing beat being in Paris. With her carry on on her shoulder along with her purse, and her large suitcase's handle in hand, she began to walk towards a fountain. Her smile grew when she spotted a familiar head of auburn hair.


The redhead looked up from her phone and grinned, pocketing the device. Marinette let go of the suitcase handle and wrapped her best friend in a tight hug.

"Welcome home Mari! We missed you!"

"You act like I've been gone for months. It was only 2 and a half weeks," Marinette laughed.

The friends parted and Alya grabbed the suitcase, turning around to head to the parking garage. The bluenette just shook her head and followed, a yawn escaping her lips.

"None of that. You'll make me yawn too." Alya shot a glare over her shoulder but it held no real heat. "As promised, I have some leftovers from my mom sitting in the back seat. I also took the liberty of swinging by your parent's bakery and getting a delicious muffin."

Marinette playful nudged Alya's arm. "Seriously. I know I've already said this, but you are literally amazing. I love you."

"I could stand to hear it a few more times," Alya said as she unlocked her car and threw the suitcase in the trunk. "I'll give you a couple of hours to chill, but you're definitely getting lunch with Nino and I."

Sliding into the passenger seat, Marinette crossed her arms and looked over at the red head. "What if I don't want to be the third wheel, hmm?"

Alya started up the car and left the airport. She glanced over at the bluenette before slyly replying, "Well you know, we could always invite Nino's new friend…."

Marinette frowned and let out an annoyed sigh. In the past few weeks, she'd gotten to know the newest member of the guild a little bit. Being the only lvl 80s in the group, she found she enjoyed partying up with him and taking on dragon quests. Ignoring his awful puns, she could admit he was quite charming. However, she still considered him a stranger, and the last time she had told someone online who she was, it ended in disaster, humiliation... and heartbreak.

"Look, I appreciate the thought, but I'll be fine. Maybe I'll meet him later down the line, if he's still friends with Nino, but for now, I just want to remain anonymous. And NO dating."

"Okay, okay. I was only joking anyways hun, calm down." She parked the car in front of Marinette's building.

Finding the idea of a mansion to be too much for a single girl like her, Marinette had instead invested in a really nice condo on the top floor with large open windows - ones the took up an entire wall, floor to ceiling - to view the city of Paris. It had a fireplace to keep warm and a loft leading to her walk in closet and bedroom. The kitchen was open, the counters covered in cream marble, and a small square dining table for 4 was tucked away into the corner. The floor was polished jasper wood and the walls were a warm hazelnut shade.

A large black sectional sat in the living room on top of a white fluffy rug, and faced a 70in 4k t.v. complete with all the newest consoles, of course. Shelves lined with both games and books hugged the other 3 walls and string lights illuminated the space. Alya claimed Marinette's condo screamed warm aesthetic. Her other friends had all been inclined to agree.

Whenever she had to travel, Marinette chose to stay in Air B&B's instead of hotels in favor of more privacy. And she always took pictures to show Alya, who would then upload them to the little travel and food blog she ran outside of her reporter job.

Marinette dropped her suitcase and carry on down next to the couch, not having the energy to haul it up the stairs to her bedroom quite yet. Instead, she got to work reheating Mrs. Cesaire's food, and tying her hair up into a messy bun.

"Alright Ms. High End Fashion Designer. Eat, nap, shower, do whatever you need. I'll be back to grab you at 2 and we're gonna check out this new cafe I found. Nino is paying. Don't even try to fight it."

Marinette sent her an exasperated look over the bowl of food she was shoving into her mouth.

"See you later Mari!"

And with that, Marinette was left in her spacious abode alone. She'd take Alya's advice to heart; she'd finish her food, take another nap because of jetlag, then hop in the shower to wash off the gross feeling of travel.

Marinette checked herself out in the mirror once more, adjusting the light brown belt around her waist. It was only the beginning of summer, but the sun was in full blazing glory. She had decided to wear a white off-the-shoulders sundress with short sleeves. It flowed outwards and ended just a few inches above her knees. Her feet were clad in light brown caged sandals and her nicely pedicured toes were on display.

White gold decorated her wrists in the form of a watch and a few bracelets. A large white gold ring with a pressed forget-me-not in glass fit snug against her middle finger, a matching necklace and earrings were also dawned to complete the set. Lastly, to finish the entire outfit, a light brown derby hat - made of the same the same material as her shoes and belt - rested on top of her shoulder length wavy hair.

Seeing as she was just going out with some friends, Marinette opted for her favorite makeup look: simple cat eye, mascara, and chapstick. She had had plenty of models over the years ask her what her skin care routine was only to lament when she replied it was mostly genetics. She had been blessed with small pores. Even during puberty, acne wasn't really much of a problem for her, much to her girlfriends' chagrin.

Marinette was double checking her small blue purse to make sure she had everything she needed when her phone let out a cute jingle.

Alya C
Fri 17/05/20XX
We're here!

Marinette D-C
Fri 17/05/20XX
Alright, I'm heading down.

Smiling, she slipped her phone into her purse and pulled the thin strip over her shoulder. She grabbed her sunglasses off the table by the entrance and locked the door behind her.

The sweet iced coffee tasted heavenly as she sipped it through her straw. Her toes curled and her eyes shut, a content hum rumbled in her throat.

"I told you it was good! Geez, you look like that cat that got the cream," Alya laughed from across the table. Marinette opened her eyes and stuck her tongue out childishly, before sipping on the straw again.

"So, anything fun happen in L.A., other than what you said in the guild chat?"

Marinette shook her head.

"Nope, just Chloe and Sabrina making my job difficult," she paused when the waitress stepped outside with their tray of food. Every so often, Alya would discover a new cafe or restaurant and drag Nino and Marinette along to visit it. Nino always just went along with his girlfriend's antics and Marinette never complained either. Between work and all the traveling she had been doing the last few years, Marinette looked forward to hanging out with her precious people. Hell, she'd watch paint dry if it meant spending an afternoon with them.

After the waitress left, Marinette continued, "Luka and Juleka are doing great. Their mom took me out for a ride on one of their new boats. I also managed to finish a couple of sketches for both Juleka's and Rose's wedding dresses. Unfortunately though, I had to leave before they could pick out which ones they liked best. I told them just to shoot me an e-mail with their notes and I'd draw up a final draft."

"First Ivan and Mylene, now Rose and Juleka… seems like everyone is getting married next year," Alya said before she bit into her sandwich.

Marinette turned to Nino with a mischievous smirk on her face. "Hey Nino, when are you going to pop the question?"

Both Nino and Alya choked on their food, faces going bright red. The bluenette burst into laughter, a hand coming up to wipe away a forming tear. Nino shot her a glare after taking a few gulps of his iced coffee. "Hey Marinette, when are you going to get a boyfriend?"

The hand near Marinette's face dropped into her lap and the air suddenly felt tense. Realizing his blunder, Nino made to quickly apologize, but Marinette raised a hand and waved it off, a sad smile gracing her lips.

"I'm still trying to get over the last one, you know? I… I'm still healing… I didn't expect - none of us expected - his real intentions. I just…"

Alya slide a hand over the table to grasp Marinette's.

"What he did was messed up hun. Using you for your money…," she gave a comforting squeeze, "But not everyone is like that you know. It's been almost a year… I'm not going to force you into dating anyone, but I really hope you'll be able to overcome your fears and get back out there. I know that's the reason you've been taking on more work."

"And," Nino piped up, "We all know how much of a diehard romantic you are Mari. You're a confident woman with a big heart. You've played matchmaker for so many people, we just want to see you happy too."

Although there was absolutely nothing wrong with being single, Marinette had to admit that a big part of her missed the companionship a relationship gave. She wasn't one for one night stands and the last person she had been with...

She had met Theo online, on another mmorpg like KWAMI. They started out as friends and grew closer together. When Marinette revealed her identity to him, they started dating outside of the game. It had started out great, but gradually he started to grow distant. One evening he had left his game logged in while he'd stepped out for a cigarette and he'd received a message from a woman. Now, Marinette wasn't usually one to invade someone's privacy, but something in her gut told her to check it out.

It turned out that Theo was seeing someone else the entire time he had been dating the fashion designer. When he had learned Marinette's identity, and her feelings for him, he took advantage of the situation to steal money and send it to his other girlfriend. They had planned to steal thousands more before he'd eventually dump Marinette and move in with his fiancee.

The betrayal had been absolutely humiliating. A few people had voiced their concerns about him when he accompanied her to fashion shows, but she had always stuck up for him. In the end, she said she wouldn't press charges as long as he stayed away from Paris. The incident had left her with a nagging fear that everyone new she met, online and offline, just wanted to use her. She threw herself into her designs and took on more fashion shows - traveled to more places - in hopes of keeping herself distracted.

"How long are you staying in Paris this time?" Alya asked, taking her hand back after one last squeeze and continue with her sandwich. Nino adjusted the cap on his head and suddenly Marinette's stomach dropped in guilt. Here she was jokingly thinking about watching paint dry with them, but it was completely her fault she barely ever saw them.

"Actually… other than a few commissions, I don't have anything on my agenda at the moment. I'll be working from Paris for a while," she smiled as the couple in front of her broke out into matching grins.

"Alright! We totally need to have a mini class reunion!"

Marinette laughed as she finished her coffee.

A couple of days after Marinette's return home, Alya had made good on her word and invited as many old classmates - that had still kept in touch - as she could to Marinette's place to celebrate.

Marinette had felt young again, and stress free, when she looked around at all the familiar people in her living room. All these people had befriended her before graduating high school and had been huge supporters while she followed her dreams. Every single one of them were near and dear to her heart and she had missed them all. A few, like the Kubdel and the Couffaine siblings, obviously couldn't make it, as well as Aurore and Marc. But Nino, Alya, Ivan, Mylene, Nathaniel, Max, and Kim were all present.

There had been tons of drinking, take out boxes, and reminiscing. By 3am, everyone except Nino and Alya took a cab home. Marinette gave the couple her king size bed while she crashed on the sectional. The next morning, they had offered to help her clean everything up before they took off for work, but the bluenette just smiled and shoved them out the door, reminding them to get on KWAMI later for the raid.

-GUILD CHAT: Miraculous-

[10:07pm]Ladybug: Awesome raid guys! We got some great stuff and a few of you lvled up!

[10:07pm]Carapace: good job dudes! congratz to Blancc, LaPaon, and Bladez on lvl 18

[10:08pm]Ladybug: And huge thank yous to the high lvls for looking after our low lvls.

[10:08pm]Ladybug: ChatNoir, RenRouge, Stonehart, and Riposte: you guys rock!

[10:09pm]Ladybug: Last big shoutout goes to Pinky for the awesome healing assistance!

[10:09pm]Pinky: I learned from the best healer Ladybug! 3

[10:09pm]RenRouge: I love when the whole guild is together! 3 :)

[10:10pm]Riposte: It was fun. But I have to go. I have practice early in the AM. Goodbye.

Riposte has left the chat.

[10:11pm]Lapinhart: I agree with Riposte, it was really fun playing together again.

[10:11pm]Lapinhart: And Stonehart and I are going to head to bed too.

[10:13pm]Bladez: im gonna bounce to. its 7am, but i dont work until noon. so imma nap

[10:14pm]Ladybug: Alright guys, sweet dreams.

Lapinhart has left the chat.

Stonehart has let the chat.

Bladez has left the chat.

[10:15pm]Reflekta: Rose and I are going to go off and do some quests together.

[10:16pm]Reflekta: You going to join us Luka?

[10:17pm]Serpentine: nah, I'll catch up with you two later

[10:18pm]Pinky: Alright! BYE BYE!

Reflekta has left the chat.

Pinky has left the chat.

[10:18pm]RenRouge: I guess I'm going to follow the trend and head to bed too.

[10:20pm]Ladybug: Aww, okay. :( Are you taking Nino with you?

[10:21pm]RenRouge: Nope. He's gonna stay up a little bit longer and play with Chat.

[10:22pm]Ladybug: That explains why they're being so quiet. Lol Sweet dreams hun. 3

RenRouge has left the chat.

[10:28pm]MzBlizz: Yo Blancc, you want to come with me on some mage quests?

[10:29pm]Blancc: Do you need me for anything Nath?

[10:30pm]LaPaon: Not at the moment. I'll yell down the hall if I need you. Haha

MzBlizz has left the chat.

Blancc has left the chat.

[10:38pm]Ladybug: So whose all left?

[10:40pm]Serpentine: You, me, Nathaniel, Nino, and Chat.

[10:41pm]Ladybug: So just three then. Lol

[10:41pm]Ladybug: Nino and Chat are probably PMing right now and ignoring GC.

[10:42pm]Serpentine: its only been like a month but their bromance is beautiful

[10:42pm]Ladybug: lmao!

[10:48pm]Ladybug: Hey Nath, how's the comic book coming? The teaser you emailed me was amazing!

[10:50pm]LaPaon: It's coming along nicely. Working with Marc has been a great experience.

[10:52pm]Ladybug: Still just roommates….?

[10:53pm]Serpentine: I see what your doing LB lol

[10:54pm]LaPaon: We're partners…. Just not in a dating way.

[10:54pm]LaPaon: Yet….

[10:55pm]Ladybug: !

[10:55pm]Ladybug: Omg! My ship is going to sail!

[10:56pm]Serpentine: HAHAHAHA

[10:57pm]LaPaon: And with that I think I'm going to get off.

[10:58pm]Ladybug: Is Marc going to help you or…..?

[10:59pm]LaPaon: GOODNIGHT

LaPaon has left the chat.

[11:00pm]Serpentine: holy shit! i cant believe i just witnessed that lmao

[11:01pm]Ladybug: I can't resist. 3

[11:06pm]Serpentine: always the matchmaker…. lol what about you? found anyone yet?

[11:10pm]Ladybug: Are all my friends getting together and talking about me?

[11:11pm]Ladybug: Everyone seems really interested in my love life.

[11:12pm]Serpentine: thats because we care about you. you seemed off when you visited

[11:14pm]Ladybug: And I'm taking steps in the right direction. I promise.

[11:15pm]Ladybug: I'm lowering my workload and staying in Paris for awhile.

[11:16pm]ChatNoir: Oh are you now? ;)

[11:17pm]Ladybug: I'm not meeting you Chat. lol

[11:17pm]ChatNoir: *insert pitiful cat noises*

[11:18pm]Carapace: yo LB, i gave chat mine and alyas facebook info to add

[11:18pm]Carapace: just giving u a heads up

[11:21pm]Ladybug: That's fine. You have hundreds of friends tagged in pictures.

[11:22pm]Ladybug: I highly doubt he'll figure out who I am.

[11:25pm]Serpentine: i'll give you a hint, shes the one that looks like a goddess! :P

[11:26pm]ChatNoir: So I keep being told. I'm envious that you all have been graced with her face.

[11:27pm]Ladybug: Are looks all that matter?

[11:29pm]ChatNoir: Absolutely not. I'm falling for your personality and dragon hunting skills Bugaboo. ;)

[11:30pm]Serpentine: i ship it

[11:30pm]Carapace: alya does 2

[11:31pm]Ladybug: skdjfalsfslkjd

[11:31pm]Ladybug: I ship my foot up your ass Luka.

[11:33pm]ChatNoir: Kinky! M'Lady has claws. Should I be jealous?

[11:34pm]Carapace: nah, they broke up 5 years ago man

[11:37pm]ChatNoir: !

[11:37pm]ChatNoir: They dated?

[11:39]Serpentine: yeah, but like nino said, we went our separate ways 5 years ago

[11:40pm]ChatNoir: You've stolen Serp's, Laon's, and CP's hearts in the past.

[11:41pm]ChatNoir: And now you're beginning to steal mine!

[11:42pm]Serpentine: i. ship. it.

[11:42pm]Ladybug: You live on a boat! You ship everything!

[11:43pm]Carapace: was that a pun? Lol

[11:45pm]ChatNoir: M'Lady 3

[11:47pm]Ladybug: I'm done being ganged up on. Goodnight guys. lol

[11:48pm]ChatNoir: Aww :(

[11:48pm]ChatNoir: WAIT!

[11:48pm]ChatNoir: In 12 minutes it'll be our 3 week anniversary since we met. :D

[11:49pm]Serpentine: lmao

[11:49pm]Carapace: hahahaha

Ladybug has left the chat.

I've pre-written a few chapters, so as stated before, I plan on uploading a new chapter every single Saturday. SEE YOU NEXT WEEK! :D